Subliminal Extacy #00
01 января 1994


                     >>>>> IMPORTANT! <<<<<                     
                    -= By L.A. Of Extacy-3 =-                   
As you may have noticed, we recommend this magazine for         
broad-minded adults only, this is because of the amount of adult
humour and information etc. it contains.                        
Now for some points I wish to make;  You may see some jokes that
offend you, containing racist, sexist or homophobic remarks etc,
we would like to make it clear that all opinions expressed in   
humorous articles are not meant to be offensive, they are just  
meant to be humourous, no more!                                 
If you are offened, then this issue and all future issues are   
probably not suitable for you.  We make no apologies to those   
with no sense of humour, or to narrow-minded individuals who    
refuse to believe there are two sides to an argument.           
If you disagree with something you read, then remember you have 
the right to reply (read the contributions section), we do try  
to show both sides of the argument (if both sides can be        
bothered to submit articles).                                   
Any opinions expressed by article writers are not necessarily   
the opinions of the Subliminal Extacy editors, Extacy-3 as a    
whole, or any individual members.  Any opinions expressed by    
Subliminal Extacy editors or Extacy-3 members are not           
necessarily the opinions of all the Subliminal Extacy editors,  
Extacy-3 as a whole or other individual members.                
Although we will do our best to ensure all information is       
correct, sometimes the facts may change after we go to press.   
Most of the time truth depends on what side of the fence you are
All articles printed in Subliminal Extacy are for informational 
purposes only, we do not assume liability for the use or misuse 
of information contained herein.  Just because a topic is       
covered by Subliminal Extacy, does not mean we actually do it!  
We do not encourage anyone to break the laws of their county.   
Subliminal Extacy is in no way ment to be competition for any   
other fanzines, diskmags, tapezines etc. that are still on      
Subliminal Extacy aswell as being a source of information is    
also ment to be a contact area for Speccy freaks everywhere! If 
you wish to enclude your address at the end of your article then
feel free to.  This way we can build up our Spectrum contacts.  
If you're a bit unsure if Subliminal Extacy is for you then     
write to either Bogie or L.A. at the usual addresses.           
They will send you all the sort of information you need (and    
maybe a free copy of the latest issue of Subliminal Extacy).    

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