30 ноября 1995

Part 3 - Games instructions.

<b>Part 3</b> - Games instructions.



The Golden Mask

After  Morrack  defeated  Lord  Drakon and
travelled back up the secret path of hell,
he  once  more stood in the lands of Dral.
As  he  looked  up at the bright sky, Wise
the  owl flew down to him. They talked for
hours  and  it  soon  became  apparent the
Drakon  had  not  died nor for that matter
had  Stodge the Dwarf. Now there was a new
danger,  Ashmeard  the wizard was dead and
with  him  died the knowledge of where the
Golden  Mask  could  be  found.  If Drakon
found  the  mask  before  Morrack, then he
could  again summon great armies of demons
and  with  Ashmeard dead no one could stop
the  evil  which would devour Dral and all
of its inhabitants.

You  play the part of Morrack and you must
find the Golden Mask which is somewhere in
Dral.  Drakon  has many demons looking for
you and wise has flown off to consult with
Stodge.  You  are  on  your  own..... GOOD


16/48 NO.19 - JULY 1985

On this months tape magazine you can find:

SIDE 1            ;SIDE 2
Title & Contents  ;Of Dungeons & Green Men
Quadrajoin        ;Wordsearch
Readers Letter    ;Reviews
Editorial         ;BigPrint
Beginners Corner  ;Crossword
Machine Code Tutor;Competition
Underground       ;

NB.  Sides  1  and 2 refer to the original
tape.  The  TAP  file  included  with  the
snapshot  package  is  one long file, with
Side 2 following straight on from Side 1.


Codemasters 1989

Your assignment - prevent World War 3! Top
level  scientists  in  East  Germany  have
developed  an  incredible new weapon which
could  tip  the  balance of terror between
East  and  West  - they want to defect and
bring their discovery to the West. But the
Communists  have  sealed the border! There
is  no  escape...unless  you can land your
helicopter   amongst  the  red  hordes  to
snatch   the  would-be  defectors.  Superb
graphics  - hundreds of enemies - non-stop
excitement  - you'll really believe you're
there   in   this  state-of-the-art  game.
Completely authentic - actually written by
an East German who defected to the West!

Left - Q        Right - W
Up   - O        Down  - K
Fire - P
...or  press 4 to select your own keys, or
2/3 to select a joystick. Press 0 to start
the game.

To complete each mission, you must collect
all  the  SCIENTISTS.  Follow the flashing
arrows at the bottom of the screen to find
them.  They  stand  on the ground and wave
their  RIGHT  HAND at you. Land on them to
pick   them   up.   Beware  of  the  POSER
SCIENTISTS   waving  their  LEFT  HAND  at
you...they    are   really   East   German
soldiers!    When   you've   got   all   6
scientists,  land  at the SAFE HOUSE (this
looks like a thatched cottage.)
MISSION  5, the FINAL MISSION: You are now
flying  the Super Helicopter (built by the
scientists)  -  but  you  only have one so
don't   crash!  Follow  your  instructions
(bottom left of the screen) to land at all
the  SAFE  HOUSES  -  then fly out to West

Your  FUEL  will  go  down as you fly, and
when  you  are hit. (Watch the fuel bar at
the   bottom  right  of  the  screen.)  To
REFUEL, land and pick up the JERRY CANS or
land at the SAFE HOUSE.

These  float near the ground. To pick them
up, land on top of them.

JERRY CAN         Fuel
FIST              Increases your firepower
BOUNCING BOMB     Kills Tanks, etc
SPINNING MINE     Kills Soldiers
SHIELD            Makes you indestructible
CODE BOOK         Extra Points


Ocean - 1991

Following  on  from  last  months  Robocop
game,  here  is the sequel, again based on
the  film  of the same name. This snapshot
is 128k only, so can only be used by those
who  have  an emulator which supports this


Activision - 1990

This  excellent  game  which  I  have been
searching   for   recently   has   finally
appeared  on  the FTP sites, and so I have
included  it  here  for everyone to enjoy.
You are a scientist named Professor Potts,
who   has   invented   a   Time   Machine.
Unfortunately  a  terrorist  bomb  hit  an
important part of the machine and sent him
hurtling  back  to prehistoric times. You,
as   the  professor,  must  traverse  five
different  periods of history to return to
the  present  day,  in  time  to  stop the
terrorists  planting the bomb in the first
place. To travel through the time periods,
you  must not only find special time pods,
but   also   ensure   that  history  flows
correctly.  Ie,  to  escape from the first
zone,  you  must  ensure  that the ice age
starts,  but  also  that man survives. The
grid  at  the  top  shows each of the time
zones. When a square is red, somthing must
be  done  to that location. What you do in
the  past  affects  what that square looks
like  in  the  future. For example, if you
plant a seed in the medievel time zone, it
will  have  grown  into  a  tree by modern
times.  If you can understand all this you
are  halfway to completing the game!! Good


