30 сентября 1995

Part 6 - Hacking guide.

<b>Part 6</b> - Hacking guide.



 Lords   of   Midnight   and   its  sequel
Doomdark's  Revenge  have  been  in my top
game  list  ever since I first played them
on   my   old  trusty  rubber-  keyed  48k
Spectrum.  Even  by todays standards, they
still   rate   among  the  most  addictive
computer  games  ever,  at  least  for the
strategically minded.

 Having  played  and  finished  them  both
several  times,  I couldn't understand how
Mike  had  been able to stuff so much into
only 41k. So I plunged into DR's code... I
still   have   a   lot   of  the  original
(handwritten)  sheets  where  I deciphered
most  of  the  Z80 code for this game. And
more important (and useful, probably), the
full  format  of  the  DR save game, along
with  some  tables  which  are  needed  to
understand it. Some time ago I posted that
on  comp.sys.sinclair, and a lot of people
was very interested. At least a map editor
(by        Jan        Kapala,        email
KAPALA@ichn.ch.pwr.wroc.pl)  is  based  in
this  information,  and you can find it in

 Even  now  I  receive  some  requests for
these  tables, so here they are... this is
the  original  version I posted then (with
some  minor  corrections,  mostly spelling
errors)  and  I  don't think there are any
mistakes. I hope you find it useful.




 Example:  G Imgarorn: Fortress/Citadel of
Imgarorn   the   Giant.  Exceptions  noted


 All     site     names     are    created
algorithmically  from  the  map. There's a
fixed seed at the upper left corner of the
map,  and  the game traces recursively you
position  to  this  point, creating unique
names  (the  name  tables  will  be  shown
later)  for  each zone (plains, forest and
so  on). A citadel or fortress stands as a
zone,  and  it gets its name the same way.
There  are 128 such sites, and 124 owners.
The first 5 sites are special; their owner
is  not  the  character with the site name
(as  in  all  the  others).  There  are  5
persons  which  receive special treatment:
Luxor  the  Moonprince,  Morkin  the Free,
Tarithel  the  Fey,  Rorthron the Wise and
Shareth the Heartstealer. Shareth owns the
City   of  Imiriel.  The  other  four  are

This is the full character table:

 0 S Luxor        32 I Berudrarg
64 D Torormarg    96 B Thorthak
 1 S Morkin       33 I Imgudrur
65 I Ushangrane   97 F Thormand
 2 S Tarithel     34 I Talorthane
66 I Fangrorn     98 B Anvorthun
 3 S Rorthron     35 I Morangrim
67 I Carangresh   99 F Imgormand
 4 S Shareth      36 G Obortharg
68 G Anvildrak   100 F Carorthorn
 5 G Imgarorn     37 G Glortheon
69 I Anvarorn    101 B Imgorad
 6 G Ingormad     38 I Ulfangruk
70 D Hagudril    102 F Tororthane
 7 I Malisane     39 I Malarorn
71 G Ganigrorn   103 F Imorthorn
 8 I Anvireon     40 I Ganormarg
72 D Berangrorn  104 F Berormorn
 9 I Talormane    41 G Berorthim
73 G Fenorn      105 B Firak
10 I Imildrorn    42 I Firim
74 G Sildrorn    106 F Morildrane
11 I Carorthad    43 I Glireon
75 D Carorthay   107 F Thigrand
12 I Ushudrarg    44 I Kahangriel
76 B Glortharg   108 B Kahudrarg
13 G Glormeon     45 I Kahudruk
77 B Thortheon   109 F Lorangriel
14 G Thormuk      46 I Lororthane
78 D Glormane    110 F Carorthane
15 I Imgaril      47 I Malirane
79 D Gloruk      111 F Thorthand
16 G Obularg      48 I Kahudrun
80 D Gludreon    112 F Berormane
17 I Thigrim      49 G Ulformane
81 D Thudrun     113 F Ingormiel
18 I Lorelorn     50 D Hagildrorn
82 D Torelorn    114 B Careneon
19 I Kagangrorn   51 I Thildresh
83 D Thatruk     115 B Varangrand
20 I Malirarg     52 I Glormarg
84 B Carormand   116 F Imgorthand
21 G Imatrorn     53 I Carorand
85 D Lorangrarg  117 F Lorangrim
22 G Asorthane    54 G Carangrane
86 D Thelak      118 F Tharand
23 I Imasharg     55 G Thangrorn
87 D Imangruk    119 B Torinarg
24 I Torangrorn   56 I Malormun
88 D Glidril     120 F Imorthesh
25 I Sortharg     57 I Varormane
89 B Thangrad    121 B Anvortheon
26 I Zarashand    58 G Imgenarg
90 D Imulorn     122 F Obireon
27 I Glororn      59 G Thorarg
91 D Thigrak     123 G Obigrorn
28 I Malorthand   60 I Thirium
92 B Lorangrorn  124 I Imgasharg
29 G Varangrim    61 I Fenarg
93 B Varatrarg   125 I Thangrarg
30 I Sigrorn      62 D Imgorarg
94 D Imelorn     126 B Kahudrak
31 I Hagudrak     63 H Torelak
95 D Ulfangrak   127 F Carorthand

 The  sites are in North-South order. This
may  serve  as  well  as  a  clue  to  the
distribution of the races.


