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Part 7 - Reviews.

<b>Part 7</b> - Reviews.

*  PART 7  - REVIEWS  *

▄▒7.99 - Epic Marketing

The  new  long-awaited  CD  from  Epic has
finally arrived, and it was well worth the
wait.  The  advertising blurb boasts "over
3000  games".  A quick look through the CD
and  you  discover  a total of nearly 5700
snapshots!!  But...then  you take a closer
look...Unfortunately,  nearly  every  game
appears  more  than  once on the CD, and I
managed   to  find  6  copies  of  Finders
Keepers!  Nevertheless,  there  are  still
literally  thousands of games contained on
the  CD  -  enough to keep you happy for a
very  long while! It also contains lots of
pictures,  from  CRASH  covers, through to
cassette   inlay   pictures,  as  well  as
instructions   and   screen   shots   from
hundreds  of  games.  Every  Speccy owners
dream!  I believe, looking at the CD, that
the source of the majority, if not all, of
the  files on the disk is the NVG UNIT FTP
So,  to  sum up - If you don't mind wading
through  file  duplicates  and some sloppy
presentation,  this  CD  is the best thing
for  the  Speccy  since....well  since the
first  Speccy  Sensations CD!! If a little
more  care was taken to sift out duplicate
files  (it  wouldn't  have  taken long) it
would really be a top quality CD.

QUALITY         - 85%

OVERALL         - 83%


▄▒5/20 - BG Services

One  of  the  most popular and widely used
emulators  for  IBM  PCs  is Z80 by Gerton
Lunder.  At  first  glance,  this emulator
immediately   took   to   my  liking.  The
colourful  title screen, coupled with easy
to  use  menus meant the emulator was very
user-friendly.   But,   after   persuading
myself not to be put off by embellishment,
I decided to look deeper...
Z80     offers     everything.    Complete
compatiblity with both 48k and 128k games,
fully   emulated   128k  sound...even  the
option   to   have   a  multiface  on  the
computer.   It   can   handle   up   to  8
microdrives, emulate most types of popular
joystick and even handle interfaces.
Filetypes  supported include the excellent
TAP  format,  which  enables you to create
tape  "images" containing all the original
tape  DATA,  or,  if  you  want  to  stick
rigidly  to  the  original  spectrum,  the
ability  to  create  VOC  files, which are
basically sound sampled tapes!
Those  into  the  technical side of things
can fiddle around with registers and other
bits  and  pieces which, to be honest, are
completely  beyond me! Registered users of
the  package  have  the  option to load in
proper  Spectrum  tapes,  as  well  as the
ability to speed up or slow down emulation
speed.  When  trying to play Jet Set Willy
on a 1ЗЗMHz Pentium, this is vital! All in
all,  an  excellent and very user friendly
program. Well worth the registration fee!!
NOTE  -  Registration  costs ▄▒5 for basic
version   and   ▄▓0  for  Plus  D/Disciple

QUALITY         - 94%

OVERALL         - 92%



Review taken from Crash #4 - May 1984

Producer : Software Projects
Memory Required : 48k
Retail Price : @5.95
Language : Machine Code
Author : Matthew Smith

