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06 февраля 2017

Soviet Union Speccy software - for 1991 year

<b>Soviet Union Speccy software</b> - for 1991 year
                     Soviet Speccy software
                        by Alone Coder

HOMECOU (Домашний бухгалтер - Home accountant) (1986) - who is
 the author and from where?
Tetris by ANDI, 1986 (conversion by ANDI, copyright Pazhitnov),
 kempston joystick only

CATALOG (Программа ведения каталога - Software catalogue keeping
 program) (1987 Damascus(!) by ДОМРАЧЕВ В.В, ЛАВРУХИН А.А.)
 (SYSS9.TRD vBv)
Few people had information about coding. BASIC programming was
 used by people who needed programming at their job (electric
 circuits modelling, some astronomy, usually to orient a beam
 antenna for satellite TV, biorithms /SYSбO.TRD vBv/, solving
 systems of linear equations, solving 2nd grade differential
 equations, simplest programs for their children).
 One of the most important releases of this era was the first
 Russian version of TASWORD text editor (Tasword-RL). This was
 done in Moscow by a МИФИ assistand professor. (Simonovich -
 ZX-Forum #1)

"Pentis" (1988 Tony Raugas МФТИ ФРТК)
Телевизионные испытательные таблицы - Television test cards
 (Виктор Рабинович, Leningrad 1988) (TELETEST at SYSS9.TRD vBv)
Частоты - Frequencies (FRQ MB+) (1988 Yuri Rodionov - lived in
 Yugoslavia for a time before)
"Русская биржа" - Russian stock market (1988, SF Software,
 Russian version of 1983 game by RORY DUFF with Soviet terms and
Питон - Snake game (1988, Softmaker Box) in Basic
Russian version of Nether Earth "Сервис 1988"
In July '87, "The Last Word 2" text editor appeared in Russia.
 It was brought to an electrotechnical show by "Saga" firm, who
 produced extended keyboards for Spectrum. Interesting chat at a
 firm stand resulted in a present from Western colleagues - they
 presented us a pen. We gave them a matreshka in return. Then
 the West dug out from somewhere under the counter a TLW-2 tape
 with the full manual. This matreshka had big contribution in
 our work. One month later, the manual circulated around the
 country (roughly the same as today), and a half year later
 (1988) we made the first (not complere but working) Russian
 version of TLW-2. (Simonovich - ZX-Forum #1)

22 (1989 Kharkov, some "engineer-metrologist", contains remains
 of Polish)
BETA/MAGIC zap program (A-POKE) (1989 by Балясов Владислав А.,
 Moscow) - and probably other utilities in this package
"Приключение в метро" - Subway Adventure (1989, Wlodek Black -
 Moscow, computer science teacher)
Tetris in basic (1989 Полгов Д.А., with copyrights of Балясов
 and Pazhitnov), there is the same tetris signed by Trubinov
 (which one?) 1990 (also with copyrights of Балясов and
Вторжение на Землю - Earth Invasion (1989 ИКАР-ИВТ, Krasnodar),
 they also made undated game Плут "Каналья" - Rogue "Rascal"
 (seems a translation because it contains FULLER control), they
 were linked with the authors of "Impuls" computer (information
 from Acidrain)
ZYNAPS disk version by V.D.G. 1989
(c) Disk-Tape-@ Copy by V.D.G. (c) DENSOFT 1989 (SYSS9.TRD vBv)
another Russian version TLW "ТЕКСТОВЫЙ РЕДАКТОР * Адаптирован
 Д.Г.С. * МОСКВА * 1989" (SYS21.TRD vBv) - no people with these
 initials were found between Simonovich's colleagues
"INFORCOM" trades in ZX Spectrum software since 1989 (SYS22.TRD
ARTЧ8RUS - Russian version of Art Studio 48 made by request
 "Версия 1.7 Адаптировано в 1989 году по заказу" (SYS20.TRD vBv)
several Basic programs in Dyakonov's book "Применение
 персональных ЭВМ и программирование на языке Бейсик" (1989)

