Insanity #04
18 декабря 1999

Hard-2 - O controllers, mice and reeds.

<b>Hard-2</b> - O controllers, mice and reeds.
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| About the controllers, mice and reeds ... |
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■ Dr.Dismal ^ lfg

  Oh, how much has already been articles on the subject of 
mice, but and not just mice, but specifically Kempston

Mouse ... But apparently, people do not realize that the best
enemy of the good. Then, here's another opus on the
this is probably an eternal message to Speccy.

  Everyone always goes on, until he
something you will not see or touch. So,
relatively long, about 2-3 years ago, I
had the pleasure to feel that same Kempston
Mouse. Then it was certainly unusual.
Soul spektrumista exploded. "Here! There are at
Speccy mouse! PTsshnikam the envy of all! "And
as I was a little drawing in the Art Studio, it was
The first program, in which I have tried this
device. I have had the benefit of the install
version. That was cool - I was stunned. Speed
drawing increased 2-3 times, and it is only at
first glance. The second was a ZX Format,
Naturally, there were only positive
emotions. Yes, I said to myself, and I have such a
apiece. The main difficulty was itself a mouse.
Buy new did not want to
disembowel her to the nines, holding it
: E'''was a variant - buy scrap - used. Such
sold in the Cellar "- sort of place where
You can buy new and used, almost any hardware
for HRC. (Firm Abitronik "previously worked
Speccy) But, having bought there, it was worth a lot
pomuchatsya because sold on the cheap
non-working mouse and it is with burnt
optocouplers. I took the expectant attitude. In
For some time went by PCshnikov
dead rat, but the bogey circuit for 8 blocks
chips. In the hard time I was still quite
green so lamer.

  Time passed, about devayse little forgotten. But
Now, I had to work for almost a year, and the
work - access to a PC. Naturally emulators
here and there, and as a free application -
Emulation Kempston Mouse. That's when this
small, gray pribambas was for me
commonplace. After retiring from work, home living
Speccy was again switched on at home. But the draw and
work was impossible. Uncomfortable - it is
very mildly. Anyone who has worked and
steer mouse, already shall never
refuses to ... And now, 3 months no one started
figure was not me finished. Case that
CyberJack'u, and myself too, I gave my word that
yet I will not have myshepodobnogo devaysa,
graphics from me will not. Here's why
delayed our toys, but this is not to say
me and do not in this article ...

  Okay, enough of epithets, talked about the mice,
Now let's talk a bit about the controllers.

  Came time to assemble the controller. But, before
than to collect, was still necessary and the scheme
choose. I hear many screaming in disbelief
all throat and into my left ear: "And what they
choose something?? There is also the scheme in Spectrofon
# 20!! But what if a bad head
hand rest does not?? All I found 4 scheme.
The choice fell on the scheme in the # Z80 from 4Dimension.
Curiosity can get. In what
advantages of this scheme?? As stated in the
most # Z80 - smaller bodies, more convenient to burn on
each other, compactness. What about the 2 nd and 3rd
I agree 100%. Indeed, the assembled
controller, I was placed in a box from under the
matches:) Ie 8 output circuits (with
TL2 in the mouse itself) - 2 pairs of "sandwiches" of 4
chip. All this, of course, but cool
the controller does not work! Glitches lovilis
up-to-the-olgo and hard. A total of 3.5
weeks. Week gathering, watching bugs. On
spektrumistov coterie (there is such a feature in Perm
on Thursdays) consulted local
"Zhelezyachnika" - aka Xam/4D, next week
worked through tips, catch the new bugs. Not
absolutely nothing helped, the truth caught a bug
in its competence - the data bus has been, well, until the pile
unstable ... Now everything is OK. So, let us return
to our sheep, more precisely to the mouse controllers ...

