Subliminal Extacy #02
01 января 1995


               FREE SOfTWARE AND MAGIC CARPETS!                 
Compiled by Linda Barker - ex "YS" editor & Martyn Sherwood.    
Welcome to another wonderful column of explosive delights (eh   
steady on there .....cursor!).                                  
We kick off this time with a review of the first proper working 
version of WINDOW-X, a disc operating utility for +D users.     
Don't worry tape users - skip along to special offers in the    
section titled "MAGIC OFFERS".                                  
WINDOW-X started off as just an aimless demo, but thanks to     
Prism PD and the lads at Technium 220, it has become one of the 
most useful +D utilties around. To gain maximum effect it is    
advisable to store it on disc to autoload when the MGT system   
boots up - to give you an illusion of having a system like      
Workbench on the Amiga.                                         
Once it loads up, you will be presented with a window that is   
constantly open - this is the help window and is a reminder of  
what keys to use. It also displays those who have permission to 
distribute this version which is Shareware. The original demo   
version was PD, and as such anything could be done with it,     
hence this new Shareware version.                               
Anyway, at the top of the screen you will find 2 options ...    
FILE & GOODIES. FILE consists of:                               
NEW: this completely resets your Spectrum.                      
OPEN: choosing this causes another window to open, and the      
profram scanns the disc for executable files. Only programs that
run are displayed.                                              
DRIVE: this option allows you to switch between drives 1 & 2.   
SAVE AS: choose this option to back up WIN-X using the same file
SAVE: choose this option to back up with your own file names.   
PRINT: print the screen display                                 
READ ME: an important message giving you access to FREE software
QUIT: this option quits this menu                               
GOODIES consists of a built in sound to light program, and a    
system clock. There are 2 option which load the free PD software
that comes with WINDOW-X - RED ALERT which is a fun security.   
Give your little sister or brother a fright! The other title is 
a disc to disc copying utility for 1 or 2 drive systems. A word 
of warning - load up WIN-X in 48K mode if you plan to use       
With the OPEN file option you have to wait for 4-10 seconds     
while it scan the entries on disc, the time it takes depends on 
the number of files currently stored on disc. Only runnable     
files are displayed i.e. BASIC, 48K SNAPS and 128 SNAPS.        
Selecting the files is controlled by a bar in the style of a    
real desktop computer such as an Apple Mac.                     
MAGIC OFFERS WITH LINDA B:                                      
WIN-X has read me file, and this contains the offer for free    
updates and a version that contains the notepad for V.2. All you
have to do is send `8 payable to "M. Sherwood" which will be    
split between Prism and Technium 220. A good response from this 
will ensure further updates to the program and new projects     
When sending payment, send a disc and Prism will bundle on a ton
of FREE PD software and send you their latest catalogue. Also as
a special offer to ALL readers of S.E., mention "MAGIC CARPETS" 
and you can receive a copy of the latest edition of PD POWER for
`1. Tape users - in response to this review, mention "MAGIC     
CARPETS" and Prism will SUPPLY a FREE cassette of PD software!  
Just send us your name and address.                             
PD NEWS ROUND UP:                                               
Prism PD is giving away discs and tapes of software for no      
charge! First of all, all subscribers to PD POWER can use the   
FREE software coupon to claim free titles in our catalogue, with
every issue. Better still, if you are a member of my PD club,   
Prism will supply the tape or disc for FREE and that includes +3
The new catalogue contains a software coupon for all new        
customers to Prism PD - send a disc or tape with SAE and claim  
10 free titles.                                                 
PROGRAMMERS NEEDED. If you are a +D or +3 user, with access to a
PC, we need YOU! A major Shareware firm wants "ACCOMMODATA" -   
the UK hotel guide, to appear on the Spectrum scene. Earn       
royalties. For details write to Prism at the address given      
FANZINE CLOSURES: ZAT has now closed. It hopes to reappear in a 
new format under the SAM PRIME regime in a few months.          
SPELLUNKLER has ceased under mysterious circumstances. No reason
has been given, but its editor James Waddington is a firm friend
of Mr Davis at Alchemist Research, so perhaps the name will     
continue under the ALCHNEWS banner. SAM DISC has stopped trading
as of issue 16. This is due to college preasures - something    
that a lot of Spectrum producers know only to well!             
Portugals famous Spectrum programmer Eurico Covas has now       
returned to his native land after studying in London for 1 year.
He will continue his presidency of one of the largest Spectrum  
user networks around and can be contacted  at: Rua das          
Milheiras, Lote 1, R/c Directo, 2080 Almeirim, Portugal.        
The MBO disc interface for the +D is ready for sale at `100     
sterling. It will format high density discs to 1.857 mb over 83 
tracks much quicker than the +D. It will load files from disc or
tape and has a roomy 128K system RAM giving a total spectrum    
system of 256K RAM! It comes with a 3v power supply  unit,      
extended BASIC, DOS and BIOS. The SRAM can be used to emulate   
other ROM's. THE REALLY GOOD NEWS is that software is already   
available: Word Processor, +D/OPUS to MBO file converter, a     
Database, and some games. You also get cables and full          
instructions. Contact Thomas Eberle at Sintech:                 
   70794, Filderstadt, Germany.                                 
  Thats your lot specchums, I'm going to have a cool drink in my
newly converted garden. For further details on Prism PD's offers
contact Martyn at: 13 rodney close, Bilton, Rugby CV22 7HJ. Use 
his address if you wish to write to me with your game tips, etc 
for inclusion into my PD Club page inside PD POWER. I'm longing 
to hear from you!!                                              
Be merry                                                        
lots of love                                                  
Linda xxx

Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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