ZX-Commander V1.0 KIEV'90 (SYS20.TRD vBv)
AYservis "Grafic by OGNEW M.A TUCHINO lotok #55" - AY connection
 schematics (SYS21.TRD vBv) (between the programs of 1990)
REDS "Редактор-ДЕЛЬТА" - Russian version of Tasword (SYS21.TRD
 vBv) (between the programs of 1990)
In 1990-1992 existed Kordial company that made boots and
 "Programs bank" (disk collection catalogue). Did they really
 sell that?
BANK 25 - Valery present "New programs bank" (SYS21.TRD vBv)
 (between the programs of 1990)
 (SYS21.TRD vBv) (between the programs of 1990)
KAT D "KORDIAL corp 90' tel.274.83.31" (SYS21.TRD vBv) - newer
 version of the above
GARboot "ZX Spectrum commander 4.2" (c)GMR Ltd МОСКВА 1990
 Гарбузов Алексей 281-37-18 (SYS21.TRD vBv) - MOA Service and
 SHELL are mentioned inside
ZNбЧ-RL by PENCRAFT SOFTWARE (Leningrad 1990) (SYS5Ч.TRD vBv) -
 64 pitch display driver
LBF - TO LOOK BASIC FILES (c) Leningrad 1990 (SKI) (SYSS8.TRD
DISK ERASER as RT11SJ (c) CREATED BY K.Studencov 1990 (c)
 Leningrad 311-43-41 (SKI) (SYSS8.TRD vBv)
MDDM2 - MIKLE's Double Disk Monitor (SYSS8.TRD vBv)
LAST HOPE tape-to-tape copier (program and artwork
 Д.Ю.Степаненко,20.7'90 тел.393-14-31) (SYSS9.TRD vBv) - with
 nice b&w picture
DJCRACK - Cracker 3.0/42 (6.5.90), 3.0/42H и 3.1 (C) 1990
 Д.Ю.Степаненко 393-14-31 (SYS5Ч.TRD vBv)
CP/M for "Byte" computer (1990 ЦЕРИКОПИК SOFT, Brest?) - Radio
 7-92 p.26 includes Byte (Brest) with FDC but without CP/M!
compressor by Балясов (1990)
tape to disk copier by MOA (1990) (not found)
MOA Service - manual IX.90 (St.Petersburg), V01.05 also 1990
 (SYSS9.TRD vBv)
DJCRACK (1990, Степаненко Д.Ю. 3931431)
DISK DOCTOR for BETA 128 (1990, Голубев Михаил) (DD at
READER by IskraSOFT (1990)
Spark v2.0 text editor (1990) - Ko."Iskra" Design Abramov I.A.
TSW>Sp (Text Transformation From Tasword to Spark v2.0) by
 IskraSOFT 1990
S*H*E*L*L (1990 IskraSOFT)
KARTEX catalogue (1990) Ревенко Александр (Компания РЮЗ) (274500
 г.Речица ул.Спортивная 3 кв.15)
Beta-Disc's Test Program (B.D.TEST) (1990, Старокольцев Евгений,
Change Disk Name Program (c) 1990 Dmitry Sologub (Sputnik
 Research Ltd)
PCopier by Nicolas Rodionov - 10-16.04.1990
DISK DOCTOR (c) CREATED BY N.Rodionov 1990 (SYSS8.TRD vBv)
disk versions by Nicolas Rodionov (St.Petersburg) and by Sergey
Skorobogatov (Moscow) - 1990
"Удав-цифроед" - Snake game (А.Корниенок Leningrad 1127566 - no
 later than 1990)
Королевство Эйфория - Euphoria Kingdom (1990 Service Software &
 Silva Software - Голицыно-2, 143040, Кооператив "СЕРВИС" тел.
STEK v1.1 game (1990 MPF Software - Leningrad)
LIGHT PEN by Roy Eastwood dkTronics 1983/disk version by Petrov
 Sergey. Krasnoyarsk 1990. [LP 48 V4.1] Sergey Petrov was one of
 the first ZX traders in Krasnoyarsk, he worked at Красмаш plant
 that released compact 48K Spectrums in milled metallic cases.
 Later traded in game console market.
TASWORD RL by Tacman Software 1987/disk version v2.1.0, adapted
 by Petrov Sergey, Krasnoyarsk. 28.12.1990
НТТМ "Эврика" (Saransk) made several tutorial programs for
 Speccy in 1990:
LIST BASIC UTILITY (*RATCOPY* Program System'90) (C15.TDO)
TDCOPY production by AVF & CH (c) 1990-1991 - Moscow (SYSS9.TRD
 vBv) - tape to disk copier
DCU v1.x? DCU v2.01 (Nicolas Y. Rodionov, 01.1991 - Leningrad)
 (SYS5Ч.TRD vBv), DCU v2.02, DCU v2.12, DCU v2.31 (1992, Николай

