30 ноября 1995

Part 15 - Adventures.

<b>Part 15</b> - Adventures.



Heres  a  few  little hints and tips about
how  to  struggle  through  the  first few
levels  of  this  epic  RPG  included with
Issue 2.

The City you begin the quest can take some
time  to  explore.  It  would  be  wise to
quickly  find the Review Board (On Trumpet
Street)  and Garths Equipment Shoppe (Just
North   of  the  Guild)  Other  places  of
interest  include  the temples in the city
square,  Roscoes  Energy  Emporium (In the
North  of  Town)  and  the  numerous  Inns
around  the  place. The most important inn
is  the  Scarlet Bard, which is located in
the  South  East corner, as this gives you
access to the first dungeon. Just look for
something unusual for sale...

The  Cellars  have  a  very staightforward
layout  which eases you into the exploring
aspect   of  the  game.  The  Cellars  are
basically  split  into four sections. Just
take  your  time, look around and build up
the  experience points before entering the
lower sewer levels.

There are three levels to the sewers, each
increasingly   difficult.   Don't  attempt
these    until   your   party   is   quite
experienced  and  well  equiped.  At these
levels  you will have to face attacks from
multiple  groups of monsters, which can be
quite nasty. It is possible to be attacked
by  up to four groups of monsters at once.
The  best  tactic  to  use is to have your
fighters  attack  the smaller group out of
the first two attacking monster groups and
use your Bards Fire Horn (A Vital weapon!)
to  take out the larger group. Don't worry
about  groups  three  and four unless they
are    magical   creatures.   They   can't
physically  attack  you. There are lots of
interesting  things to find in the sewers,
but  the  most  vital  level to explore is
Level  3  as  this holds a powerful object
which  you  need  in your quest and also a
staircase  up to a resticted part of Skara

Continued Next Issue......



Here is a walkthrough to last month's

Ne,  examine  body, pull arrow, take ruby,
sw,  s,  take  sword, examine statue, read
symbols,  say  mecla,  e, take life, s, d,
examine  puddle,  cast  life,  l,  l,  use
plank,  climb  plank,  examine slime, take
mask, wear mask, n, examine statue, insert
ruby,  s, d, smash stairs, in, take torch,
take   rope,   take  bone,  out,  s,  take
teleport,  light  torch,  n,  throw  rope,
climb  rope,  n, n, e, e, se, kill dragon,
s,  in,  take fire, d, d, help, take wise,
take  key,  unlock  door,  drop  key, cast
fire,  light  torch, take wise, w, examine
body, take gloves, wear gloves, take coin,
e, drop torch, e, e, take horn, blow horn,
give  coin,  ne,  ne,  throw bone, n, take
cream, s, climb stalagmire, use cream, ne,
n,  n,  w, take wise, e, s, s, ne, examine
figure, give horn, examine fire, drop all,
take  sword,  take wise, take gloves, take
teleport,  wear gloves, d, e, e, call sid,
e,  call sid, cross bridge, s, take smoke,
s, examine pond, take root, n, give sword,
take root, n, n, cross bridge, w, w, n, n,
take  owl,  examine  owl,  use  root, take
stone, throw stone, n, n, n, e, take rope,
take hook, tie rope to hook, take hook, w,
n,  e,  open door, e, d, throw hook, d, e,
examine sacks, drop all, take stodge, take
smoke,  take  teleport, s, examine leaves,
take  staff, cast smoke, take staff, w, n,
w, up, climb rope, w, close door, w, s, w,
u,  w,  cast  teleport,  in, n. And that's


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