31 октября 1995

Part 13 - Adventures.

<b>Part 13</b> - Adventures.


We'll  start  off  this  month  with a few
solutions for the games featured with last
months  issue.  If  you don't wish to know
how  to  complete  Loads  of  Midnight  or
Retarded  Creatures and Caverns, then look
away now!!



N,  S,  E, E, E, E, SE, take coat, examine
pockets,  examine  bottle, NW, W, W, W, W,
N, NW, NE, N, NE, N, N, W, In, give bottle
to  man,  take clock, out, E, S, S, SW, S,
E, E, E, E, E, NE, NE, N, E, examine lake,
Wait until Rorthron takes the staff, look,
take  photo,  NE, NE, E, In, Give photo to
Rumour,  take  key,  out, W, SW, SW, W, S,
SW,  W,  W, W, W, W, In, unlock door, take
card,  examine  machine,  press button, D,
out,  E,  E,  E,  E, NE, NE, E, E, examine
door,  insert card, take pills, out, W, W,
N,  W, NW, N, Eat pills, In, Press button.
End of Part 1.
Part 2 Password - "LAST TIME"

S, SW, In, Take letter, examine letter, U,
take  heater,  D, out, S, S, S, SE, SE, E,
N,  NW,  E, Take coins, W, N, N, NE, throw
coins  at  trolls,  take batteries, insert
batteries  in heater, SW, S, E, S, examine
heater,   press   blue  button,  In,  take
spring,  wear  spring, out, N, W, W, W, W,
SE,  S,  insert  card,  examine  bed, wear
crown,  out, N, NW, E, E, E, E, E, N, take
rope,  S,  E,  S, jump window, out, N, SE,
NE,  N,  throw  rope,  wait  until  dragon
comes. Part 3 password - "DEEP GULLY"


                    CAVERNS - The Solution

Examine  Castle,  Examine  Towers, Examine
Stonework,   Get   Stone,   Examine  Door,
Examine  Lintel, Wipe Lichen (repeat until
the  ants  give  up),  Scrape  Boots, Read
Inscription,  Read Name, Wedge Stone Under
Tail,  Climb  In  Pouch,  Feel  East,  Get
Chest,  Climb Out Pouch, Examine Wall, Get
torch,  N,  Bulbo,  N,  Wait until the Elf
take  to  coin, Answer Magician or Fighter
to  question,  Examine Wall, worn, unravel
vest,  tie string, to handle, Pull string,
take  torch, E, S, Get Torch, examine map,
read  instructions,  N,  E, Search Rubbish
three  times,  Get  Burger,  take sword or
wand, W, give burger, S, take stone, smash
chest,   take   key,   Answer  "Nardo"  to
question,  W,  unlock  chain, examine box,
extend  aerial,  press  button,  E,  press
button,   kick  door,  hold  string,  pull
string,  drop  string, N, take coin, S, If
the Elf takes your coin then just go North
and  get  it  again,  otherwise, S, You've
Done it!




Open the drawer, chest, cupboard and door,
take  one  of the canvas backpacks and put
the  matchbox, bottle and food into it. Go
east,  then south to the main highway, the
west  until you reach the turn-off for the
town  hall. Go north and then east to meet
the  Mayor.  Now  go west, south, west and
west  to  enter  the  Mathom House (if the
guard refuses you entrance, just WEAR RING
and  go  west).  In here take the book and
the  candle.  Then  go  west until you are
back  at the highway outside your cottage,
then   go  east,  north-east,  north-east,
south-east,  south  and  east (through the
yellow door) to find Merry. EAT MEAL until
it's  finished  and  go west and north. If
there are no riders about go east and then
south-east  into the forest with the trees
that  move. If the riders are present then
go  north, south, east and south-east into
the  forest (moves east and west are fatal
when  the riders are about, but others are
usually safe until they've gone).
In  the  forest  you  need to remember two
locations,  the  wide glade and the grassy
glade. To pass from the wide to the grassy
you need to go east, so just type WAIT and
then EAST until the trees let you pass. In
the  grassy  glade  it's  the same, except
that you want to go south-east to find the
hilltop.  At  the  hilltop go south to the
riverbank  then  north-east to the willow.
At  this point your companions should fall
asleep,  so  go north-east to Tom Bombadil
and  SAY  TO TOM "HELP". Now return to the
willow  and WAIT. As soon as they are free
go  north-east to Tom's and EAT MEAL until
it's  finished.  Thank  Tom  then  go east
until  you meet the Barrow Wight. Now tell
your companions to take a sword each, then
WEAR  RING  and go east. At the gate, TAKE
OFF  RING  and  KNOCK.  When asked, SAY TO
has gone go south-west and then south into
the store. Here take all the food supplies
BLACK RIDER". Do the same with Pippin, and
when  Sam returns tell him to do it again.
WAIT  until  they  both return and then go
north   and   west  and  SAY  TO  STRANGER
"HELLO".  Now  WAIT  for Strider to leave,
then  FOLLOW STRIDER and continue to do so
until  you find the flat stone. READ STONE
and  WAIT,  then Strider will go off again
so  FOLLOW  STRIDER  once  more  until you
reach  the  Fortress Of Fornost. Here WAIT
until  the  Starling  talks to Strider and
then  FOLLOW STRIDER back to the gate. Now
WAIT  twice  and  them go east, WAIT twice
more  and go east again. Around this point
the Black Riders should enter, so go north
and then east to the bare hilltop and WAIT
five   times.  Now  go  south  and  FOLLOW
STRIDER.  At the bridge Strider will stop,
so SAY TO STRIDER "GO EAST" (you will have
to do this at least twice). When he agrees
to follow you, go east until you can go no
further and Part One is complete.