1991 - a lot of disk versions (Vasilyev Anton, Laptev and many
 unknown people)
Andy Tacker - "Byte" tapes:
Catalog (october 1991, Петров Анатолий И. 382-20-01 доб.21-09
 (21-2Зчас.)) (C2.TDO) - disk catalogue
TLF-48 - записная книжка и телефонный компас - notebook and
 telephone directory (1991, D.M.Shtabsky - LIANSOFT & ALEXCO)
Cerikiller (1991, Lvov) - removes Cerikopik protection
MASTER FILE 14. Petrov S.D. (Krasnoyarsk) disk version (тел.
 33-04-48, 01.1991)
PLATA v4.01. Petrov S.D. (Krasnoyarsk) disk version of PCB
 tracing CAD in Russian
T32K.v2. Memory test. Disk version by Petrov Sergay. tel.
 33-04-48 Krasnoyarsk 1991.
SPORTLOTO. 48K. Corrected by vBv - who is the author?
COOKIE. 48K. Incomplete Russian translation by vBv
HARRIER. 48K. Russian instructions by vBv (in tape version).
Tetris (may 1991 Tera Software)
CONVER--Comander V 2.06  128K (c) Y.Kovalevsky S.Peterburg 1991
BETA-disk monitor (Y.Kovalevsky Leningrad 1991)
TROto159 (04.91 Павлов С. (S.A.P.), Krasnodar)
MIRROR - keeping Oth track at track 159 (1991, Гарбузов
 Алексеи(sic!), Moscow) ( CPU2SS_DGAME.TRD) (SYS20.TRD у vBv)
Дурак card game (В.Медноногов, St.Petersburg)
Видеоспорт arcade games collection (В. & А. Медноноговы 1991,
ZX ARC (CoCo) (Compressor v 1.01) (1991, Mike Studio S.Peterburg
ASC packer (1991 Lvov, by Andrey Sendetsky a.k.a Andrew Strikes
 Code a.k.a ASC)
COPY*IBM - BG&SI-SOFT (c) 1991 (SYS20.TRD vBv)
ZX-Word (1991 SI-SOFT & BG-SOFT (Broken Glass Software) Kharkov)
 - the package was later reworked by Vladimir Yeliseev and
 Pencraft without mention of the true authors
October 1991 - first music demos by Vasilyev Anton, then Koprov
 & Makarevich
Basic ROM "1991" - Сергей Дегтяpёв (Lugansk)?
TR-DOS 5.04T (Sergey Skorobogatov 1991), Moscow:
 "In 1989 I got my first computer - a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K.
 A year later I started building computer external hardware
 modules like EPROM programmers and ROM emulators, and writing
 different programs in assembler for the Zilog Z80 processor
 used in it. All those projects were a hobby, but that was
 probably the first time I started reverse engineering code.
 There were two reasons for that. One was to learn the assembler
 language better through understanding disassembled code;
 another was to modify the programs, for example, to add extra
DISCBLOC - TR DOS 5.04T (c) MAKSSOFT 1991 Servise 1.01 -DISK
 BLOC- "plomba ok" (SYS20.TRD vBv)
DATALOG data base English version & Beta-adaptation (1991,
 Leonid Klyuev, V.Yeliseev (Pencraft))
TETRIS 2C (1991 Поминов Евгений, Krasnoyarsk)
LAYOUT translated by Макс Герман (C22.TDO) "Пролетарии всех
 стран, извините!" - the same as LAYOUT91 in ТОО "ФОРМАК"
BMD-DATA (1991-1993 Владимир Булчукей, Москва) - база данных
 48/128 (C24.TDO)
RESISTOR - resistor colour codes (SYS20.TRD у vBv) (between 1990
 and 1991 programs)
software for "Hobbit" computer (1991-1994) "Copyright (c) Koslov
 O., InterCompex 1991", "Repaired by P.Trubinov, 06/10/91",
 "HOBBIT 2  (C) INTERCOMPEX CP/M VERS.2.3.28 - 26/05/92 - 48 KB
 with CCP-loader", "InterCompex (C) 1992", "FFS   (Forth File
 System) V1.6, release 5.10.92", "FFS V4.3   (c) MD 1993",
 "-=* Hobbit Commander v.1.2   (c) by AGA, July 1994  *=-",
 "Gentleman's Toolkit v2.3 (c) by AGA, 1994", "-= GENTLEMAN's
 TOOLKIT =- ВЕРСИЯ 2.4p (c) ГРАНОВ АЛЕКСАНДР ТЕЛ.(812)-235-08-95
 1994 Г", "В  ВЕРСИИ 2.3, ПО СРАВНЕНИЮ С ПРЕДЫДУЩИМИ  { (c) by
 КОНЦА", "-=  DISK  MANAGER  v3.2  =- (c) by Alexander Agranov,
 August 1994 (c) by Oleg Kozlov, December 1993", "-=  Forth->ME
 Texts Translator v1.0  =- (c) by Alexander Agranov, August
 1994", "iS-DOS v2.0 (Hobbit) (c) by IskraSOFT, 1992/1993
 Adapted to Hobbit by Peter True & AGA", "*** ZX WORD v2.5H ***
 (С) by V.Yeliseev, 1993 Adapted to Hobbit by Sasha Agranov"

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