Subliminal Extacy #01
01 января 1995

Bogie Goes Walk-A-Bouts

Bogie Goes Walk-A-Bouts
                     Bogie Goes Walk-A-Bouts                    
                         By Bogie of E-3                        
  _                      ---------------
 |_| This is a little story of me and my travels around the U.K. 
__|__I only visited 3 places, but met with 6 speccy freaks.     
  |  First of all I went to Kent for a university interview, and
_/ _here I met with Datasoft and Zack.  This is because both of
    them are already at this university.                        
After my interview I met Datasoft outside the library.  You must
know that we have never met before so as I was standing outside 
the library desperatly looking for someone else who also looked 
as if they were looking for someone.  The I saw someone walk    
past, look around, go down to the physics department, come back 
to the library and carry on looking for someone.  So I shouted  
out "JOHN!" I shouted this because this is Datasoft's real name,
and not because I wanted to go to the toilet! This person turned
round and I said "John." again and he came over and I introduced
myself.  Luckily it was Datasoft and not someone else!!  We went
to his room in the university and straight away turn on his     
speccy.  He has a +D with unidos.  A dos I was not familiar with
but I soon was using just like I use betados (which is what I   
use!).  After he showed me what he had done towards his next    
demo I put on Inner Universe.  While this was on Zack came in   
through the door and there was much rejoicing!!  After showing  
each other our latest stuff we decided to go to the bar!!  Zack 
and Datasoft decided which one to go to first.  I didn't put any
ideas forward because I didn't know any bars in the area.  We   
ended up going to a place called woody's bar!!!  We sat down,   
and because I didn't have any money (well it did cost me over   
`50 to get there!!!) Zack and Datasoft bought me some drinks.   
We talked about the Speccy and told a few jokes.  Then a        
computer scientist came over to talk to Datasoft, while this was
going on Zack and I sat there taking the piss out of computer   
scientists.  This is beacuse computer scientist, comsci for     
short, were all sad bastards and because we are both physicists 
we were aloud to!!  Then we decided to leave because Zack ran   
out of money.  We went to the whole in the wall and now Zack was
replenished with some money! We wandered off to a different bar 
where we had some more drinks!! At the end of the night we had a
game of pool for nothing because the students put glasses in the
pockets and the balls don't go down into the table but stay     
where you can easily take them out again!  I forgot to tell Zack
and Datasoft that I'm bit of a pool demon and went around       
putting all the balls down. Until I had one ball left which was 
touching the black ball and if I hit my ball the black would    
have gone down the pocket!!!  So I hit the white gently but not 
gently enough and the black went down and I lost!!!  We were    
then evicted from the bar because it had gone midnight and we   
were the only people left in the bar!!  Zack went back to his   
house in the centre of Canterbury and Datasoft and I went to    
Datasoft's room in the University. The first thing that Datasoft
said to me 8hen we got back to his room was "Do you feel        
like doing any coding?6. I had been up at Чam in the morning to 
get to Kent and had had a few drinks, I was knackered so        
declined the offer.  We went to sleep, I was on the floor which 
wasn't very comfortable but I still got a good nights sleep.  In
the morning we had some breakfast and said our farewells as I   
went to the train station to catch the train home!!!            
I have a few things to say to Zack and Datasoft, when we next   
meet it will be my turn to buy all the drinks!!!  I feel I must 
repay you for all the money you spent on me that night, cheers! 
About 10 days later L.A. and I went to Glasgow for a whole      
weekend to visit The United Minds!!!  A 10 hour, over night,    
coach journey to get there and we couldn't get comfortable on   
the coach so stayed awake for the whole 10 hours!!  We did      
however piss someone off by talking and swearing all the way, we
were also taking the piss out of everyone else on the coach!!   
HEHEHEHE!!!  When we got off the coach in Glasgow I had my      
sunglasses on because I was expecting the fabulous weather that 
you usually get in Hootsmon land!!!  I was disapointed because 
it was freezing cold, this may have been because it was бам!    
We met Dok and Orson (we had met them before so knew what they  
looked like!!), we went to Dok's house in his dad's car which I 
didn't think was going to make it because it kept making funny  
noises.  I'm sure it was going to explode!!!                    
We had an amazing time in Hootsmon land especially when Psi-co  
came!!!  He rates PC's more than Amiga's, so we spent most of   
the time taking the piss out of PC's!!!  This is very easy      
because PC's are crap!!!  On the friday night I got into the    
Scottish feel by drinking loads of whiskey and getting totally  
pissed!!!  For more information on this little gathering see the
demo that is called 'Poocake'!!!!                               
2 days after returning from Hootsmon land I went to southampton,
this is where Icabod is doing his degree!!!  After my interview 
I waited outside the library for him (I had never seen him      
before either!!).  Then suddenly this person walked upto me and 
said "Alec?" And I said "Yes." and it was Icabod!!!  How he knew
who I was I don't know!!!  I wasn't even looking for anyone at  
the time and didn't look out of posistion because I had a bag   
with me, I looked just like any normal student!!!  But anyway,  
we went to his flat where we put on Speccy and done basically   
what I had done in Kent!!  Then this other kid came in and asked
if we wanted to go to the cinema tonight, we decided to go!!  We
went to the cinema where we got our tickets and one of the      
people we were meeting looked just like David Baddiel but he    
refused to admit it but Icabod and I persisted that he did!!!   
After getting out tickets we went to a pub/club sort of place   
near the cinema which said it was always open!!  But we walked  
upto the outomatic doors and they didn't open.  So we stood     
there confused until some other people came and went into the   
place through another set of automatic doors which were open!!! 
We all felt like a bunch of twats but we still went in and had a
quick drink before the film started!!  The film we watched was  
called 'Stargate'!!  After the film most of the 12 people who   
went with us said it was crap but Icabod and I said it was      
pretty good!!!  Maybe it was aimed at the Speccy society???  We 
went back to Icabod's flat in a taxi because it was midnight and
the last bus came at about 11pm!!!                              
Back at Icabod's flat we put Speccy on again and watched a few  
demos!!!  It was about 2.ЗOam when we decided to go to sleep!   
Icabod the nice person let me sleep in his bed and he slept on  
the floor!!  We did not both sleep in the bed!!!  In the morning
Icabod had a lecture to go to, so he went to it and I stayed in 
his flat and played on his speccy!!!  When he came back we went 
into the centre of Southampton where we went to the train       
station to find that I had just missed my train and I had to    
wait 50 minutes for the next one!!  So we went to a shop in     
Southampton that sold Bongs!!!  There was this huge comunial    
bong that cost `95!!!!  There was also several smaller ones     
ranging from `5 to `95!!!  I was tempted to buy one but I       
didn't!!! Then we went back to the train station where we said  
our farewells and I left!!!  What I want to say to Icabod is:   
Thanks for the disk box!!!                                      
Well this concludes my travels!!!  I hope to meet these speccy  
freaks again in the future and many others aswell!!              

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