Contibuted by Richard Hallas

Another great Exclusive Jet Set Willy game
supplied  by Richard Hallas for you to all
get   your   teeth   into!  In  this  next
installment of the adventure, we see Willy
don   a   Spacesuit   and  head  off  into
Outer-Space  to  clear  up a Space Station
before  a  Robot  Maria  will let him into

It has to be played to be believed!!!


Mikro-Gen - 1986

The  game  begins  with Wally all alone in
the  jungle  looking  for  his loved ones,
Wilma and Herbert.
To rescue them from Can Nibbles (the tribe
who  live  on  the island) Wally must find
and use certain objects which he will come
across  on his long and arduous trek. Some
will  have  obvious uses (the axe), others
will  have to be used in more devious ways
(the hole!)
There  are  many dangerous animals lurking
in  the  jungle.  Some  of  these  may  be
pacified with the right approach.
As we all know, Wally's are a dying breed.
Can you help save them from extinction? Or
will  the  Can Nibbles have a tasty feast!
(Wilma being very tasty indeed!)

Left  - Q,E,T,U or O
Right - W,R,Y,I or P
Jump  - All bottom Row
Keys 1 and 2 - Pick up/Set down
                objects 1 and 2
Key 4 - Pauses the game
Keys A to ENTER - Go into screen/Swim
                  /Shoot/Climb/Use object.
There  are  certain  screens which you can
leave  other  than  at the extreme left or
right.  Use  A  to ENTER to turn and leave
this way.
Return   to   Menu   -   Caps  Shift+Break
Three  Weeks  in  Paradise also contains a
Unique  feature  key.  Key 3 allows you to
change  the  colour of Wally, enabling you
to when on colourful screens.


Mastertronic - 1984

Throughout  Journey's  End  you  will find
instruction   codes.   These   codes   are
reference    numbers    to    instructions
contained in this booklet.
If  you  are  at all unsure as to what you
should  do  next,  whilst playing the game
then   look   the   code  number  (usually
positioned  in the top left hand corner of
the  screen)  and refer to the instruction
contianed within this booklet.

An  extract  from  Sage Thorvald's BOOK OF
"It  is  said  that  Hagar the Demonic was
spawned  by  the  union  between The Great
Demon Grudich and a peasant girl.
"Hagar grew up worshipping his father, and
on  coming of age he sacrificed his mother
to him. This was only the start of an evil
which  spread  as  Hagar gained followers,
eventually  forming  The  Cult of Grudich.
The  cult  grew as evil flocked to him and
soon his power increased.
"People  who  joined  the Cult, succumb to
the  evil  'Hell  Fever'  after  a complex
initiation   ceremony.   This   affliction
causes  insurmountable  pain  which, after
the full moon, results in complete loss of
muscle coordination and the victim becomes
bed-ridden.  However,  at  the full moon a
ritual  is  performed  at  which  the Cult
members  partake  of a magical concoction.
The  most  important  ingredient  of  this
concoction  is  a drop of a speial elixir,
given to Hagar by his demon father.
"Crundal the Absolute, the then Emperor of
The Southern lands, realised that The Cult
of  Grudich  was extremely dangerous. When
he  heard  that  even  some  of  his court
members  had joined the Cult he decided to
take  action.  He  commissioned  spies  to
gather   information   about   the  Cult's
weaknesses.   These   never  returned  and
before  the  Emperor  could  take  further
action,    Hagar    andhis   minions   had
surrounded  the  city.  And so started the
siege  of  Dartfell.  "Amfin  Goldbeard, a
dwarven   smith  in  the  city,  forged  a
magical  sword  using  little  known  arts
handed down by his ancestors. He presented
this  to the Emperor and told him it would
only  be  effective in a duel to the death
with Hagar.
"The  following  day  the Emperor rode out
under  a  flag  of truce with a handful of
men  to accompany him. He requested a duel
which  Hagar  accepted  mockingly. Despite
the magic sword Hagar always has the upper
hand  and  after a short while the Emperor
was  felled.  Hagar  turned to his minions
and  raised  his  hands in triumph, but in
his   moment   of   victory,  one  of  the
accompanying   guards   snatched   up  the
Emperor's sword and thrust it into Hagar's
undefended  back.  As  Hagar  lay dying he
prounouneed  a  terrible  curse  upon  all
descendants  of  the  Emperor,  that  they
suffer from the 'Hell Fever'.
"Upon  Hagar's  death  all  members of the
Cult  of  Grudith  died  in agony as their
blood boiled. The guard, Eduard was made a
hero   of   the   Southern   Lands.   Much
merrirment  and  celebration followed that
evening  and  peace ruled the land. 'Years
later, on the fourtieth birthday of Ragnal
Castle-Crusher,  the  new  Emperor, he was
struck  down  with  the  'Hell-Fever'  and
Hagar's  curse  was  remembered.  Much was
known about the Cult of Grudich and it was
felt  that the Elixir of Hagar the Demonic
must  be obtained if the Emperor was to be
saved.  Cultist  teachings  said  that the
Elixir was guarded by a great beast in one
of     Hagar's     strongholds.     Eduard
Back-Stabber    and    Arnfin    Goldbeard
volunteered  to  undertake  the  quest and
they  journeyed  forth  into  Hagar's evil
wastelands  to  the  North  where the only
good  thing  to  flourish  are the magical
golden  trees.  The  quest failed and only
Arnfin  returned to live out his life in a
quiet village.



