Subliminal Extacy #00
01 января 1994


                      >>>>> Editorial <<<<<                     
                    -= By L.A. Of Extacy-3 =-                   
Welcome to the preview version of 'Subliminal Extacy'. Well     
this isn't an amazing preview issue as we haven't yet got any of
your amazing articles to put in to it!!Why a Preview version you
say!!! So all you Spec-Chums can see just what type of material 
is needed for this disk mag!!                                   
It's Been a funny few weeks recently. I say this because many   
strange things have happened (And only to me). Firstly, if you  
didn't know, about 9 weeks ago today (today being 19/5/94) I    
broke my neck (for more details see the 'Mindless' demo by us   
(Extacy-3)). After having to stay at home for 3 (count 'em)     
weeks, I couldn't go out! During that restimg time locked up    
indoors, I made several starts on several new demos! Firstly,   
I decided to make the 'Ren and Stimpy Slideshow'.... Shortly    
after that was 'Stolen Data'- using fake interlace (But It      
looked Good!!!) .... Then I started going out and having some   
fun and giving speccy a rest! Almost 7 weeks after my accident  
I had some strange pains come back. So back up the hospital I   
went!! They said I had to take things easy! So Back on Speccy I 
Went!!!!! And We came up with 'Insanity Part One'.... This      
used real interlace (using the 128k hardware) and also has a 256
colour screen!!! Also in these 9 weeks we have been doing bits  
'n' bobs for 'Inner Universe'.                                  
Before I go I wish to thank and send greetinx to the following  
Vision of TMG Corp. - Hello Mad One! Have you got my disks yet? 
D.C. Pak - Greets to all members of Exodus from all at Extacy-3.
Jaxon Hollis - Hope to see you in England soon!                 
Bogie - Have Fun with your Girl But Don't forget this mag!!!    
Brainer - Come on you Shit-Bag, write us some fucking articles! 
Gwi - Stop gettin' so pissed and do us at least 1 article.      
I'm sure that Bogie will want to greet some people (like Tracey 
and other such females but he can do it somewhere else as this  
isn't his article!).                                            
                          Bye for now!!                         
               All the Best from L.A. of Extacy-3               

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