City #33
17 октября 1999

Editor - Hedavno received ochepednuyu parcel of VEL'a.

<b>Editor</b> - Hedavno received ochepednuyu parcel of VEL'a.
          Saransk. Republic of Mordovia

 Free computer magazine for ZX SPECTRUM

                # 33 of 18.10.99g

   ************* *************** PREAMBLE

(C) V. Kazakov

  Once again, welcome readers of our newspapers.

  Recently received another parcel from VEL'a and
therefore, I had a new materialets for
newspapers, which I immediately use this

  The most important thing that we managed to get it - that is, 
information on making the scanner based on conventional printer 
and software for this development. An article about this can 
read the appropriate section on the gland. 

  By the way, I gathered together to watch scheme Gluk'a. With 
the program's CMOS Commander 0.8 I for some reason they do not 
work. Apparently, the program was not written under the 
Scorpion. "Gluk Reset Service" and not for Scorpiona. However,

flash PZUshku probably would not hurt, at least for
In order to see what it is on another computer.

  I have for today. Read the newspaper ...

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Editor - Hedavno received ochepednuyu parcel of VEL'a.

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