Subliminal Extacy #01
01 января 1995

I'm An Asshole!

                         I'm An Asshole!                        
                         By Bogie Of E-3                        
I'm sure that a lot of you out there have heard of Denis Leary, 
but for you who haven't he's a funky bloke, who write funky     
songs.  One being called "ASSHOLE".  And this article is        
dedicated to that song.  What I'm going to do show examples of  
why I'm an asshole.  The first 3 are from the song.  If you     
donot have the song I shall gladly send it to you!!             
I drive really slow in the ultra fast lane, while people behind 
me are going insane!  I'm an asshole!                           
I use public toilets and piss on the seats, I go around in the  
summer time saying "How about this heat". I'm an asshole!       
Sometimes I park in the handicap spaces, while handicap people  
make handicap faces, I'm an asshole!                            
I jump up behind old blokes and shout "The Jerries are coming!" 
I'm an asshole!                                                 
I go to a Burger King drive-through and order about `20 of      
burgers and fries, and when they ask "Would that be all?" I     
relpy "Yes, could I have 12 chicken Mc nuggutts!!" and ofcourse 
they say "I'm sorry, we don't do those." So I say "Well forget  
about it all then", I'm an asshole!                             
Yes I'm an asshole, and proud of it!!!                           

Темы: Игры, Программное обеспечение, Пресса, Аппаратное обеспечение, Сеть, Демосцена, Люди, Программирование

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