  Fortunate at that time for me Record
familiar from the Speccy another harder'a -
"Master'a". Was necessary to him oscilloscope break
tried the local cable TV. Here they say, and
so I laid out his whole problem. Minutes per
30, with the help of the same oscilloscope
other schemes controllers have identified and caught
glitch. The thing is that the scheme was not
to coarse decoding ports, you can even
say that it was not there at all ... :) (Joke)
In the decoding was not involved signal A0.
Vobschem controller is something they did not even
hang everything on the keyboard, because when you click on
keys, if the PC in general run, be sure
going crazy.

  Another 5 minutes it took to draft the scheme,
correcting bug. In the refinement was
additionally involved three address lines,
but based on what he saw on the oscilloscope, and there
A0 crap, I decided to make it easier. As a result, I
it took another 2 chips, because free
elements in devayse no longer observed. If
get to the point, here's a revised scheme of # Z80:

on the scheme find signal IORD, going from 11 feet
LP8 on 1 foot LL1 and break switch 2

    A0 ____

          1 = 'IORDnew

    ____ 1 DD7.1


    11 DD9.4

  But I doubt that this is someone you need to, because
turned over 10 buildings, with 2 mikruhi
half "idle". Especially, do not give
guarantee that the scheme of the # Z80, even after
modifications will work as necessary ... Well, not
I saw a fully working version:) Achieve glitches
so me and failed, could that during the soldering process
burned, can anything else, in general by
Y-coordinate my mouse, even his nose did not move, yes
and a button I did not check, but X-coordinate
went fairly briskly and do not stray (see
below). I just picked up and collected the controller
scheme of Spf # 20. Now, even the bugs are not caught
had, the controller has earned right "to cheers."
Had, however, still a little tricky with the
mouse, because in the last assembly TL2 was in my
soldered to the sandwiches with the remaining
chips. Now I put it in the very
mouse, instead of the existing there, which ruthlessly
vypayal. Everything fits just perfect, though
had to cut a couple of tracks and pull a couple of
wires on the board. The mouse I have the most
common - ABS mouse Model 300
Taiwanese production. Perhaps the only
good solution in the scheme JtN'a - it
instead of using TL2 TL1 in the chain after
optocouplers. Everything goes very simply,
beautifully and economically, even two trigger

  Now a little talk about food
LEDs: later identified as (tester
you in the arm, or an oscilloscope, like me) do not
was to remove the native resistance, because it's perfect
approached, the mouse was fed to +5 V, rather than +12 V. But
I still put his nearly 100 ohms
LEDs now I work at full steam,
even warm up a bit, a couple with a resistor:)
But there is no false positives: if this bug
Seen or bad mouse responds to changes in
direction, there is one piece,
correcting data conn glitch. I do not know how the mouse is not
buggy on the PC, but in the original version, (tested
2 mice), a window through which light LED
through the wheel with slots, too.
Such that the opening up two slots at once. When
movement in one direction is not fatal, but
a change in the opposite direction
side of optocoupler is not fixed. This, of course
The same applies to dual optocouplers, separate
located must not fail. Yield very
simple: it is necessary to obscure part of the window. In
During the experiments, I found the optimal
blackout - is the upper 1 / 3 part. For this I
used a piece of black electrical tape ...

  Summary: The scheme of the # Z80 apparently not
consistent and buggy, with all its
attractiveness. And on this occasion I would like to
express his great "Phi" (you know who)
for placing the material in the buggy newspaper. At the
However, I want to say JtN'u its great ...
THANK YOU, for what came up this masterpiece and
little taught me to understand the iron (and
Thank you for the repair of my Profi). From my own experience
add that the controller Kempston Mouse
expedient to collect the scheme given in 20
Spectrophone + TL2 use the scheme of the # Z80
to convert IBM PC Mouse from active to

  That's probably all. It is a pity that dany
text will not appear until I started
collect controller. This information is very
even a shortage. I hope that someone
useful, and that no one in this article
offended ...

- And where are the reeds??
- And the reeds absolutely nothing in common ...

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