Go  north-east  and  north  and you should
encounter  a  small  brown  pony,  then go
south-west to meet Glorfindel. Talk to him
and he will tell you that he has been sent
to guide you. Go south and then east, then
EAST"  as soon as you see the Black Riders
approaching.  Continue east until you have
crossed  the  ford,  then GET OFF STALLION
and  WAIT until your companions appear. Go
east to Elrond's courtyard, then north and
east  until you meet Bilbo. EAT MEAL until
it's  finished,  then  FOLLOW BILBO to his
bedroom.  WAIT  for him to speak, then SAY
TO  BILBO  "NO"  and repeat until he gives
you  the sword. Then WAIT and he will also
give  you  the  Mithril  Shirt. WEAR SHIRT
then  go  west,  east, south, west to meet
the council of Elrond. When the meeting is
over  and  you are assembled outside, WAIT
and  the pony will be laden with supplies.
Proceed    south,    south,    south-west,
south-east   and   then   WAIT  again.  Go
south-east  and  WAIT.  Go  south-west and
WAIT  yet again. Now take Strider's advice
and  EAT.  Then  go south-east and at this
point  distribute  the  bundles  of  cakes
amongst  the  company (e.g. SAY TO BOROMIR
"TAKE CAKES"). Go east until you encounter
the  outline  of  a  door  upon  the rock,
EXAMINE   DOOR   and   then  SAY  TO  DOOR
"FRIEND".   At  this  point  you  will  be
grabbed by the tentacle (ouch!), so ATTACK
TENTACLES  and  when  they release you, go
In  the  mines, go u, e, e, e, d, d, w, w,
w, d, and you should be in a corridor (but
see  note 2). PUSH HORSE and the slab will
open,  so  now  go east, e, e, u, and east
and  you  should  be in a room with a book
and a stone block in it, along with a pile
of  armour. READ BOOK and EXAMINE BLOCK in
order  to  hear  a  noise in the corridor.
WAIT and when they enter, ATTACK ORCS. Now
go  east  and  WAIT. When Gandalf talks to
you,  go east and LIGHT CANDLE WITH MATCH.
Go  down,  d,  s, d, south until you enter
the  square room. If all the party are not
with  you, you can backtrack at this point
to round them up. When all are present, s,
d,  and then proceed east until you get to
the bridge. WAIT on the bridge and Gandalf
will  tell  you  to flee, so go east until
you emerge into Dimrill Dale then WAIT and
FOLLOW  GIMLI.  Now  head south-east until
you  arrive  on  the  eastern  bank of the
Nimrodel.  When the elf enters, WAIT, then
proceed  east  to the river. Here the best
policy  is  to  SAY TO ELF "HELP" and then
gone, you must go north-east over the rope
and then WAIT. Now go west and WAIT again.
When  the  doors have opened, head east to
the  tree  and  then  go  up,  then SAY TO
GALADRIEL  "HELP".  When  she has replied,
climb  down  and go west to the bridge but
do  not  cross  it. Now go south until you
reach  the  banks  of the Anduin river and
you've done it!



I  notice  A lot of people confusing Brian
Howarth   adventures   with  Scott  Adams.
Hopefully this should help people out.

Mysterious   Adventures   1-11   by  Brian
Howarth 1981-84

#1.     The Golden Baton
#2.     The Time Machine
#3.     Arrow Of Death Part 1
#4.     Arrow Of Death Part 2
#5.     Escape From Pulsar 7
#6.     Circus
#7.     Feasability Experiment
#8.     The Wizard of Akyrz
#9.     Pereus And Andromeda
#10.    Ten Little Indians
#11.    Waxworks

Adventures     Series     by     Adventure
International  (Mainly  written  By  Scott

#1.     Adventureland
#2.     Pirate Adventure
#3.     Secret Mission
#4.     Voodoo Castle
#5.     The Count
#6.     Strange Odyssey
#7.     The Mystery Of Fun House
#8.     Pyramid Of Doom
#9.     Ghost Town
#10.    Savage Island Part I
#11.    Savage Island Part II
#12.    Golden Voyage
#13.    Sorcerer Of Claymorgue Castle
#14.    Buckaroo Banzai

Thanks  to  Gargamel of the Gargamels Lair
BBS   (see   below)   for  compiling  this
checklist  of adventures. This should save
some confusion!



No  - it's not one of those old jokes, but
instead  some  real  news.  Last  month we
promised  a  Zenobi  game with this issue,
Bulbo  and the Lizard King. Unfortunately,
John  Wilson of Zenobi has asked us not to
freely  distribute  his games, as they are
not  Public  Domain. This is always a risk
when   passing   around   snapshots,   and
although   he   is  not  taking  immediate
action,   he   asks   if   we  could  stop
distributing them.
The  Good  news  (brightening up!) is that
John Wilson and Zenobi are STILL producing
Spectrum  Games!  They  must be one of the
last companies still making Spectrum games
and we here at Emulate! will give them all
the    support    they   need,   including
up-to-the-minute  news  of  new  releases!
Watch this space!!



For  those  of  you  who  have  a specific
problem  in  a certain adventure game, you
can either drop us a note here at Emulate,
or  try  out  the "Adventure Help echo" at
Gargamels Lair BBS (01224 873783)
Just   leave   a  message  at  the  board,
detailing the game and where you are stuck
and  you should receive help from the kind
souls  who  frequent  the board, including
the  sysop  himself  who  boasts  to  have
solved hundreds of adventure games!!


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