Generation Z #05
01 января 2008

Music scene - chiptune lable.

│ chiptune site
│ 2007

ubiktune is a net-label, created by c-jeff and newart to release
and  publish  chiptune  music,  mainly  concentrating  on the zx
spectrum  computer.  we  make  available to you downloads of our
releases  in mp3 versions, and also in the original tracked file
format.  as  for  mp3,  everything is recorded directly from the
original  hardware!

in  addition  to  every release, we include exclusive cover-art.
you  may  download  it by clicking on the thumbnail on the right
hand  side of the tracklist. of course, all our releases are for
free, but please do not forget about the retaining copyrights of
the  author.  in  the  near  future we'll add an 'order' section
where  you  will  have the chance to buy our releases on real cd

на текущий момент доступны 3 альбома для прослушивания.

"konami" by c-jeff

we're  glad  to  release  our  18  minutes  debut  album. with a
japanese  influence  around  all  8 tracks, ranging from rythm &
beats  to  funky motives and new age tones. all tracks are mixed
with  ambient  fills  between them. you should listen to it as a
gapless  album or download the non-stop version. ubiktune starts
its journey with this special release.

"turbo sound" by karbofos

karbofos  from drink lovers of triumph did great release for the
turbo sound device, an additional soundchip for the zx spectrum,
which  allows  using  of 6 channels instead of 3. as the result,
here  we  have  about 25 minutes and 13 tracks of pure rhytmical
sound.  we  proudly  announce  that this is the first album ever
made with such a device.

"turbo sound bonus" by various artists

the  guys from drink lovers and two guests - dj.denson and n1k-o
-  in  addition  to our previous release would like to present a
small   bonus.   from  pop-alike  "pink  vision"  to  background
experemental  "caucasian  range"  we are glad to present another
five tracks, made with turbo sound.

"stranded 2.5" by lee du-caine

stranded  2.5  is  a  new  zx  spectrum  game  with music by lee
du-caine  (also  known  as  dc audio) and code/gfx by bob smith.
there  are  10  tunes and as well as the game being published by
cronosoft,  lee  has compiled them in audio format for us. cover
picture is also done by bob smith.

the  release  showcases  different music genres, many of them in
the  style  of old-time game sountracks, and by the way, most of
the tracks are done only in two channels!

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Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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