Insanity #09
16 июня 2001

Phantasy my love - Raver^PHT в своем стиле.

Демосцена Дискуссии

                    ... What the Scene is ...

    $% Raver^PHT

    As  about  my  opinion  -  here  we go (sorry, i'll write in
english since i am long since sick of people accusing me because
of my bwaaaaad russian ;D)

    Strange  question.  

    Ofcourse  there is a scene on speccy. Vasilyev Anton, Eugene
Koprov and Laptev were also the scene back then - after all they
were  communicating  each  with  other  and  they  did show some
creativity too. 

    Yes,  I  am  glad  things  changed and situation nowadays is
kinda better. Not really better because of bad-ass demos, groups
and  people  using  handles  instead of their real names (though
still  a  lot  of  them  can't resist to show their names to the

    What  was really good to happen is fusion of the real speccy
scene  (real  because  it existed before russians even knew what
spectrum is) with ex-USSR scene. At the moment it's more or less
global  scene,  though  still  there  is  a language barrier not
letting  to the scene to be really exciting, scene just can't be
united if there is no communication within it... or do you think
it is enough to know some bad english words?

    Some good diskmags in english would help a lot and i am even
not  saying scene diskzines because thats stupid, zines produced
by  scene  can't  be  non-scene  no matter what crap editors are
writting  about.  Because  of  the  very  same reason and partly
because   Russia's   isolation   it   is  hard  to  have  united
demoparties.  The rest are minor problems like incompatible disk
systems and computer-types, weak distribution network (more FTPs
and global BBSes needed, more snailmail swapping activities) and
partly integration between other scenes.

    Now  speccy  scene more looks like foolish imitation of what
happens  on  PC  and amiga. If any worldwide scener would really
understand  whats  going  on  in  speccy  scene and seen all the
productions  coming  out, he would think speccy scene is nothing
but  a  bunch  of lamers... So come on people, be more original,
learn  english  and be yourself! That will make scene better and
much more exciting and interesting for you and everyone else!

    As  about explaination of scene - I know a lot of scenes and
not  only  computer  related and I've already told that just two
words  are  needed  to describe it - EXCHANGE and COMMUNICATION.
Read  about  scene  in Scenet - it perfectly express my thoughts
and i am glad somebody shares such an opinion with me. Stop this
fascistic talks of who's scener and who's not, scener is just an
another  name  of  you and me and my cat when she's watching the

    Future of speccy scene. There is future ahead ofcourse as it
won't  die  in  one day. Yet most of perspective teams have left
the scene already. I think it will always remain the same, maybe
quality  of  productions  will  raise  a  little  bit  and maybe
progressive  sceners  will  bring  some  fresh things there like
boards  and  good diskzines, but all in all I doubt speccy scene
would  be a place for world sceners, just few ones of them being
involved  at  the moment will leave it or stay - but no new ones
will come.

    On  the  other  hand - I can understand why it is like this.
You, sceners, like it this way! The productions I think are lame
like  Anamnesis  seems cool for you and you still like diskzines
discussing  stupid  topics  like Deja Vu and Miracle much better
than  ones  about scene. So that just means you like it this way
and  I  have  no  right  to  say  you're wrong. You are just too
different, that's all.

    Therefore  your scene is not for me, nor it is for any world
scener  (yes,  these  from  amiga  and  PC groups you admire and
imitate in fact).

    Just  a  small  example, where I'll try to explain, why does
speccy  scene  suck.  In my very humble opinion ofcourse, I just
say  in what I believe in. So, there is a spectrum demo. To make
it cool first you do is to include some really lame english text
like  the  toxic  waste  is  burning in your eyes, yes, the more
clever  words  in,  the  better  it is ;D Yet others, really not
understanding  what it means (because it is in very lame english
and  dont  make  any  sense  and  because others dont understand
english as well) say: oh this is cool!

    Or,  what's  also  popular, include in your demo lyrics from
some  metal  band  (in  fact,  might be not bad if you manage to
create  atmosphere  based  on  these  phrases). I nearly died of
laughting  when  I  was reading Eternity Industry note to one of
their demos - they've got REAL english skillZ :D Okay, then, add
some  bad-linked  slow  and  blocky  effects  showing your coder
possibilities,  add  really  cheesy  or even more often - really
hard music.

    With  it you are trying to create evil atmosphere - yes, 90%
of russian demos can boast very hard music, perhaps to show, how
major  and  rough  group made it, yet when you meet them at some
party you see some pale geeks scared of so many people around'em
;D  Hahaha,  dudes,  keep  in mind that it is barely possible to
create  evil  and hard soundtrack on AY, it is rather funny than
evil  and  shows  no  innovation and no musical knowledge nor it
mostly  is  atmospheric.  Anyway,  that's not always and I still
understand others like it - because they are so ruff and evil as

    Then, some graphics comes in, usually shitty or converted (I
even won't talk about converted PC fonts - hall of lame!) barely
linked  to  atmosphere  or  storyline  (if there is any!) of the
demo...  well  girls  faces fits anywhere but pictures of cars?!
Ahh  storyline  - the new trend - if there is a storyline its so
damn  kewl, isn't it? Storyline, whatever crap it is, makes up a
good  demo.  Like some primitive and senseless shit in Anamnesis
based  on  some  ugly  animations  and  effects which don't have
anything  to do with storyline at all, authors just artificially
tried to link'em to the subject.

    Besides that, design. Everybody talks about it and teach the
others  yet  in  99% of demos there is no design at all. Usually
even not a try.

    Now,  see, I don't like all this and I think it is lame. You
don't,  you  like  it.  It's  all right then! Continue this way,
while  I  am  better  off for the scenes where TPOLM, Fairlight,
Haujobb, Sunflower, CNCD, The Black Lotus, Skarla, Radio, Crest,
Byterapers, Plush and others made so many exciting demos... I am
not rival of speccy scene though :)

    There  are people on speccy I still believe in and who did a
lot  of  beautiful  stuff.  You know who you are. For the rest -
thanks for your attention and buy! buy! speCcY is ruleZ 4rever!

    raver/phantasy/dual crew shining

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