There  were rumours that Matthew Smith was
a  figment of the Liverpool computing mass
psyche, or merely a clever code name for a
Tandy  computer.  There  were rumours that
Matthew  Smith  didn't actually exist, and
that  if he did, then Jet Set Willy didn't
and  wouldn't.  So, after all the waiting,
was  it  worth  it? In fact, it's probably
worthless  reviewing  Jet Set Willy, since
by   the  time  you  read  this  you  will
probably have already worked out the boots
to cheat the game!
The  rags  to riches story is already well
known.  Rich  from his sub-surbiton mining
exploits,  Willy has bought a huge mansion
with  over  60 rooms, most of which he has
never  seen.  There's been a mammoth party
and  the  guests  have left the place in a
dreadful  mess.  Willy  just want to go to
bed,  but his housekeeper, the nightmarish
Martha,  won't let him until every bit and
piece has been picked up and tidied away.
It is always difficult to do a sequel to a
best-seller.  Not  only should it have the
same   style,  it  should  be  bigger  and
better.  Jet  Set  Willy seems to score on
all  counts. Very sensibly, it is actually
a very different game to Manic Miner, much
more  of  an adventure in which the player
can  move freely between the linking rooms
and  work  out  the  structure  of  Willys
strange  house.  In  keeping  with  a good
adventure,  there are some random elements
that  have  been  thrown in. In some rooms
the   hazards   may   change   places,  or
disappear  altogether.  Some rooms may not
be  entered  from a particular direction -
you  lose  all  your  lives, and sometimes
that does not happen. In all respects, the
creation  of all the rooms is exceptional,
each  with it's own peculiarities. Some of
them are very hard to solve.
Software  Projects have included a complex
colour  code with the inlay, which must be
looked  after at all costs, since the game
will  not run without a correct code entry
after loading is completed.
I  consider the game not as a follow-up to
Manic   Miner,   but  as  something  quite
different. It has a totally different game
structure,  more  interesting  graphics  -
like  the  swinging  ropes that are highly
realistic,  hopping  rabbits, deadly razor
blades, wobbling jellies and endless other
inventions.  Not a single graphic has been
taken from Manic Miner, with the exception
of  Willy  himself,  now  in  a  natty hat
rather than his mining gear. Quite simply,
the  sound  is excellent, the graphics are
brill  and the colour is great. A classic.
If  Manic Miner was maddening, frustrating
and   fun,   then  Jet  Set  Willy  should
certainly  be  put on the Governments list
of prescribed drugs. The cynical manner in
which  you are given so many lives to play
with  is just typical of the extraordinary
talent of Matthew Smith - mean through and
through! I thought, with so many lives, it
must  be easy to get a long way. Yet, they
disappear   before  your  very  eyes.  The
detail  of  the graphics is marvelous. The
dreadful  Maria  with her pointing hand of
accusation,  the  flickering  candles, the
grinning   heads,   the  leaping  security
guards, just everything has been worked as
far  as  it  can go. If there's no demo in
this  game,  it  is because it would spoil
the fun of exploring the huge mansion, and
besides,  I doubt whether there's a nibble
left in the memory, let alone a spare byte
before  tea.  Now,  I must get back to the
Banyan  Tree  and  try again for the tenth
damned time in a row to get through....
Jet  Set  Willy  is  a  high  point in the
development  of  the Spectrum Game. I hope
there  will  be  others,  maybe  ones of a
different  kind, but I'm sure nothing will
top  this  game  for  addictivity,  fluent
graphics,    responsiveness    and   sheer
imagination.  The nightmare quality of the
events   suggests  its  author  should  be
receiving  therapy. Instead, he's probably
getting rich. Good Luck to him....

Control  Keys  : alternate keys row Q to P
left/right SHIFT to SPACE for jump
Joystick  : pointless having one, keyboard
is much better
Keyboard  play  :  highly  responsive, but
watch  the  tight  spots  which  have been
purposely made as finicky as possible
Use of Colour : excellent
Graphics : perfect
Sound : excellent
Skill Levels :how nimble are your fingers?
Lives : 8
General  Rating : to date, one of the most
addictive and finest Spectrum Games.

Use of computer     : 90%
Graphics            : 96%
Playability         : 94%
Getting Started     : 90%
Addictive qualities : 98%
Value for money     : 99%
Overall             : 95%


Review taken from Crash #39 - April 1987

Producer : Ocean
Retail Price : ▄╖.95
Authors : Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond

