Subliminal Extacy #00
01 января 1994

+D and Multiface Protection

+D and Multiface Protection
             >>>>> +D and Multiface Protection <<<<<            
              -= By Vision Of The Mad Guys Corp. =-             
The following two routines protect your programs to get "snaped"
or "multifaced". I don't know wether you'll find this useful,   
but I don't like to see my programs being rubbished or hacked   
when they weren't supposed to.                                  
To switch off the SNAP function of the +D (only printer options 
will work) use the follwong Poke:                               
POKE @161,201                                                   
If no +D is attached this will probably end with an error       
message, so it is better to use assembler as it then makes no   
difference wether a +D is attached or not:                      
DI              ;Disable interrupts                             
IN A,(231)      ;Page in +D                                     
PUSH AF         ;Save A register                                
LD A, 201       ;Equal to POKE                                  
LD (8353),A     ;@161,201                                       
POP AF          ;Restore A register                             
OUT (231),A     ;Page out +D                                    
EI              ;Enable interrupts                              
RET             ;Return to Basic                                
Note that the +D ROM/RAM are exchanged when you use MC:         
Basic: RAM 0-8191, ROM 8192-16383                               
MC   : RAM 8192-16383, ROM 0-8191                               
To disable the Multiface use the following routine:             
     DI           ;Disable interrupts                           
     IN A,(159)   ;Page Multiface in                            
     LD HL,OFF    ;Copy protection                              
     LD DE,8192   ;routine into                                 
     LD BC,6      ;Multiface RAM                                
     IN A,(31)    ;Page Multiface out                           
     EI           ;Enable interrupts                            
OFF  DEFB 0,0,255,82,85,78                                      
Note that the Multiface will only get disabled if it is switched
on! To get around this problem the routine should run by        
interrupt! If the Multiface button is then pressed the program  
stops for a second and then continues. Tested on a Multiface 1  
so other reactions might occur with other Multifaces!           
Michael Meyer, Struempellstr. 6/14038, 40225 Duesseldorf        
(NOTE FROM L.A.)                                                
This is not to be used as I haven't got Vision's permission for 
it to be used in any of our stuff!! But Who Gives a Fuck????    
             Bollocks, Bollocks, and more Bollocks!             
                   Bollocks Productions 1994!                   

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