ZX Club #09
31 октября 1998

Party - Dоxycоn-98.

<b>Party</b> - Dоxycоn-98.
AND SO ON                                 
From: ekoz@ns.igs.ас.Ьу                   
(Arseniy Astapenko)                       
Наверное в этом году будет много грибов :)
В общем, вот еще одно  приглашение,  может
кто захочет съездить...                   
                DOXYCON 98                
         [SPECTRISTICKOU SLEZINU]         
Greetings то all SPECCY FANS!             
* Теам  E.S.A. (Excellent  Spectrum  Aces)
has determined то repeat meeting of Speccy
fans from last уеаг "DOXYCON",  which  had
taken place in  beautiful  town  near  big
pond - in Doksy near Macha-s lake.        
Meeting will таке place in SPECIAL  SCHOOL
in Komenskyfs street (near square).  Start
is planed  то  friday,  1Чth  august  1998
10:00 and it will Ье officialy finished in
sunday 15:00.                             
There will Ье available 4 smaller classes,
kitchen for cooking, showers (mabye), gym.
There  is  planed  except   of    standard
exchange  of    speccy    software    also
projection of reportage  from   ENLIGHT 96
and finaly there should Ье                
DOXYCON DEMO COMPO                        
= competition for best demo оп DOXYCON (of
course from own production).              
First and even only price should  Ье  with
engraving (speccy theme).                 
So this is  proclamation  of  competition.
Demo can Ье for 48 ог 128, as  who  wants.
Rules аге пот defined. Best demo  will  Ье
chosen Ьу written vote,  which  demo  will
have most votes, wins.                    
Simple who will come то DOXYCON  with  his
own demo (determined for  DOXYCON  COMPO),
can Ье added то  competition  for  already
mentioned glass.                          
How то get то DOKSY:                      
Doksy is situated in north Czech, cca 2Okm
from Ceska Lipa and cca  ЗOkm  from  Mlada
Boleslav (if you want, 7Okm from Prague). 
Best  way  from  Prague  is  Ьу  bus  from
station Florenc, platform по. 18  directly
то Doksy. Price is  aproximately  50,-  Kc
[$1.5] (it-s also possible то get there Ьу
train, but it takes twice time,  you  must
change for another train and it  is  about
the same priceas Ьу bus). If you аге  from
east (Morava, Slovakia, [Russia ;]),  таке
train то Prague and change there  for  bus
ог you can change in Kolin (before Prague)
change for train  via  Nymburk  and  Mlada
Boleslav directly то Doksy.               
If you-ll travell Ьу bus, you-ll  get  off
оп station "Doksy-bus station"  and  there
youfll have it only few meters  то  square
and from there it is very near то  special
school ;-) (don-t  afraid,  path  will  Ье
marked Ьу arrows also  from  bus  station,
also from train station (which  is  little
bit far)).                                
You should bring with you  your  Speccy  +
all accessories which you can  таке,  it-s
recommended то bring also monitor  ог  TV,
because we can ensure  only  few  of  them
(about 3 то 5).                           
- 100,- Kc [$3] as participation charge   
- Food for two days (ог  money  for  food)
  (restaurant is across road)             
- Sleeping bag ог cover (if you want sleep
  only few sockets)                       
- own DEMO determined for DOXYCON competi-
  tion (of course it is пот condition) ;-)
- money for travell back                  
- your partner can Ье also, but  it-s  пот
  guaranted, she will пот bored ;-)       
*  Participation  promised  for    example
OMEGA, KЗL Corp., Naughty Crew,  8ВС,  TGM
and others. It is rumoured that that there
will Ье also  guys  from  Slovakia  (BUSY,
ASTEX, BAZE, NORO.....) and maybe also  DC
РАК from Poland!!!                        
оп           so bye for now and we-ll meet
                D O X У С O N - 9 8  ! ! !
                           Factor 6/E.S.A.
address of main organizer                 
TULEBY of E.S.A.                          
Petr SINDELAR                             
Valdstejnska 164                          
472 01                                    
Tel.: +420-425-72037                      
It-s  NOT  NEEDED    то    confirm    your
participation before, but if you  want  Ье
sure send E-MAIL то:                      
petrik@ius.prf.cuni.cz (it-s me, Factor 6)
(I wantask you то send this invitation  то
all speccy fans you know! Thanx!)         
[Translated Ьу  Glip.  Sorry  for  my  bad
  Довольно точный и подробный перевод при-
веденного текста опубликован в электронной
газете "Rip", #8 (август 1998).           

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