29 февраля 1996

Part 2 - Playing tips.

<b>Part 2</b> - Playing tips.


Some  more  solutions  and  tips  for your
favourite Speccy games. This issue we have
solutions  for the final Wally game, Three
Weeks  In Paradise, plus a guide on how to
play  The Time Machine (included with last
months  pack).  Plus  Part  1 of an A-Z of
Game Cheats.



Here  is  the  solution to the final Wally
game  in  the  series  which sees the Week
family stuck in the jungle!

First  of  all  get the Mint from the sign
outside  the Trading Post then get Wilma's
Handbag  from  the  beach,  to  get to the
beach  go  through the picture in the room
that  contains  the  table. As long as you
have  the  Handbag  in your possession the
crocodile  will  not  harm  you. Go to the
screen  with  the Ice Cube in it and press
the  Action  key. Now pick up the Hole and
go  right  until  you  are  just  past the
crocodile,  now drop the Handbag. Take the
Goldfish  Bowl and the Hole to the Wishing
well  screen, stand at the far left of the
screen  and  press the Action key. Go left
into  the new screen and take the Skeleton
key,  the  spider will not move as long as
you  have the Bowl. Go through the picture
again  and  into  the  sea,  pass over the
locker  and  the  door will open. Take the
Spinach and drop it in a convenient place.
Go back to the room with the picture in it
and  get  the stuffing from underneath the
table, go to the room with the big bird in
it.  Take  the  Egg  but  don't  drop  the
stuffing while you are in the same room as
the big bird. With the Egg and the Spinach
proceed to the room that contains the sign
'Old  Faithful', now pull the rope and run
to  the  water.  Jump  up the geyser. Jump
into the nest and swap the Spinach for the
Bow and Arrows. Now drop down and drop the
Egg.  Go to the screen that contains Wilma
and  shoot  the  native  with  the Bow and
Arrows.  Proceed  to  the  screen with the
well in it and jump down. Go to the centre
of the well and press the Action key. Take
the  bottle and climb out of the screen by
going  to  the  right  of  the  screen and
keeping the Action key depressed. With the
Bottle  and  the  Corkscrew  return to the
crocodile  screen.  Get the Bottle and the
Corkscrew past the crocodile one at a time
by  using  the  Handbag. Standing over the
Coconut with both of the objects press the
Action key. Take the Bottle of Oil and the
Blunt  axe  to the screen with the hut and
the  car. Pass over the front wheel of the
key  and  press  the  Action key. With the
Sharp  axe return to the screen with Wilma
and  cut  her  down by pressing the Action

First of all get the Deaux Sticks from the
crocodile room using the Action key, light
the  fire  in  the  anvil  room.  Take the
bellows  from  the  top  of the well, then
pass  over  the  fire and press the Action
key.  Get  the  Hot Ashes and take them to
the  room  with  the Totem pole in it. Now
pass  over  the  white  man  and press the
Action  key.  Should  you have the bellows
the cloud will move away from you, so make
sure  you are standing to the right of it.
When the cloud reaches the hut collect the
Shell.  Now  take  the Shell down the well
and  press  the  Action  just  as the drip
touches.  Once that has been done take the
Billy  Can  to  the Geyser, pull the rope,
and  run  to the water to fill the can. Go
and find the Flipflops and take them along
with the full Billy Can to the beach. Just
as you pass the crab press the Action key.
Now  collect  the  Claw and take it to the
right  hand side of the room that contains
Herbert.  Whilst  keeping  the  Action key
depressed  walk  into  the  lion. Take the
Thorn,  with  this and full Sea Shell walk
to  the  middle  of the cauldron and press
the Action key.

Just go back to the beach via the picture,
in  the  room with the table, and you will
have finished the game with 100%.



Some  of  you  wrote  to  say  you've been
having  problems with this game, both with
trying  to  solve at AND finding the right

Well, here are the solutions to both these

Q = Up      A = Down
O = Left    P = Right
M = Lay 1st Travel Pod / Transport to
    1st Travel Pod
? = Lay 2nd Travel Pod / Transport to
    2nd Travel Pod
SPACE = Fire Ray Gun
SPACE and direction = Jump in that
SPACE and UP/DOWN (When an object is in
           your view screen) = Take Object
1-5 = Transport to level 1-5 (Only when
         current level has been completed)

If  an  object is in your view screen when
you transport, it also transports. To pick
up a transporter just stand next to it and
press either M or ? You can only transport
to  a new level if it has been revealed on
the grid at the top of the screen.
A  RED  square  on  the  grid  indicates a
problem  has to be solved. A YELLOW square
on  the grid means that a problem has been
half-solved.  A  GREEN  square on the grid
means  that  square  is  safe and needs no
work  done.  When all squares on a row are
GREEN, the next level is revealed. You can
transport  between  any  levels  which are
revealed.  IE, if you are in level 3.2 and
press "1" then you go to level 1.2.

The  numbers  in the solution refer to the
appropriate  screens  at the small grid at
the top of the screen. So level 1.4 refers
to  the fourth screen from the left at the
bottom row of the grid.

