Insanity #04
18 декабря 1999

Our News - News from the Perm Light Future Group and 4D.

<b>Our News</b> - News from the Perm Light Future Group and 4D.
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■ CyberJack ^ lfg

  So what's all the same deal with members of Light
Future, as well as other Permian? - This question is
interested in all progressive mankind. May
be here will be given the answer? Unlikely
Do ...

  At first I assumed the hang of this
writings, was forced to write all those caught me
People under the arm a couple of words (no less than 1K:) about
themselves. But the people we live and do not miss otmazatsya
almost instantly. Our 'over-dimension' to
recently released its own newspaper, # z_80 # 6, in which
they'll write anything they want. And the rest
Membury lfg, taking over my habits, mowed
its work on the other, ie at me. And I was sitting,
and I write ... So everything was like this:

  Some People are older than a year. Diver and
Prof (ex-Rayman) measurements that way from the fourth and
from our Svetlogo B. our not quite a perm
frame Surv! v0r. So also congratulate them again on
this occasion and wish ...., ...... and ....!!!
And also a lot of money.

  Dismal, which Dr., Hard (sometimes) learn.
Managed to somehow do away with its glitches
companies, thus produced the bulk of
material to that number. Also got himself a
(Finally) a mouse, to finish with it
image for the game, and in the future threatened
draw something else.

  Black Groove works in black. In terms of
welder:). In the evenings, he wrote (and writes) music
where has time away from me mafon, preventing me
indulge in a musical perversions. Waiting
I was taken away in army:)

  Death Moroz very student in our Polytech. But
He found free time and collected demo
(Only 4 home_using) its RTS-game called
(Yet) 'War of Technology'. The full version will be
ready sometime in the next year.

  Angel, people from our lfg, helluva lot of learning but
: (But despite this, as well as the acquisition
his fat pisyuka hopes to spec does not
score, and after putting gos.ekzamenov finally
take up your mind.

  I, Cj, and not gone into the army (so far :(_). In
threshold of this for some reason did nothing, not
Considering the daily wanderings from friends and
familiar. Coming home for the night, completed the t.igru
'CC', and upgraded the shell to that number B.
And also not without the help of Max 4d finally
got relatively bug-free computers and

  Although not-Permian, but also people. A few words on

  Surv! V0r very busy studying and wildly busy
so that almost does not respond to the letter.

  Ork from ddg / lfg almost from August until now
time lived without company :((((( As a consequence,
Glazov until the time was a very cheerless. But
now like to get by ...

  CIC, the guys from Tchaikovsky, write DeMouy.
Judging by their words, deme the code will not be weaker
Refresh'a and Napalm'a! Get ready for the opening

  A few words about the work of the glorious People
the city of Chelyabinsk. Psychosis RULEZZZ!!! Develops
Leap! 4th room in its scope
more than any magazine! In principle, despite
Several non-standard orientation of the e-Paper:)
everyone will find something of interest. A
much music! r0nman'a (which up to 4 rooms have been
so ...) cool 4eva!!! Of course only for
progressive People. Vobschem preparing drives forward
5th Psycho!

  Well, if we talk about the press, the mention
Zx-Guide_ # 2, who came to Perm yesterday. Nothing
good to say about him well did not, and
I mention about it just because for me there
called 'eccentric from lfg':), with good reason:)))

  And finally, the most stunning
news: coming soon - New Year!!! Such
event must be prepared in advance. Therefore,
take this opportunity to congratulate all spekovsky
Peace and Happy New Year I wish you all that you
to imagine themselves wished! Go to my words
join the rest of Membury lfg.

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