In  a far distant galaxy, many light years
away,  lie four worlds enslaved by an evil
empire.    On    each,   unrest   simmers,
suppressed by the dictatorial Emperor, who
rules  his  territories  from  the  planet
Blacktooth.  Neighbouring  worlds  look to
the  dark  skies  and wonder. In fear they
send two spies from the planet freedom, to
kindle  revolution upon the slave planets,
and  recover  the  crowns  that  have been
lost.  Only  this way can the might of the
empire be fettered.
The  spies  they  send are Head and Heels,
two  bubble  bodied  creatures  living  in
unity. Both have different abilities, Head
descended  from  flying  reptiles  and can
jump   twice  his  own  height  and  guide
himself  through  the  air.  On  the other
hand, Heels has legs like pistons and is a
powerful runner capable of leaping his own
height.  When  together,  Head sits like a
lady's Sunday bonnet on Heel's head.
Their mission has not begun well, captured
and  separated,  they have been imprisoned
in  the  castle headquarters of the planet
Blacktooth.  All is not lost, But Head and
Heels  must use all of their skill to keep
their  eight lives intact, and escape from
the strangeness of their prison surrounds.
Head  and Heels can be moved independently
with  an  illuminated  icon  showing which
character   you  currently  control,  both
icons are lit when the two are joined. The
pair  can  move in four directions when in
the  ground  and  upwards  by  using their
jumping  abilities. To escape from prison,
both  Head  and  Heels must pass through a
series of rooms and corridors, some filled
with  such  deadly  obstacles as poisonous
Marmite   jars,   electrified  floors  and
attacking   monsters   -   touching  these
results  in  evaporation  into  a cloud of
bubbles.   However,   Head  and  Heels  do
encounter  objects  that  can help them in
their escape, though initially the purpose
of  each  may  not  be  obvious  - Stuffed
rabbits  give  extra  lives and abilities,
Springs   boing   them  through  doorways,
Prince   Charles  head  at  last  finds  a
purpose  -  being  used  as a sort of fork
lift  truck,  Reincarnation fish give life
after  death  (by  returning the player to
their collection point at the beginning of
a new game), Doughnuts provide ammunition,
and  Teleports  transport  the  two heroes
from  room to room. Only through trail and
error  can  they  hope to successfully use
such   equipment  to  best  advantage  and
safely leave the castle.
Because  of  their separate and individual
talents,  it  is occasionally necessary to
for Head and Heels to split up in order to
negotiate  certain obstacles. Decisions of
this  nature  should be made when a puzzle
appears  to  be  accomplished  by the dual
creature,  but  in general, it's usually a
good idea to keep the pair together.
Once  outside  the  prison walls, Head and
Heels  have to decide whether to return to
their   home   planet   Freedom,  or  join
together   as   a   team,  and  use  their
individual skills to continue their search
for  the lost crowns of the slave planets.
Whatever they decide, they must make their
way to Moonbase Headquarters, and teleport
themselves away.
For  any  one  slave  planet  to fall from
Blacktooths grasp would be disruptive, but
it's   expansionist   plans   would   roll
inevitably  on. Such is the empire's power
that  with  the  slow  passing  of time, a
single    liberated    planet   would   be
re-enslaved,  and it's inhabitants crushed
once  more.  Therefore,  all  of the slave
planets   must  be  set  free  before  the
Empire's power can be finally destroyed.
Egyptus,  with  it's  city of huge pyramid
tombs   must   tumble,   the   harsh   and
mountainous  prison planet of Penitentiary
must  fall;  Safari,  the densly vegetated
hunting  planet,  whose  natives  live  in
wooden forts and set traps for the unwary,
must be prised from the Empire's grip; and
Book  World, the cast planetary library of
Cowboy  books  to which only the Emporer's
minions   have   access,  must  be  turned
against  it's  master.  On each, the crown
must be found and collected.
When  the crowns of all four slave planets
are  collected, the Emperor can be killed,
and  with  him the evil Blacktooth Empire.
The  Emperor's  death  signals  the end of
Head and Heels' task, and they can returns
home   to  their  planet  Freedom,  to  be
acclaimed as heroes.
"There have been quite a few games of this
style  lately  -  and  pretty as they are,
many   have   been  seriously  lacking  in
gameplay.  Happily,  the  two  programmers
have  worked  extremely  hard to make Head
over Heels one of the most fun to play and
absorbing  games  available at the moment.
The  problems are all excellent...some are
fairly  easy while others require a lot of
thought,  time  and patience. The graphics
are  awesome,  the meticulous attention to
detail  is  similar  to that in Nosferatu,
but the overall effect is much better. The
sound  could  do with a little tuning, but
it's  generally  good,  there are loads of
effects  during  the  game and the tune on
the  title  screen  is bearable. Head over
Heels  is  a  must for any self respecting
Spectrum  owner  -  what more can I say? "
"This     is     definitely    the    best
Ritman/Drummond   game  yet  -  it's  even
better than Batman! Head over Heels is the
cutest    arcade    adventure   yet,   the
characters  are  extremely  detailed, very
lifelike  and  cuddly.  There are loads of
puzzles  to  be  solved, ranging from very
easy  to  particularly hard brain teasers,
which means it will appeal to all types of
people.  The  sound  effects  on  the  48k
version are just as appealing as the 128k,
although  the  tunes are a bit restricted.
The  presentation is superb, as we've come
to  expect from all Ritman/Drummond games.
Head   over  Heels  is  one  of  the  most
addictive,  playable, cuddly, cute and fun
games  ever.  Miss it at your peril!" PAUL
"Wow! This is the ultimate game! Head over
Heels   has  some  fantastic  graphics  it
proves  to  all disbelievers that there is
still   something   left   in  the  forced
perspective  3D  world; the characters are
superbly  designed,  and the animation has
to  be  seen to be believed! The front end
is  brilliantly  designed,  and everything
fits  together perfectly, bringing some of
Jon  Ritman's excellent ideas to fruition.
The  playability is beyond compare, as too
are  it's  addictive qualities - Head over
Heels  is excellent value for money, and a
must for anyones collection." MIKE
"Head   Over  Heels  is  offered  no  real
gameplay    enhancement    by   the   128k
Spectrum  -  there  are  no extra screens,
problems  or  worlds.  The added extra, as
usual,  is  musical  - there's a tune that
plays  throughout,  which  tends to get on
your  nerves  after a couple of hours. For
those   with  sensitive  ears  there's  an
'adjust  the sound' option so you can turn
it  off  altogether  or  revert to the 48k
effects.  A  couple  of  changes have been
made  to  the  Front  End to make things a
little  prettier,  but  maybe  a few extra
rooms or problems would have made a better
addition. Despite it's lack of improvement
it's still highly recommended!"