Go to 1.2 and place a travel pod there. Go
to  1.5,  crossing  the  river  using  the
pterodactyl.  Place  another  pod  by  the
cave.  Return  to  1.2  and hit the animal
with  your ray gun. Stand so the animal is
in your view screen and transport yourself
and  the  animal to the pod in 1.5. Repeat
this  process  until  you have quite a few
animals  in  the cave. Go to 1.3 and block
the   geysers   with  the  boulders  lying
around. Note. You can also avoid the river
simply  by  going  left from screen 1.1 to
screen  1.5.  This  is probably easier and

Go  to 2.5 and place a pod by the cave. Go
to  2.2  and  get  the wood. Transport the
wood  to  2.5.  Go to 2.1 and stand on the
solid  patch  in the middle of the screen.
Return  to  1.1.  Transport  the  flame to
level   2.5,  where  the  wood  should  be
ignited.  Return  to  the geysers in level
2.3  and  remove the boulders. If the yeti
tries  to  stop  you, just transport apple
from  1.4  to feed him. Before leaving for
level  3, place a pod by the river bank in
level  2.4  and  transport the apples from
1.4. Repeat for both river banks.

Go  to  Level  3.4  where  the apple seeds
should  have  grown  to  trees. Break some
branches  from  the trees to form a bridge
over  the  river.  To  do  this,  use  the
pterodactyl  in  level 1 to fly across the
river and as you do so, change zone so you
land  on  branches. Go to 3.2 and move the
wheel  over  the river to 3.5. Replace the
square wheel for the round wheel.

Get  a barrel from level 4.5. To avoid the
cannon, try transporting to 4.5 from level
3.5.  Take the barrel to 4.4 and drop it a
close to the right hand side of the bridge
as  you  can.  Place a pod near the barrel
and  wait for Goliath to get near the pod.
Transport the flame from 1.1 to ignite the
barrel  and  destroy Goliath. Take another
barrel  from 4.5 and drop it by the moving
rock in 4.1. Ignite this barrel as you did
earlier to reveal the oil.

Kill  some  terrorists in 5.5 and wait for
the  bomb.  Transport  this bomb to 1.1 by
the  rock  containing  the crystal. Ignite
the  bomb  to  blow  up the rock. You will
have  to  search for the crystal in 2.1 as
the  swamp in 1.1 is too deep. Place a pod
near  the  time  machine and transport the
crystal  there.  Use  the  pterodactyl  in
level  1  and  switch zones so you land on
top  of  the  building in 5.1. Fire at the
switch  to turn it on, ensuring the cystal
is  in  place.  Now simply get in the time
machine and use it to win the game!!



I  recently  found  a solution I wrote for
this  game when I first completed it about
eight  years ago and I thought I'd include
it  with the mag. Warning! This will spoil
the game if you read it!!

You  must  escort  4  Leopard  fighters to
Ganta.  However they will not be much help
as their guns are in need of repair.

The  purser  is  pleased  with your prompt
service  and he berths the leopards in the
repair docks.

An  attack  is planned and CATS need:- 250
Magnetic   influence   mines,   80  Homing
missiles and 50 Dilithium crystals.

The  arms you require are loaded onto your
fighter  before  your  leave. You are told
that the CATS are ready to leave.

CATS  are  grateful  for the arms and will
leave  immediately  to intercept the enemy

A  saboteur  has been caught attempting to
destroy  the CHAOS laboratory. Take him to
the prison ship.

The  saboteur  is  marched away and locked
up.  You leave quickly - you don't want to
catch anything!

A strange man runs into you whilst you are
on  your way to the engine room. You think
nothing more of it.

There  is  a message waiting for you here.
It says you must return to Daton now!

Investigators  have  heard  that you saw a
stranger  last  time  you  were here. With
your  help  they  find the spy. They thank

A  group of new graduate scientists need a
lift  to  Sanast  where they will join the
CHAOS project.

The  scientists say the ride was great fun
and  ask to tour the fleet. You throw them

A  doctor  here  asks  you  to transport 7
plague  victims to a hospital with a decom

The patients are now being rushed to Decom
department.  The  doctor  guarantees  free
treatment should you ever need it.

You feel faint and realise you have caught
one of the many diseases here. You'll need
to act fast

FLERIN (Note: Do not go here!)
The  doctor  you  spoke  to  last time you
visited  has  been  moved to Ganta. Nobody
else will help you. You collapse and die!

At  last, you've found the doctor. You are
suffering terribly, but the doctor injects
you. After a long sleep you feel fine.

The  designs  for  CHAOS have finally been
completed  and  you are asked to take them
to  the  ship  which  is  to  produce  the

The  designs  are  rushed  away  and after
about  five  hours  the  missile is loaded
onto  the panther. This is it, at last you
can use CHAOS.

The  CHAOS  missile  was launched directly
into    the    pursuing   flagships   with
devastating  results!  The remaining small
fighters  are  destroyed easily. The fleet
and  the last of the Human race is free to
find  a  new home! You're awarded the star
of honour!


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