1.1  If  you want to start a new adventure
and  do  not  have  a party of adventurers
saved  on tape from the end of part 3 then
press  'S'.  If  you have been through the
whole  adventure  and  saved your party at
the end of it then press 'L' so start them
off on a new, harder adventure.

1.2  The Dungeon
In  the dungeon you are looking for a clue
or  clues  to  help  you  in  your  quest.
Perhaps some treaure might be useful too!
To  move  around  and explore the dungeon,
use  the  cursor  keys and watch the rooms
and  passages  unfold  before  you as your
torch  lights  the  way.  If  you  find an
object  then  you  can  move  on  to it to
discover what it is. Doors in this dungeon
are  indicated by magenta squares blocking
the  passages.  Whether  you have a key or
not  you  must  press  '0'  (zero) to open
doors. N.B. Your will also need the key so
escape each level.

1.3   Advertising and gambling
Press A' to advertise:
You  will  need  up to 6 men to aid you on
your  quest.  To hire adventurers you must
advertise   around   the  local  inns  and
taverns for men to join your party.
Press 'G' to gamble:
If  you do not feel that you have engh men
but  you are short of gold, the best thing
to  do  is  to  try  to  win some money by
Press 'P' to see your party
If  you  press  'P' you will see which men
you have hired so far.
Press 'P' when you have finished
When  you have hired all the men you need,
press 'F'.
1.4   Hiring
You  will  see  a  list of the men who are
willing  to  join  you together with their
cost  of  hire,  strengths  and the spells
which  they  know.  Cost of hire: Each man
has  his  own price which you must pay him
if you want to hire him.
Strength:   Obviously   the  stronger  the
better  but you will not find any men with
a strength greater than 50.
Spells:  Each  man  has  a  list of spells
which  he  is  capable of (the spell names
have  been  abbreviated to spell letters).
There  are four different spells which are
listed below in order of power.
F = Fireball: A fireball is a ball of fire
which  can  be  at  the enemy in battle to
cause great damage.
P  =  Paralysis: This spell can be used to
paralyse  the enemy in battle leaving them
vulnerable   to   attack   and  unable  to
S  =  Shield:  A  defence spell in battle,
protecting your whole party from attack
C = Cure: A spell which can be used at any
time  to  heal  wounds  and  thus  restore
So,  a list such as "FCSC" would mean that
that  the  adventurer  was  capable of one
fireball, two cures and one shield spell.
Choosing men: If you decide that you would
like  to hire one of the men, just type in
his  number  and  he will be added to your
party  of  men (if you can afford him that
N.B. You can hire a maximum of 6 men.
You  can hire as many as you want from one
screen  or none at all if you wish. If you
decide  that  no  more  on  a  screen  are
suitable then press 'N' and ENTER.

1.5   Gambling
You  can  gamble up to 50 gold pieces at a
time.  Input  the  number  of  gold pieces
which you wish to gamble with.

