30 сентября 1995

Part 3 - Free games instructions.

<b>Part 3</b> - Free games instructions.


Welcome  to  Emulate! Games Pack Number 2.
There's certainly some great games for you
to  play  in  this  months  pack. First we
start  off  with  the  epic  Bards Tale. A
massive  17-level  RPG  with 80 spells for
you  to  learn. We also have two exclusive
games  for  you  to play, which have never
been  seen before! Firstly, there is "Join
the  Jet  Set"  By  Richard  Hallas. A JSW
game,  worthy  of  Matt Smith himself! And
secondly, we feature a pre-release version
of  Street  Hawk. Both this and the actual
release  are  included  here  for  you  to
If  these weren't enough, we also have the
follow-up  to  last  months  Wally  game -
Everyones  A  Wally. Adventure fans have a
double  helping  with the two- part "Loads
of Midnight" and also the excellent Zenobi
game "Retarded Creatures and Caverns"
Also  featured  in this months editions is
another massive POKES list, this time in a
database  fromat  compiled  by  Hynek  Med
(xmedhO2@drson.vse.cz)  There  is  also  a
special  program  called SPECTEST, created
by  our  own  techincal editor to use with
your  Emulator.  See Technical section for
more  details.  Have  fun  and  ENJOY  THE



The Bards Tale is the first in a series of
Tales  Of  The Unknown, set in the city of
Skara  Brae which is threatened by an evil
mage called Mangar.


Your most important goal is to find Mangar
and  "persuade"  him  to  release the once
harmonious city from his evil control.
Your  second goal is to develop characters
who  are capable of surviving the layer of
obstacles,  mazes  and  evil  henchmen who
protect  Mangar.  Your  third  goal  is to
explore  the  entire  world  of  The Bards
Tale . There are numerous goodies, puzzles
and special places in the city such as the
legendary  catacombs  or  the  walled  off


1.  While  in  Adventurers guild, select a
2.   Characters   attribute   numbers  are
3.  If you are satisfied with the "roll of
the  dice", choose a character class, then
name   this  character.  If  you  are  not
satisfied "re-roll the dice".
4.  After  being named, the character will
be   saved  to  disc  or  tape,  ready  to


For  your  convenience,  you  will  find a
pre-built  party  already  waiting for you
when  you  enter  the  guild for the first
time. The party is called A-Team. They are
even outfitted with weapons and armour.


  RACES  -  There  are  7  different races
which a character can be:
  HUMAN  -  While  being of hardier stock,
this  character is nonetheless like you or
  ELF - The elf is slight of build, though
taller  than  a human and very inclined to
  DWARF  -  Short,  stout, very strong and
healthy  though  not too intelligent, they
make superb fighters.
  HOBBIT  - Being nimble and dexterous and
smaller  than dwarves, they make excellent
  HALF-ELF  - Slightly bigger and stronger
than  an elf, though not as magical, makes
half-elves good all rounders.
  HALF-ORC - Although not as despicable as
his  orc  parent, this large strong goblin
like creature, is no beauty.
  GNOME  -  These short tempered creatures
are   similar   to  dwarves,  though  more
inclined to magic.


  Each   character   you   create   has  5
attributes  which  define his physical and
mental   prowess.   These  attributes  are
assigned  a  random value from 1 to 18 (18
being  the best). For each race there is a
lowest  possible number for each attribute
and   high   attribute  scores  will  give
characters an edge.
  STRENGTH  (ST)  -  Affects the amount of
damage  a  character  does in hand to hand
  INTELLIGENCE  (IQ)  -  A  high  IQ gives
Mages bonus spell points.
  DEXTERITY   (DX)   -  A  high  DX  makes
characters  harder  to  hit and helps them
strike the first blow in combat.
  CONSTITUTION   (CN)  -  A  very  healthy
character  (ie,  a high CN) gets bonus hit
points and thus is harder to kill.
  LUCK  (LK)  -  A lucky character will be
more  likely  to  avoid  nasty traps, evil
magic and the like.


  ARMOUR  CLASS  (AC) - Gives the level of
protection  a  character has from physical
attack   and   ranges   from  10  (totally
unprotected) to -10 (called LO) HIT POINTS
(HITS)   -  Measures  how  much  damage  a
character can take before he dies.
  CONDITION  (COND) - Shows the characters
present number of hit points.
  SPELL  POINTS  (SpPt)  -  Shows  current
spell  point  status. A characters maximum
spell   points  are  listed  in  his  view
character mode.
  EXPERIENCE  POINTS  -  Measures how much
experience  a  character has gained is his
profession.  The  higher  the  number  the
better the character.
  GOLD  -  The  unit  of  currency in this
world. The more you have, the better.
  LEVEL  (LV 1) - A measure of acheivement
within  a  characters  class.  LV  1  is a
novice  and  LV  13 would be a master. New
levels  are  awarded  by  the review board
based  on the characters experience points
and  new  levels  generally mean increased
attribute scores, hit points, spell points
among others.
  SPELL  LEVELS  (e.g. MAGI 3) - Shows the
highest  level spells a character can cast
(There  are  7  levels of magic spells for
each  of  the 4 mage classes). A new spell
level  is  awarded  every other experience
level,  i.e.  LV 1 Magician has MAGI 1, at
LV  3  he  has MAGI 2 until at LV13 he has
MAGI 7 and can go no further.
  ITEMS  -  These fall into 10 catagories:
Weapons;  shields,  armour, helms; gloves;
musical   instruments;  figurines;  rings;
wands  and  miscellaneous.  Only 1 item of
each type can be equipped at one time.


