31 мая 1996

Part 1 - Editorial.

<b>Part 1</b> - Editorial.


Yes  okay, I know whatever happened to the
"out  in one month" that I promised at the
end  of  last  issue?  Well. It has been a
couple of months of endless annoyances for
Firstly,  my  computer monitor breaks down
and  I  have to wait a fortnight to get it
repaired. Then Demon decides to cut me off
the  Internet  half  way through the month
and  finally,  to  add insult to injury, I
accidentally  delete the Emulate directory
on my hard drive!
Anyway,  enough  of  me trying to get your
pity  and  on with the magazine. Following
on from the Jet Set Willy games which have
been  featured  in the last few issues, ww
have a Manic Miner special this month with
a new editor and a brand new set of levels
for you to plough through!! Great stuff!

A  last minute exclusive has arrived! Just
before  Emulate was due to be released, an
exclusive    interview    with    Spectrum
programming  genius  Jon  Ritman  has been
sent to me by Blood!
Check   out   this  first  ever  exclusive
interview in Part 4!!


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