30 сентября 1995

Part 8 - Desert island disks.

<b>Part 8</b> - Desert island disks.


By Eldad Petreanu

A  regular feature of Your Sinclair, Eldad
Petreanu   suggested  a  revival  of  this
section in which readers tell us all about
their  8 favourite games, which they would
use  to  keep  them  company on a deserted
island!  To  start  off, lets hear Eldad`s
favourite list:

Which  eight  games  would  YOU  take to a
desert island?

Need   I  say  more?  Oh  well.  The  best
isometric   game   ever,   with  brilliant
puzzles,  hypercute  characters  that move
over,  around, and through each other, and
polished gameplay. Monochrome never looked

Shoot   and   block   aliens   and  remove
obstacles,  clearing the path for a weapon
you  must push along the highway. With the
exception  of  its  sequel,  this is quite
possibly the only game in which your extra
lives  follow you around, doing their best
to  get  lost  before you have a chance to
play them!

A  whole  school in 48K! So real you could
actually  learn  something  from  it!  The
little      characters      with     their
individual,demented personalities do their
worst  to  make  you think school could be
fun. But we know better, don't we?

An  arcade  conversion that was infinitely
better   than  its  PC  incarnation.  This
platform  game lets you create and destroy
the  platforms.  Though  it  may seem very
difficult  at  first,  there's  actually a
foolproof method around every screen.

Takes  the  sliding  block puzzle where no
sliding  block  puzzle  has gone before. A
unique  and  rewarding experience, and the
feeling  of  completing a complex maneuver
to get a piece of the picture to its right
place  is  beyond  words. What a shame I'm
good  enough  to  complete it every single

The   unlikely   combination  of  shooting
vector  spaceships, collecting their cargo
to  complete  anagrams  and  flying to the
time  the anagram is needed actually works
very  well. The brainy bits make a welcome
change   from   the   otherwise-monotonous
smooth  vector  graphics.  The snap in the
ftp sites is corrupted, so can anybody who
still  has the original make a .TAP of it?

Dash   frantically   through  the  castle,
trying  to  prepare  whatever  your master
feels  like  munching  on,  be  it  boiled
slimies  or  eyeball  crush. HUGE graphics
and  a  convincing game world set this one
apart, and Berk is so cute you'll want one
(of whatever he is) as a pet.

Fly  all  over  the  world, clean whatever
country  you're  in until you can see your
face in it, and make enough money for your
next  air  fare.  The  countries  all have
their  distinct  'look and feel' - the way
to  lose  the  KGB  agents  in  Moscow has
little  to  do with the technique to avoid
falling  coconuts  in  Samoa. And with the
ability  to  choose  your route this means
there's  a  lot  of gameplay in there. The
classic  'traveling  salesman' problem may
well have its roots in this game!

If  you  would  like  your own top list of
games  included  in another issue`s desert
island  disks,  just  send us your list of
games  and  why you like them so much, and
you too could be sailing off to a tropical
island  with  just  eight speccy games for


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