  There   are   10   different   character
classes,  but  only  the  first  8  can be
seleceted for a newly generated character.
  WARRIOR  -  Can  use nearly every weapon
there  is  and  for  every  four levels of
experience  after  the  first  they get an
extra attack in combat.
  PALADIN  -  Fighters sword to fight evil
and uphold honour and purity, they can use
most  weapons  even  some  that  no  other
fighters can. They get multiple attacks at
higher   levels   and  have  an  increased
resistance to evil magic.
  ROGUE  -  A  professional  thief who can
search  for  traps  and disarm them. He is
only  so  so in combat and prefers to hide
in the shadows.
  HUNTER  -  Can  use most weapons and has
the   unique  ability  (which  grows  with
experience)  to  strike  a  critical  hit,
instantly killing an opponent.
  MONK  - Trained to fight without weapons
or  armour,  is an almost inhuman fighting
machine at higher levels.
  BARD  -  Bards  were  once  warriors now
turned  wandering  minstrel, although they
can  still  use  most weapons, they do not
get multiple attacks. Bards have 6 magical
tunes   which  can  be  long  lasting  and
continue  to play even if other songs were
played  during combat. Or the songs can be
abbreviated  for  use  in  combat and thus
have  different  effects  than  the longer
versions. These short songs will only last
for  one  round of fighting. Only one song
can  be played at a time (by any bard) and
if a second is played, the first will end.
A  bard  can  play as many songs as he has
expereince   levels   before   his  throat
becomes  dry. Then its off to a tavern for
a drink to rejuvenate his voice.
  CONJURER   -   Deals   in  the  physical
craetion  of  real things like fire, light
or healing.
  MAGICIAN   -  Deals  with  magic  as  it
affects physical objects like enchanting a
sword or making armour stronger.
  SORCERER  -  Deals with the creation and
manipulation  of  illusion.  This class is
unavailable to newly created characters.
  WIZARD  -  Deals  with the summoning and
control of supernatural creatures from the
negative  plane. This class is unavailable
to newly created characters.


  The  Bards  Tale  is a game of fighting,
its  the  only  way  to  build experience.
Fortunately,  Magar  and  his  minions are
very evil, so kill them if you can. At the
outset  of  combat a list of foes is given
broken  down  into  the  number of foes in
each  group.  The  maximum  is four groups
with  99  monsters  per  group.  Combat is
divided  into  a  series of rounds. At the
start   of   each  round,  each  character
decides  what  action  he  will undertake,
unless,  of  course, your party runs away.
These options are as follows:

  ATTACK FOES - To physically assault foes
in the first or second group of monsters.
  PARTY ATTACK - Assault another member of
the party, including special members.
  DEFEND - Do not attack which reduces the
chance of being hit.
  USE  AN  ITEM - Uses an item held in the
characters    inventory    and   currently
  BARD  SONG - Bards can play a short song
to aid the party during the combat.
  CAST  A  SPELL  - The spell code must be
entered and a target identified.
  HIDE  IN  SHADOWS  -  A rogue can try to
avoid  combat  altogether  by  hiding. The
first  3  characters  in your party can be
attacked  physically  by  monsters and can
attack back. The last 3 can only be strucj
by  magic  and  can  only attack back with
magic.  The  first 2 groups of monstersare
the  only  monsters  who  can attack or be
attacked  physically.  The most dextourous
characters  or  monsters  usually make the
first  strike,  but  luck, character level
and  character  class also affect this. At
the  end  of a combat round, dead monsters
are   removed   and  dead  characters  are
shuffled   to  the  back  fo  your  party.
Treasure  and  experience points are split
equally  among  the  battles survivorsonce
all your foes are defeated.


  The  special  slot  (marked  S)  is  for
monsters who can join your party either by
introducing  themselves to the party or by
being  created/summoned by magic. Specials
cannot  be controlled, but they will fight
for you until killed (or disbelieved if an


  Use  your  map to guide you around Skara

  Most  building are unmarked, but some of
them  are  inhabited by evil creatures. So
kick  in  a  few doors and find them. When
you  exit  a building, it will be directly
behind you.

  The  Guild  is  where all the adventures
begin and where you form a party.

  Is  where  characters  acn  buy, sell or
identify  items  and  pool all the gold to
buy  expensive  items. Unique items, found
in  dungeons,  remain in Garths possession
only  until  they  are  sold  unlike toher
items of which he has an unlimited supply.

