29 февраля 1996

Part 14 - Adventures.

<b>Part 14</b> - Adventures.


This  month  we have an adventure solution
bonanza,  with  walkthrough guides to many
popular games, including The Boggit, Demon
From  the  Darkside  and  The  Sorceror of
Claymourgue  Castle....Don't  look  unless
you're really stuck!!




Adventure No.13

Go  Moat,  Take  Breath,  Swim  Down,  Get
Towel, Swim Down, Swim East, U, Get Crate,
Open  Cabinet,  S, Get Permeability Spell,
S,  Push  East,  Cast  Seed Spell, W, Push
South,   Get  Star,  D,  Cast  Lycanthrope
Spell,  Go  hole,  Get Star, Go Hole, Walk
Up,  N,  Drop  Star, Drop Star, Pull West,
Get  Methuselah  Spell, Get Unravel Spell,
E,  N,  E,  Cast  Unravel  Spell,  W,  Get
Bricks,  W,  Pull  Lever,  Drop  Wood,  Go
Drawbridge,  Drop  Bricks,  E,  E,  E,  Go
Chandelier,  Cast  Wicked  Queen Spell, Go
Ballroom,  W,  N,  Go  Drain, Take Breath,
Swim  Down,  Swim  Down,  Swim  Down, Swim
Down,   Look   Bottom,   Cast   Bliss,  Go
Drawbridge,  E,  E, E, Go Chandelier, Cast
Light  Squared  Spell,  Get Star, Go Loft,
Get Potion, Throw Crate, Jump, W, S, Wring
Towel,  Push East, Go Door, D, Go Lava, S,
Get  Star,  Get Dizzy Dean Spell, N, N, U,
U, W, Drop all stars, Push East, Get Dust,
W,  Drink  Potion,  Push Down, Throw Dust,
Look   Dragon,  Go  Hole,  Get  Star,  Get
Firefly  Spell,  W,  Get Star, U, Drop all
Stars, N, E, Go Crate, Go Hole, Get Metal,
Go  Hole,  Get  Down, W, W, Go Drawbridge,
Look  Battlement,  Get  Brick,  Cast Dizzy
Dean  Spell, Throw Brick, At Can (So it is
dislodged),  E, E, Get Can, Open Can, With
Metal,  Look  Can,  Drop Methusaleh Spell,
Drop  Firefly Spell, Drop Metal, Drop Can,
Drop  Towel,  S, Get All but two Stars, N,
W,   Go   Drawbridge,   W,  Dig,  W,  Cast
Permeability  Spell,  Cast  Firefly Spell,
Drop   All  Stars,  Cast  Yoho  Spell,  Go
Drawbridge,  E,  E,  Get Fire Spell, W, Go
Drawbridge,  W,  N,  Cast  Fire  Spell, At
Tree,  Look Ashes, E, Go Drawbridge, E, E,
S, Get Stars, N, Get Towel, Get Methuselah
Spell,  E,  Go  Chandelier, Get Mirror, Go
Ballroom,  W,  Go Fountain, Get Star, Cast
Methuselah   Spell,   Go  Centrepiece,  Go
Shaft,  Get  Star,  Cast  Yoho Spell, Drop
Star, Score...!


Adventure No.14

Move  Table,  W,  E,  E, Enter House, Take
Toolbox,  Examine  Toolbox, S, W, W, Enter
Station,  Drop  Box,  Enter Booth, Examine
Trash,  Take  Battery, Examine Battery, N,
E,  N, N, W, Enter Car, Examine Dashboard,
Examine  Compartment,  Read  Formula,  Get
Out,  Drop  Formula,  N,  Take Sand, Enter
Shack,  Take  Radio,  Examine Radio, E, N,
Fill Battery, E, S, W, Drop Battery, E, S,
S,  W,  Enter  Shed,  Drop  Radio, Connect
Antenna,  N, E, Enter Yoyodyne, Drop Sand,
Drop  Jar,  W,  N, Enter Store, Take Pick,
Take  Pump,  Examine Pump, Take Cables, E,
S,   S,   Unlight   Flashlight,  W,  Enter
Station,  Pump  Gas, Take Pump, Disconnect
Hose, Drop Pump, E, N, N, W, Take Formula,
Replace  Hose, E, S, S, Enter Yoyodyne, Go
Stairs,  Drop  Jug, Light Flashlight, Make
Fuel, Unlight Flashlight, Drop Formula, Go
Stairs,  W,  N,  N,  W, Connect Cables, To
Terminals,  Refuel  Car,  Drop  Jug,  Take
Hose, N, N, Wash Hose, S, S, Replace Hose,
Enter   Car,   Examine   Dashboard,  Press
Button,  Get Out, Take battery, Enter Car,
Close Cockpit, Press Button, Press Button,
Open  Cockpit,  Get Out, Light Flashlight,
Examine  Canister,  Press  Switch, Examine
Canister,  Take Envelope, N, Open door, W,
S,  Enter  Yoyodyne,  Open  Envelope, Drop
Envelope,  Open  safe,  Read  Paper,  Drop
Paper,  W, W, Enter Shed, Connect Battery,
Transmit          Warfin,         Transmit
Yoyodyne.....Thats it!


