31 октября 1995

Part 5 - Emulate quiz.

<b>Part 5</b> - Emulate quiz.


Another new feature to test your knowledge
of  the  famous  48k  marvel.  If  you can
answer   some  of  these,  jot  down  your
answers  and  post  them  to  me  and I'll
announce  the winner in the next issue! If
this  feature is popular, I may run a quiz
each  issue,  with  the  offer  of a prize

1.  What  was the name of Ocean's Spectrum
Budget Label?
2.   What   the  award  called  given  for
pointing out mistakes in Your Sinclair?
3.  How many different views did Doomdarks
Revenge boast?
4.  Which Level 9 adventure contained over
6000 locations?
5. What stared at you in the Mirkwood?
6.  Who authored the majority of the Delta
4 adventure games?
7.  What  characters  could you be in Atic
8.  The cheat for Count Duckula turned you
into what?
9.  What  was  unusual  about  the loading
screen for Locomotion?
10.   Which   program,   given  away  with
Spectrum, let you design circuits?
11. Where was the first Dizzy game set?
12.  What  was  the  evil wizard called in
13.  What  happened  if  you stayed in the
bedroom in Gremlins for too long?
14.  What  was  the  name  of  the  second
Freescape game?
15. Usagi Yojimbo was also known as what?
16. What could Wonderboy ride on?
17.   What  was  the  name  of  the  ghost
featured in Olli and Lissa?
18.  What  were  the  names  of  the  five
members of The Wild Bunch?
19.  There  was  a  very  unusual ship you
could pilot in Mercenary. What was it?
20.  What  was  the  first Spectrum Budget
Game to get a Crash Smash?

Good Luck!!


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