30 сентября 1995

Part 13 - Next issue.

<b>Part 13</b> - Next issue.

*  PART 13  - NEXT ISSUE  *

Oh well, another issue completed (albeit a
bit  late!)  Hope  you  all  enjoyed  this
issue. Don't forget that we'd love to hear
all  your feedback concerning the magazine
and  any  suggestions  you  have.  Plus of
course,   if   you  have  any  interesting
articles  or  programs of special interest
to  Spectrum  users, send them straight to

Heres  a few games to look forward to next
month:  HERBERTS  DUMMY RUN - The Third in
the  Wally  Week  series.  BULBO  AND  THE
LIZARD   KING   -   Another  great  Zenobi
Adventure  Game  16/48  - Another issue of
the  classic  Spectrum  Magazine  JET  SET
Another EXCLUSIVE JSW game!!!

Plus  loads  more  games,  articles  and a
general great read!!!

Be here in one month for Emulate 3!!!

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Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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