 All  the  addresses shown from now on are
decimal. The saved data starts at Spectrum
address  39933,  and  is  9219 bytes long.
This includes:

- Character index                  1
- Day counter                      2
- 24 tables (128 bytes each)    3072
- Map (64*96)                   6144

 Address  39933  holds  the  number of the
character you are using. Addresses 39934-5
hold   the   number  of  days  'since  the
Moonprince rode forth into the Icemark'.

 The  map  and several tables are included
here.  That's  the reason why when you get
killed,  you  must  load  a  saved game to
restart  (there was no room for two copies
of all these data). I will now list all of
this.  The  tables are 128 bytes long, and
are  indexed  by site or character number,
as for the above table.

TABLES 0/1 (39936/40064): Site coordinates

 Table  0  contains  the X coordinates (in
the  map)  for  the 128 sites, and table 1
the  Y coords. I will not list them as all
of  you  have the map or can get it easily
using one of the PD editors.

 Each  site  belongs to the character with
the same name. Exceptions:

0 Fortress of Varenand ->
                 Lorangrim the Fey   (117)
1 City of Carudrium    ->
                 Carorthay the Dwarf  (75)
2 Fortress of Thigrorn ->
                 Lorangriel the Fey  (109)
3 Fortress of Finorn   ->
                 Carangrane the Giant (54)
4 City of Imiriel      ->
                  Shareth the Heartstealer

TABLES 2/3 (40192/40320):
Object coordinates

 As tables 0/1, for objects. Unlike tables
0/1, these are not fixed, and are randomly
set  at the start of the game. Each object
has  an  owner,  who  can  use  it *once*.
Anyone  who  has  an object but is not its
owner,  won't  be able to use it, but will
benefit  from  some minor advantages. They
can  also  be  used to approach new people
(by  giving  some object to its true owner
you  can  make  him  more inclined to join
your side).

 Objects 5-128 are weapons, their power is
in  Battle,  and  belong  to the character
with  the  same  number.  These are Spears
(for Barbarians), Bows (for the Fey), Axes
(for  Dwarves),  Hammers  (for Giants) and
Swords  (for  Icelords).  All of them give
advantages in battle.

 Objects  0-4  are special. Here are their
major powers:
 0 Crown of Varenand: Used by Luxor brings
all of his men with him.
 1  Crown  of  Carudrium:  Used  by Morkin
brings Luxor and his men.
 2  Spell  of  Thigrorn:  Used by Tarithel
takes everyone to the city of Imiriel.
 3  Runes of Finorn: Used by Rorthron... I
don't remember!!!
 4  Crown  of  Imiriel:  Used  by  Shareth
brings Luxor and his men.

 Crowns    have   the   minor   power   of
Persuasion.  They  make easier to approach
others in peace.

 Spells  have the minor power of Swiftness
(more moves in a day time).

 Runes  have the minor power of Protection
in  battle.  You  are  less  likely to get

 When an object is carried by a character,
his  number  goes  on table 3, and table 2
holds 255.

TABLE 4 (40448):
        Enemies killed in the last battle.
TABLE 5 (40576):
              Men lost in the last battle.
TABLE 6 (40704): Campaign army size.
TABLE 7 (40832):
     Home army size (in city or fortress).

 All  of  these  tables  store  the number
divided  by  5.  Thus, 15 means 75 men and
255 (the maximum) means 1275 men.

TABLE 8 (40960):
Warrior type (based on table 13)

0-5: Moonguard
6-7: Fey
8-9: Barbarian

10, 11, 14: Iceguard

13: Giant
15: Dwarf

The remaining values are unused.

TABLE 9 (41088): Owner of each site

 The    initial   owners   are   explained
somewhere  above.  This  table  holds  the
actual owners each time.

TABLES 10/11 (41216/41344):
Character coordinates

 X and Y respectively. Initially, each one
is in his home site. Exceptions:

Luxor:    Gate of Varenorn.
Morkin:   City of Imiriel.
Tarithel: Forest of Fangrim.
Rorthron: Gate of Varenorn.
Shareth:  City of Imgaril.

