31 октября 1995

Part 14 - Past,present and future.

<b>Part 14</b> - Past,present and future.


I received a number of letters after Issue
2 was released asking where to obtain back
issues of Emulate!
All  back  issues  can  be  obtained  from
either  the Frazzle Project BBS or the NVG
UNIT       FTP       site      (directory:
pub/sinclair/snaps/discmag/emulate) Here a
brief run-down of what was in the last two

ISSUE 1 - September 1995
A-Z  of  Spectrum  Games  Part 1, Spectrum
History  Part  1,  Complete  guide  to the
Dizzy   Games,   Rebelstar  Review  Guide,
Massive    Multiface   POKE   List,   plus
adventures and Games Charts.
SNAPSHOT  PACK:  Pyjamarama,  16/48 No.20,
JSW Editor, Jet Set Willy 3, Chaos Editor,
War  In  Middle  Earth,  Twice Shy, Plus a
collection    of   GIF   files   and   two
utilities - SPCONV and POKE-IT.
ISSUE 2 - October 1995
A-Z  of  Spectrum  Games  Part 2, Spectrum
History Part 2, Hackers guide to Doomdarks
Revenge,  Tips  for Pyjamarama, Bards Tale
and   Retarded   Creatures   and  Caverns,
Spectrum database Run down, Complete Guide
to   Spectrum  Charts  and  Desert  Island
SNAPSHOT  PACK:  Everyones  a Wally, 16/48
No.3,  The  Bards  Tale,  Rock Star Ate My
Hamster,   Loads   of  Midnight,  Retarded
Creatures   and   Caverns,  Spectrum  Test
Program, POKE Database, Plus two EXCLUSIVE
games,  Join  the  Jet Set and pre-release
version of Street Hawk.

I  will  also send out some back issues of
the  text  mag  to  those  who  send  me a
personal E-mail request.

As  well  as  the  usual issue, next month
sees  the  release of the first Collectors
Edition  of  Emulate, so look out for that
sometime around the beginning of December!

If you have any contributions, articles or
cries  for  help  on  your favourite game,
drop us a line here at Emulate.

Look out for Issue 4 - coming soon!

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Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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