  Upon  your  request in person, the board
will  determine whether that character has
enough  experience  points for advancement
to  higher  levels.  The Board teaches new
spells  to  mages  who  qualify for higher
spell   levels,   but   charges  for  this
  You  will  have to do a bit of exploring
to  find  the Review Board, and its closed
at night.

  These  are the Bards favourite place for
gossip  and  refreshment.  Theres  even  a
tavern named after him.

  If  you  need  your  spell  points  in a
hurry,  see  Roscoe.  But  be prepared for
electrifyingly high fees.

  Temples  are  divine  places of complete
healing  and  resurrection  but  only at a

  "Dungeon" refers to and indoor labyrinth
from  towers  to  catacombs  with a varied
number  of  levels for each. You can go up
or  down  to levels via stairways, portals
and teleportation.
  Stairways   are   not   visible  from  a
distance  unlike  portals (which are holes
in  the  floor  or  ceiling). You will not
fall  through  a portal by standing on it,
you  must command a character to do so. If
he jumps down a portal he will take damage
unless  he is using a teleportation spell.
The  only  way  to  go  up  a portal is by
  The  location  of  dungeon entrances are
well kept secrets, but there are plenty of
hints in Skara Brae.

  Magic  is power, though it is not always
necessary   or  wise  to  rely  on  magic,
because  magic  is  by no means foolproof.
There  are  some  places where magic never
functions,   and  some  monsters  who  are
highly  resistant to spells. If your party
has  wandered into an anti-magic zone, all
residual  spells, except light spells, are
  Residual  spells  keep  working for more
than  just  an  instant  and  most cause a
graphic symbol to appear on the screen, to
keep  the  player  aware that the duration
has yet to expire.
  All  spells  have  a  point cost and the
mage  casting  them  expends  some  of his
internal    energy.    This    enegry   is
replenished  in direct sunlight and may be
regenerated  at Roscoes Energy Emporium or
in special regeneration zones.
  To  cast  a  spell, type in the 4-letter
code  which is a rough abbreviation of the
spell name.
  There  are  magical  items hidden in the
dungeons  and  carried  by the monsters of
the  Bards  Tale and the most powerful are
secreted  in the most challenging dungeons
and  are  guarded  by  ferocious monsters.
When  you  win  one,  you  should  be very

  Mages  who  have  attained  at least the
third  level  in  one mage class, may then
change  to  another.  If  a  mage  changes
class,  his experience points are reset to
zero,  but  he retains all his hit points,
spell  points  and magic knowledge. He can
no  longer  progress in the old mage class
nor  may he rejoin it. A mage can become a
Conjurer, Magician or Sorcerer as a second
class  and  he  can  become  anything as a
third  class.  A mage who has knowledge of
all  7 spell levels in all four classes is
called  an  Archmage.  The  most  powerful
being in the world of The Bards Tale.


Increases the damage your party will do in

Produces light when exploring.
Increases  the  partys chance of hitting a
foe with a weapon during combat.

Calms  your  foes,  making  them  do  less
damage in combat.

Heals the Bards wounds while travelling.
Heals the partys wounds during combat.

Makes  the  party more dexterous thus more
difficult to hit.

Sets up a partial anti-magic field, giving
the   party   better   protection  against



Level 1

MAFL     2     VIEW     MEDIUM
MAGE  FLAME  - A small mobile "torch" will
appear  and flot above the spell caster as
he travels.

ARFI     3     1 Foe    ---
ARC  FIRE - A fan of blue flames jets from
the  casters  fingers,  doing  1-4 hits of
damage,  times  the  casters  level,  to a
selected opponent.

SOSH     3     SELF     COMBAT
SORCERER SHIELD - The mage is protected by
an  invisible  "shield" turning aside many
blows that would otherwise hit him.

TRZP     2     30`      ---
TRAP  ZAP  -  Disarms  any trap, including
traps  on  chests,  within 30 feet, in the
direction the mage is facing.

Level 2

FRFO    3      GROUP    COMBAT
FREEZE   FOES  -  Binds  your  enemies  in
magical   force,  slowing  them  down  and
making them easier to hit.

MACO    3      ---      MEDIUM
KIELS   MAGIC   COMPASS  -  A  compass  of
shimmering  magelight  appears  above  the
party and shows the direction they face.

BASK    4      CHAR     COMBAT
BATTLESKILL  - Increases one of your party
members skill with weapons, increasing the
accuracy and ferocity of his attacks.

WOHL    4      CHAR     ---
WORD  OF HEALING - With the utterance of a
single word, the mage cures a party member
of  minor  wounds,  healing  2-8 points of

Level 3

MAST    5      GROUP    ---
ARCYNES  MAGESTAR - A bright flare ignites
in  front  of  a  group  of  your enemies,
temporarily blinding them and causing them
to miss the next combat round.

LERE    5      VIEW     LONG
LESSER  REVELATION  -  An  extended  "Mage
Flame"  spell  that  also  reveals  secret

LEVI    4      PARTY    SHORT
LEVITATION  -  Partially nullifies gravity
causing  the party to float over traps, or
up or down through portals.

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