Mysterious Adventure No.7

From  the  start  go south to your car and
open  boot  with the car keys and take the
two  objects  inside.  Go  to  circus  and
examine  generator  to  discover  what  is
missing.  Look  around  until you find the
shovel  and  dig with it in location where
you  find  it.  Light  the  flashlight and
enter  the tent. Take the whip from inside
the  closet  and open the chest by kicking
it. Go to the large tank and swim, examine
the  pile of rope to discover its purpose,
and  examine  the  freezer to find a fish.
Examine  the  cannon,  take the helmet and
read  the sign. Feed the sea-lion with the
fish to get a snorkel. You can examine the
clown  when you meet him, provided you are
wearing  the  clown  costume,  and he will
provide you with a note to explain what is
happening. He will also follow you as long
as  you  are  wearing the costume, and you
will  need  his  help  later.  Wearing the
slippers  enable  you to GO TIGHTROPE once
you've  climbed  one  of  the ladders, and
this  provides  a metal bar. With this you
can  open the waggon and the locker inside
the  waggon,  thus giving you a hacksaw to
cut  the  tightrope with, as the tightrope
makes  a  good  cable  for  repairing  the
generator. First, though, you should ERECT
NET (the clown needs to be present to help
you  and  tell  you exactly where to erect
the net), and once this is done you can go
up  and  cut  the  tightrope  them jump to
safety.  Now  fix  the  generator with the
cable,  then  start the generator with the
starting  handle, enabling you to get some
petrol  by  siphoning it with the snorkel.
Put  this  in  your  car but don't try and
drive  away  yet  -  well you can try, but
save  the  game  first.  Go  back into the
tent,  climb  to  the trapeze, swing on it
and  cut  the  canvas  with the penknife -
this  will prove useful when you make your
exit  later  using  the  cannon.  Go  down
again,  crack  the  whip  at the tiger, go
through  the  trapdoor, examine the panel,
press  the button, read the blueprint then
short the terminals with the spanner. This
only   gives   you  another  24  moves  to
complete  the  game,  so  make no mistakes
from  here  on  in! Go back to the cannon,
wear  the  helmet,  go cannon and pull the
lever.  Head  straight back to the car, GO
CAR and DRIVE CAR. Done It!.



Open  Chest, Climb Chest, Take Diary, Read
Diary, Climb Out, Take Chocs, Throw Chocs,
29286,  E,  Nothing,  N, Talk To Grandalf,
Say  Follow Me, Talk to Thorny, Say Follow
Me,  E,  E,  N,  Say  Lux, Take Key, Climb
Cauldron, Take Sword, Climb Out, N, Unlock
door, Open Door, N, Take Line, S, S, E, E,
N, Talk to Smelrond, Get the Luncheon (Eat
when  your stomach rumbles), S, E, N, Take
Cigarette,  S,  Take Credit Card, N, N, E,
Enter   Cupboard,   Get   Sandwich,  Leave
Cupboard,  S, Take Security Card, W, W, N,
S, E, E, N, Wait until Captured

Dig  Sand,  Smash  Trapdoor,  Take  Torch,
Examine  Torch, Insert Battery into Sword,
Throw  Rope  at  Window  (Until  it  stays
hooked)  Pull  Rope,  Take Rope, SE, S, W,
SW, Say African or European, N, W, W, Take
Ring,  W, N, S, E, Take Egg, NE, SE, E, U,
Wait in tree until Eagle comes.

