Subliminal Extacy #00
01 января 1994

How To Contribute To Subliminal Extacy

How To Contribute To Subliminal Extacy
       >>>>> How To Contribute To Subliminal Extacy <<<<<       
                    -= By L.A. Of Extacy-3 =-                   
As we are hoping to be producing Subliminal Extacy around 4 to 6
Times a year, we need as many quality articles as we can get.   
Therefore we are asking everyone who reads Subliminal Extacy to 
consider writing an article for it.  Whether you are in a good  
group, an unheard of group, considered a lamer or not even on   
the scene, you can still produce an interesting article for this
magazine, to mis-quote a famous author; Everyone has at least   
one good story in them.                                         
Articles can be about anything at all, hints and tips, opinions,
reviews, silly or serious stories and just about anything else  
you can think of!                                               
Please do not copy articles in from books and magazines etc.    
However, there is nothing wrong with using books as a reference 
material, or quoting from them.  If you find an article in a    
newspaper or magazine you feel needs reporting on, please credit
the original author and the publication including it's date.    
We will print all articles in good faith that the copyright is  
owned by the person who tells us he/she wrote it.               
The article should be in ASCII format, and we prefer mixed      
upper/lower case if possible.  Please DO NOT send any other     
format than ASCII or TASWORD 2 (64 width).  If you're not       
sending a TASWORD 2 file then don't right justify it and avoid  
using margins, this makes converting it for inclusion in        
Subliminal Extacy much easier.                                  
Please...   Do....  Not...  Fill..   Your..  Articles...  With..
Dots..   like....  this... as..   it... is VERY IRRITATING as   
I'm sure you can see (and hard to read).  If you put them in, we
will take them out!  There is a comma you know!                 
Although we prefer contributions on +D 3.5",780k, 80 file,      
Double Sided, Double Density, fomatted disks, we accept         
contributions on 3" +3 disks and Tape.  We do NOT accept        
contributions on paper.                                         
Send Your Articles To :                                         
                        14 DeVerose Court                       
                            BS15 ЗSW                            
                       28 Wilshire Avenue                       
                            BS15 ЗQT                            
If You have any Question's ring Either:                         
           L.A. on: +44 (0272) 618082 .. Ask For Neil           
           Bogie on: +44 (0272) 605975 .. Ask For Alec          
Thank you for taking the trouble of reading this before sending 
your submission!                                            

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