1.6 Prepare your tape containing the party
saved  from  the end of PART 3, then press
any key and start the tape.



When  you have the main map showing on the
screen,  the  program  is  in  a  state of
pause.  To continue the game press 'M' and
you will see the detailed map appear.
2.1   Moving on the map
On  the  magnified  map  you may move your
party  of  men  (indicated  by the cursor)
using the cursor keys. If you move off the
edge  of  this magnified map then you will
find  yourself on the map representing the
adjacent  square  on the main map. At this
stage  there are 6 function keys which you
can use:

Press 'S' to sleep.
Press 'M' to see the main map
Press 'P' to see your possessions
Press 'H' to go into hunting mode
Press 'N' to return to normal mode
Press 'C' to use a cure spell
Modes of movement:
You can either be in 'Normal' or 'Hunting'
Normal mode: In this mode you will move at
the  normal  speed  and may happen to find
items or food on your travels.
Hunting mode: If you are in this mode then
your speed of movement will be reduced but
your  chances  of  finding food or objects
will increase. Speed of movement
Your speed of movement will be affected by
the  time of day and thus by the daylight.
So,  at  dawn  you  would  be  moving more
slowly than during the
daylight  hours  but faster than you would
be at night.

2.2   Food
The  food  you have found is not enough to
feed  your whole party. You must therefore
decide  which man (or men) will have to go
without.  Type  in a string of numbers for
the  men  who are going to eat For example
if  all but man no.3 will eat then type in
"124567"  (if  you have seven men). If you
simply  enter  'N'  then  the food will be

2.3   Potions
If  you press 'D' to drink the potion then
you will be asked "Who will drink it?" You
must  then  decide  which of your men will
take the risk and enter his number.

2.4   Magic weapons
Magic  weapons  should  be  very useful in
battle  since  they  should  increase your
hits upon opponents. Each magic weapon you
find must be allocated to one man who will
keep  it for the rest of the game. Type in
the  number of the man who is going to use
the  weapon,  but  remember,  each man may
only  have  one  magic weapon. If for some
reason nobody wants it then press 'N'.
The  magic weapon will be printed up under
that  man's data display. The power of one
of the weapons is indicated by it's colour
on  the display. i.e. blue = +1, red = +2,
magenta = +3.

2.5   Spells
When  you  find  a scroll, any of your men
may  learn  the  spells  written on it For
each  spell  you  will  be asked "Who will
learn  this  spell'."  to  which  you must
reply  by typing in the no. of the man you
wish to learn it or 'N' if nobody is going
to  learn  it.  However, each man may only
learn up to 4 spells at a time.

2.6   Front line in battle
During  a battle you may have two lines in
your  battle  formation.  Men in the front
line  may  fire  at  the opponents and may
also  use  spells.  Those in the back line
however,  may not. At the same time, those
in  the front may be attacked by the enemy
whilst   those   at   the   rear  will  be
protected.  You  must  type in a string of
numbers  for  those  men  who  you wish to
stand  in  the  front  line of attack. For
example  if no.4 and no.6 are weak and you
do  not  wish them to fight then type in a
string  like  "12357'  (if  you have seven
men) and 4 & 6 will appear on the back row
whilst the rest will fight at the front.

2.7   Using spells in battle
Spells can be used in battle when the word
"SPELLS"  is  flashing  at  the top of the
battle  screen.  During this phase you may
use  any  spells which have been learnt by
your  front  line  men.  To  cast  a spell
simply press the key for that spell during
the spell phase.
i.e.  'F'  for  fireball 'I" for paralysis
'S' for shield 'C' for cure An explanation
of    these   spells   is   contained   in
instruction 1.4.

2.8   Melee
At  the  melee stage (hand to hand combat)
you   must  sort  your  formation.  As  in
instruction 2.6, you must type in a string
of numbers for the men you with to go into
hand  to  hand combat with the enemy. This
string  of  numbers must not be greater in
length than the number of foe on the front
line  of  the enemy's ranks since fighting
now  proceeds  on  a one to one basis. For
example  if  there  are three of the enemy
immediately  facing you then you must type
in  a string of at most three numbers such
as "651".

2.9   Sleeping
You  need two men to keep watch whilst the
rest  of  the  party  is  asleep. You must
enter a string of two numbers; the numbers
of  the  men who will keep watch. Each man
that  you nominate will do a shift of four
hours and will obviously get less rest and
thus  gain  less  strength from his sleep.
For  example  if  you want 1 and 6 to keep
watch then type in "16" or "61".

