Subliminal Extacy #00
01 января 1994


                    <<<<< Advertisments >>>>>                   
Every issue we bring out we will have an adverts section where  
you can advetise something you want to sell, something you are  
looking for or to get some contacts from the speccy world!!!    
You may also Advertise your service that you provide i.e disk   
mag, fanzine or PD library.  All adverts are free and the       
editors of Subliminal Extacy will take no responsabilty for the 
goods involved!!!  And when you send your advert in (as a       
textfile) please include your name and address and return       
postage if you want your media back!!!!!                        
So because this is the first issue there isn't many (well infact
one) adverts!!!                                                 
WANTED: Video face with all necessary leads, software and       
instructions.  Good money paid!                                 
        Contact either Bogie at the usual address or write to:  
                         Jacek Michalak                         
                           91-140 Lodz                          
                      ul. Grabieniec 11A/51                     

That is the only advert that we have to put in this issue so    
please send your adverts so we can keep this article open!!!    

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Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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