Subliminal Extacy #00
01 января 1994

What Next?

What Next?
                     <<<<< What Next? >>>>>                     
                   -= By Bogie Of Extacy-3 =-                   
Well first of all in this article I am going to talk about what 
Extacy-3 are going to do next, and then after that I may go on  
to say abit about the rest of the scene.  But I don't know yet!!
So the first thing that Extacy-3 are doing (after this mag) is  
the INNER UNIVERSE megademo that is going to be our best ever   
demo!!!!  If you like the Kraft megademo then you'll love this  
new one!!!!  It will consist of NO Ripped GFX,MUSIC or CODE!!!! 
It will be 100% Extacy-3 only work!!!!!                         
Some of the FX in the megademo have been seen before and some   
havn't!!!!  There is I think some original FX that havn't been  
done but might have, just that I nor L.A. have seen the demo    
with the FX in!!! (I hope that all makes sense!!!)              
There will also be some Sample Tracker parts aswell.  These     
won't just consist of the song and a piccy!!!! No, no, no!!!    
There will also be an intro like bit to the part.  It will be   
like the song is just an added bonus to the part!!!!  The best  
bit about one of the Sample Tracker songs is that I, Bogie,     
actually wrote it!!!!!  And yes it is pretty shit but then again
I'm not a musician am I????  No I'm not!!!                      
There is also going to be a raytraced part, which looks rather  
good at the moment!!!!  Altogether there is 3 or 4 parts already
finished, 2 or 3 parts in the making and a lot of good ideas for
further parts going around in our heads!!!  And we may even have
guest part(s) from other amazing coders from around Europe!!!   
That is all I have to say about INNER UNIVERSE at the moment,   
apart from that it should be finished and released before       
September 1994!!!!!!                                            
The next project that we will be working on is a BEAVIS AND     
BUTTHEAD slideshow!!!  This is because we have done a REN AND   
STIMPY slideshow, so we thought we'd do a B&B slideshow aswell!!
!  Mind you I really HATE beavis and butthead (as you can see I 
won't even put capitals in for their names!!) I really think    
that they are just so SHIT it's unbelievable!!!!  This demo will
be deicated to Amanda PandaGirl from Sinclair Classic tapezine!!
This may be released before INNER UNIVERSE because it will be   
much easier to code so could be out very soon!!!! (But hopefully
And yes we have more plans ahead of us!!!!  This is the last one
that we are planning to do at the moment but when we have       
finished all three that I have explained (including this one    
which I haven't explained yet!) we will think of some other     
projects to work on!!!                                          
 So this last thing is that we are going to change the menu     
system for the next release of 'Subliminal Extacy'.  This new   
menu will be pointer driven and have a lot more features.  They 
include:- Next line, previous line, first page, last page, music
on/off, colour change and a help file!!!!!!  This new version   
will also have the font changed!!  But not completely!  Only the
UDGs will be changed, so if you want the font so you can load it
into your copy of Tasword 2 or your wordprocessor then send a   
Tape, +3 3" disk or a 3.5" +d disk and we'll send you the new   
font!!!!  Oh yeah don't forget a stamped SAE!!!!                
I am supposed to be working on the code for this new menu at    
this very minute but I can't be fucked at this point in time    
because it's so fucking hard!!!  L.A. is going to have a fit    
when he comes around my house in 10 minutes to find me on       
tasword 2 and not zeus or gens!!!!  But hey who gives a fuck!!! 
Not me!!                                                        
Now I was going to write about Talismans 'Save Our Speccy' demo,
but I've had a better idea!!!!  Lets wait until the next issue  
and see if I can persuade Talisman to write an article himself!!
He knows more about the demo than I do, so who better to write  
about it than Talisman!!!!!  But now I have to go and do some   
code for the new menu system so keep speccy alive and do a demo 
or 10 and we'll all be happy.                                   

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