2.10   Golden trees
The  golden  trees are magical trees which
can  help  you  on your travels. Each tree
will  tell  you  a list things which it is
willing  to give you. When you decide what
you  want  from  the list just type in the
letter  which  represents  it. For example
'H' = strength, 'D' = direction, etc.

2.11  At  this  stage  you  may: Save your
current party on tape (press 'I')
-Load a previously saved party (press '2')
-Carry on with the adventure (press '3').
or  'Quit'  if you do not wish to continue
at present (press '4').

2.12  Prepare  your  tape  containing  the
party  saved  after PART I, then press any
key  and start the tape. N.B. It must be a
party saved from the end of PART I or else
it will not be loaded.

2.13  Prepare your own tape for saving the
characteristics  of  your party then press
any key when ready.

2.14 Prepare your 'Journey's End' tape and
make  sure  it  is in the same position as
when  you  last  stopped it. When you have
done  this  press  any  key  and start the



3.1  From  now  onwards,  unless otherwise
stated,  use  the  cursor keys to move. To
cure  members  of your party, press 'C' if
you have a cure spell amongst you. To open
doors,  you  must  be adjacent to the door
and  then press '0' (zero). You must still
press  zero even if you have a key for the
door.  If  the  door does not open then it
must  be  locked  and  you do not have the
correct key.

3.2  Corridors.Use the cursor keys to move
and   avoid  the  bouncing  boulders.  You
(marked  by the cursor) will start outside
a door at one end of the corridor and must
make  your  way  along the corridor to the
door  at the far end. N.B. Cure spells are
ineffective in corridors.

3.3  Room  of  the  Chasms.  Press  'T' to
teleport  if  in  front of a teleport pad.
Each  teleport  uses your magical power to
transport  you.  So,  if  you  do not have
sufficient power between you then you will
not be teleported.

3.4  Key  reom.  To pick up a key you must
move onto it. The longer you spend in this
room  the  worse  your  party  feels. Cure
spells are ineffective in this room.

3.5  Use  keys  1-8 to move: Each man must
cross  the  board  in  turn  (the  man  is
indicated  by  the  number  of  the  piece
moving).  You  move  as  a king piece (one
square at a time in any direction); if you
move into a check position from one of the
pieces  on  the board then you must suffer
the consequences.

3.6  Chest  room  To open a chest you must
move  your  party  to  below  one  of  the
chests.  Here,  you  automatically set off
the  trigger  sysem  to the walls. To open
the  chest,  type  in numbers to solve the
combination;  there  is  no  need to press
ENTER   after   each   number.   When  the
combination  has  been  solved,  the chest
will  open  and  the trigger system to the
walls  will be disabled. Remember, time is
of the essence in this room.

3.7  Stairs. For  the stairs you need just
two  keys: '7' to jump '8' to move forward
To  climb  the  stairs, press '7' followed
quickly by '8'.

3.8 Movement in battle. During this battle
your  men  can  either be in cover (behind
one  of  the three bricks) or in the open.
You may only fire or use spells if you are
in  the  open.  During  the movement phase
(when "MOVEMENT" is flashing at the top of
the battle screen) if you press the number
representing one of the men in your party,
then  he  will move from the open to cover
or  vice  versa.  If all cover is occupied
then  nobody  can  move from the open into

3.9  Spells  in  battle.  During the spell
phase  (when  "SPELLS"  is flashing at the
top  of  the  battle screen) you may press
one  of  the keys F, Q, S or P. If a party
member  is  in  the open and has the spell
you pressed, then the spell will be cast.

3.10  Saving your party. You are now ready
to  save  your  party.  Now  that you have
completed  the  adventure you can put your
men  through a tougher adventure by saving
their  statistics on tape and loading them
back into part I.

3.11  Prepare  your  tape  containing  the
party  saved  after PART 2, then press any
key  and start the tape. N.B. It must be a
party saved from the end of PART 2 or else
it will not be loaded.


CSL 1983

A very simplistic adventure/murder mystery
for you to get your teeth into this month.
You have come to investigate a murder at a
hotel  and must roam around the many rooms
finding  useful  objects  and  discovering
clues  which will eventually enable you to
indentify  the  murderer. All instructions
can be called up in the game, although all
the normal commands apply, eg. N, E etc.



Over  the  next  few  issues,  we  will be
including   a   series  of  those  amusing
space-fillers  -  the "Teletext" programs.
The  idea  is very simple - just type in a
number  to  go that page! Sorry is some of
the  jokes  are older than the ZX80 - It's
not my fault!!


Look  out  for next months snapshot pack -
featuring more great games!


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