E, Climb Into Boat, Give Credit Card, Take
Duty  Free,  Tie  Rope  to  Thingumy, Wait
Until  Boat  crosses  river, Climb Out, E,
Pull  Web,  NE, Pull Web, N, W, S, E, Kill
Beholder,  S,  S, S, S, Insert Card, Untie
Drain,  Take Small Key, Insert Card, N, N,
N,  N,  Wait,  W until door opens, N, Take
Pink  Key,  S,  Wear  Ring,  S, Wait until
Barrel  opened,  Climb Barrel, Drink Wine,
Wait x 4, Climb Out, E, E, Drop Small Key,
Drop  Duty  Free,  Take  Bow,  Take Arrow,
Remove  Ring,  W, N, U, N, W, Read Notice,
Drop  Cash,  E,  N,  N,  Shoot  Tail, Take
Treasure, Take Barkenstone, Take Arrow, S,
S,  S,  D,  S,  S, W, Give Barkenstone, E,
Wait   W  Until  door  opens,  Wear  Ring,
Examine Magic Door, W, W

PART 1 (Again!)
W,  W, S, S, S, W, W, W, W, S, W, W, Climb
Chest, Drop Treasure....Done It!!

NOTE:  Typing DELTA 4 in Part 2 allows you
to  visit  the  Delta  4 offices. Not much
there  but four rooms, a knife, some vodka
(!)  and  three  members  of  the  Delta 4
staff. Return to the actual game by typing



W,  get  wise, examine body, get hood, get
bottle, examine bottle, break bottle, wear
hood, get cork, E, E, examine statue, read
symbols,   say   Mecla,   get  torch,  get
teleport spell. examine teleport spell, W,
se,  U,  U,  climb  tree,  examine branch,
examine   hole,   enter,  se,  get  flint,
examine  flint,  use  flint,  light torch,
drop  flint,  S, W, S, examine boat, enter
boat,  repair  boat,  enter  boat,  VOCAB,
cross  lake,  W,  climb out, W, nw, unlock
door,  break  door,  E,  E,  examine west,
climb out, W, nw, unlock door, break door,
E,  E,  examine  cross,  pull  cross, open
door,   enter,   get  sapphire,  get  key,
examine  sapphire, Out, W, W, unlock door,
drop  key, enter, open door, enter, north,
get  knife,  examine knife, S, U, U, U, E,
get   rope,   examine  bells,  pull  rope,
examine  Drakon,  W,  D,  D,  D, S, se, E,
enter  boat,  cross lake, climb out, N, E,
N, nw, U, D, D, D, Nw, ne, climb tree, get
life  spell,  examine life spell, D, E, E,
S,   get  stone,  examine  stone,  N,  se,
examine  rocks, enter, get sid, out, S, E,
se,  examine  giant,  cast life, call sid,
se,   examine  ground,  drop  stone,  drop
torch,  drop  knife,  nw,  ne,  N, examine
window,  examine  Stodge, get sword, S, E,
N,  examine ledge, throw rope, climb rope,
E,  get  toad, examine toad, S, E, examine
bridge, cross bridge, D, D, ne, W, examine
stream,  get axe, E, E, E, E, kill demons,
E,  E,  kill  troll,  E,  se, E, se, enter
tomb,  get  water,  examine  water,  drink
water,  drop  jar,  out,  nw,  ne,  S, get
crystal,  examine  crystal,  drop crystal,
examine  figure,  se,  enter  shack,  kill
demons,  enter  shack,  W,  examine panel,
push  panel,  get  stick,  examine  stick,
STORE,  throw  stick, RECALL, enter, S, D,
N,   break   broom,  throw  toad,  examine
ground,  cast  teleport  spell, get stone,
get  torch, get knife, drop sword, examine
ground,  dig,  examine hole, enter tunnel,
se,  S,  W,  drop axe, examine door, break
door,  open  door,  Sid, drop stick, N, W,
Ne,  examine  ogre,  examine  wall,  throw
stone, examine wall, enter tunnel, examine
knife,   stab  Ogre,  enter  tunnel,  drop
sapphire,   enter,   get  scroll,  examine
figure,  read  scroll,  out, get sapphire,
sw,  E, S, get stick, get axe, break door,
break  door,  W,  examine  man, E, examine
force   field,   examine  arm,  get  mask,
examine hand, break hand, STORE, get mask,
RECALL,  examine  mask, read scroll, throw
stick,  get  mask,  E, call sid, ZARON, E,
get  teleport,  cast teleport, enter boat,
cross  lake, climb out W, nw, enter, U, U,
U, E, pull rope.....Done It!!


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