Insanity #09
16 июня 2001

Forever2e3 SE report - Отчет Pol^Phantasy (на английском языке).

Демосцена Демопати Отчеты, репортажи, впечатленияForever

             ... : f O R E V E r 2e3 SE report : ...

    $% Pol/Phantasy

    So,  Forever2e3  SE  report. How to start? Party is over and
can  write  some  stuff  about  it. We spent 3 days in pure 8bit
atmosphere.  Met old friends, saw some new stuff. As ZX Spectrum
section organizer I must say some words to spectrum scene.

    For  first,  speccy scene was the smallest scene on forever.
Sad  but true.  Three  spectrum  machines  on scene. Yes ONLY 3.

    Ok, sceners are more important. 

    From  over  71  people  on party place only 14 were spectrum
sceners. I'm very sad about it. Seems next year only CVM, ellvis
and  me will be on forever. I have one question for you - do you
want to be next forever? Yes? So why didn't you come? Or it will
be  only  atari/c64 party? Do you know where forever started? In
two speccy heads.
    Next thing are entries. I made rulez very simple and all the
time  it  was  on the web page. Some people cannot understand my
simple english. I wrote 'compile music with player'. Some people
didn't.  I  wrote  'only  one  entry  per  author'. It's hard to
understand 'cos people sent me two entries per one author. Which
one to select? Sometimes I had simple task, cos one entry wasn't
possible to use (missing player, etc).

    Sometimes  I tried to replay e-mail back to find what to do.
One  demo  isn't  released  still.  I  hope  it will not ends as
Omega's  Exception  or  K3L's  Genetic  Error.  But  there  were
positive things there. Gasman presented new demo Pondlife, Serzh
presented 1k intro life. Better say 1k megademo:) What next? Big
silence on spectrum scene.
    Anyway,  party  was  cool in all aspects. Hope, next year it
will  be  more  cool then this year. And I hope spectrum will be
still part of 8bit scene.

    Here is the link to stuff: 

                             . . .

                Forever2e3 SE Official results 

---Demo Competition---------------------------------------------

Place     Name                  Producer                   Votes 

  1     Pondlife            H-PRG / Raww Arse               362 
  2     HeartBeat                Zilog                      274 
  3     The Loop                  3SC                       241 
  4     Tootal Hooy           Hooy-Program                  210 

---Music Competition--------------------------------------------

Place      Name                     Composer               Votes

  1   Cybernoid's Revenge         Gasman / H-Prg / RA       340
  2   In Old KSA Style            Ravager / CTL             316
  3   Cool                        Yerzmyey / H-Prg          293
  4   Trainer                     Factor 6 / K3L / PHT
  5   Improv. Theme Mr. Credo     DX-69 / CRG
  6   Welcome Home                Davos / CPU
  7   Timeless                    Key-Jee / TBK
  8   Mindwork DJed               Darkman / SMG / CTL
  9   Ether                       Baze / 3SC
 10   Spaces                      Phantom Lord

 11   ..........................  Justinus / SMG / CTL?
 12   Little Nastya's: Nuosketch  Andy Fer / PhF
 13   Dogma;)                     SerzhSoft
 14   Infected Music Box          Trommler
 15   Olia iz lukoil'a            Siril / 4D
 16   Sacred Elevator             Moran / CPU

---Graphics Competition-----------------------------------------

Place      Name                            Artist          Votes

  1   Sadness                         Kristoph / SMG / CTL  319
  2   Mark                            LCD / PHT             202
  3   Who?                            GAS 13                260
  4   Skyrider                        Gasman / H-PRG / RA

  5   Asterix & the Vikings           Berg
  6   Little Green Flying Muthafucka  Yerzmyey / H-Prg
  7   Blue                            Baze / 3SC
  8   Sad                             Hellboj / H-Prg / PHT
  9   UTB Madness                     TDM / K3L

---1K Intro Releases * -----------------------------------------

Blister by Key-Jee / Triebkraft 
Life by SerzhSoft 

* compo failed

tnx 2 Yerzmyey / H-Prg.....


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