Control  Keys : definable, up, down, left,
right, jump, swap, pick up/drop, shoot
Joystick : Kempston, Fuller, Interface 2
Use  of  Colour  :  Monochromatic  playing
areas, with colourful icons
Graphics : excellently detailed characters
and settings
Sound  :  adequate  title  tune and bright
atmospheric effects
Skill Levels : one
Screens : over 300
General  Rating  :  The  best  fun  you're
likely  to  have with a Spectrum for quite
some time.

Presentation        : 90%
Graphics            : 97%
Playability         : 96%
Addictive qualities : 95%
Value for money     : 91%
Overall             : 97%

Look  out for some more reviews of classic
spectrum games, next month!


Review by Matthew Pimm

... In space no one can hear you scream.

And  was they right, when I first saw this
film  it frightened me half to death. When
I   heard  it  was  being  turned  into  a
computer game I though it couldn't be done
but it was, a truly scary game. Little did
I  know  then  that it would be one of the
best  games  ever  based  on a movie until
recently anyway.

The  game  could  be  best  described as a
graphic  adventure, the graphics were very
simple  except for the wonderful Alien but
this  didn't  matter as the game had a lot
of  tension with you not knowing where the
Alien  would  strike  next or when you are
the  only  crew member left and you motion
tracker  starts  beeping  -  spooky stuff.
However  the Alien was not your only worry
as  a  member  of  your  crew  (which  was
randomly  chosen  so it's no good guarding
Ash  !)  is  an  Android  which will start
ignoring  your  orders and will attack the
crew.  Another good aspect of the game was
that  the  characters  each  had different
personalities  and  react to situations in
different  ways  and  didn't  like it very
much  if  they  were crawling along an air
duct armed with just a cat box!

So  how  did  you complete the game ? This
was another good thing about the game, you
were  not  restricted  to a single ending.
The  classic  way  to  win  the game is to
escape  in the shuttle with 3 or less crew
members  and Jones the cat captured in the
cat    box    and    after   setting   the
auto-destruct.  Another  way (which I have
ever been able to do) is to herd the Alien
into  the  airlock  and  blasting  it into
space. However the most pleasing way is to
kill the Alien ! This isn't as hard as you
might  think.  The first thing to do is to
get  the  harpoon  gun on the third level,
this  weapon  does  the most damage to the
Alien.  However  the  wounds  it  produces
releases  a  lot  of  acid which kills the
crew  member  and causing severe damage to
the  room  so  it  is best to do this in a
unimportant room as it could blow the ship
up  !  After  this you should go after the
Alien   with   crew   members  armed  with
incinerators as these do not produce acid.
Another  good  tactic  is to have one crew
member  using the net on the Alien as this
allows you to attack the Alien without any
retaliation. It is best not to allow these
crew  members  to  die  when attacking the
Alien,  so as soon as they get injured you
should turn and run ! This will give you a
good score at the end of the game.

To  sum it up, don't play this game in the
dark, or on you own!

M.Pimm - Assistant Editor


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