TABLE 12 (41472): Miscellaneous I

a) The 5 upper bits hold the daytime left:

0:     Night
1:     An hour
2-9:   Two hours
10-12: Three hours
13-16: Four hours
17-20: Five hours
21-24: Six hours
25-27: Seven hours
28-30: Eight hours
31:    Dawn

(these days are short!)

 b) The 3 lower bits hold the direction of

0: North               2: East
4: South               6: West
1: Northeast           3: Southeast
5: Southwest           7: Northwest

TABLE 13 (41600): Character types

 This  table  is  used  mainly to select a
graphic representation:

 0: Luxor       (mounted)
 1: Luxor       (on foot)
 2: Morkin      (mounted)
 3: Morkin      (on foot)
 4: Rorthron    (mounted)
 5: Rorthron    (on foot)
 6: Fey         (mounted)
 7: Fey         (on foot)
 8: Barbarian   (mounted)
 9: Barbarian   (on foot)
10: Icelord     (mounted)
11: Icelord     (on foot)
12: Tarithel    (always mounted)
13: Giant       (always on foot)
14: Shareth     (always mounted)
15: Dwarf       (always on foot)

 There  are other codes which are not used
in  this  table,  but  I  include them for
completeness.   See   below  for  incident

16: Dragon
17: Wolf
18: Troll
19: Skulkrin
20: Horse

TABLE 14 (41728): Miscellaneous II

Bits 0-2: Allegiance    0=Luxor
                        (6, 7 unused)

Bit 3:  Killed enemy in his last battle.
Bit  4:  Fought  battle (bits 3 and 5 are
        meaningless if 4 is not set).
Bit 5:  Won victory in his last battle.
Bit 6:  In a tunnel.
Bit 7:Used his object (only once allowed).

TABLE 15 (41856): How tired

Utterly:    000-031
Extremely:  032-062
Very:       064-095
Quite:      096-127
Somewhat:   128-159
Slightly:   160-191
Not:        192-223
Not at all: 224-255

TABLE 16 (41984): Last battle

 In his last battle, this character fought
whoever's number is here.

TABLE 17 (42112): Foe

 This  character's  foe.  If bit 7 is set,

TABLE 18 (42240): Liege

 This  character's liege. If bit 7 is set,

TABLE 19 (42368): How reckless

See table 15. 0 means DEAD.

TABLE 20 (42496): Object/Slayer

This table has two meanings:

 a)  If alive, then it holds the number of
the carried object, or 255 for nothing.
 b)  If  dead, then it holds the number of
the  character  who  has killed him. If no
character  (i.e. dragons, trolls...), then
bit  7  is  set and the lower bits hold an
incident  code.  See  below  for  incident

TABLE 21 (42624): Positive attributes

Bit Meaning

7   Loyal
6   Swift
5   Brave
4   Stubborn
3   Generous
2   Forceful
1   Strong
0   Good

TABLE 22 (42752): Negative attributes

Bit Meaning

7   Treacherous
6   Slow
5   Cowardly
4   Fawning
3   Greedy
2   Reticent
1   Weak
0   Evil

 (   ...note  that  it's  possible  to  be
simultaneously good and evil!)

TABLE 23 (42880): How despondent

See table 15.

TABLE 24 (43008):
MAP (this one is not 128 bytes long!)

 The map is 64 squares wide and 96 squares
tall.  The position at (X,Y) is in address
43008+64*Y+X. Every byte has the following

Bits 0-3: Surface attributes

   0 Plains       8 Fortress
   1 Mountains    9 Hall
   2 Forest      10 Hut
   3 Hills       11 Tower
   4 Gate        12 City
   5 Temple      13 Fountain
   6 Pit         14 Stones
   7 Palace      15 Frozen Wastes

Bits 4-7: Flags

 Bit 4: Incident
 Bit  5: Army (only graphical information:
you  could  see an army which isn't really
there, or vice versa, by poking this bit!)
 Bit 6: Mist.
 Bit  7:  There's  tunnel  below.  If  the
surface  type  is  4-7,  there's  a tunnel

So   far   the  saved  information.  Other

Table  29508:  how does terrain (table 24)
affect time (table 12a)

Plains:       1
Mountains:    8
Forest:       4
Hills:        3

(All the rest): 2

Table   29540:  how  does  character  type
(table 13) affect time (table 12a)


Luxor:      3/6
Morkin:     3/6
Rorthron:   2/4
Fey:        3/6
Barbarians: 5/8
Icelords:   3/5
Tarithel:   2/-
Giants:     -/5
Shareth:    2/-
Dwarves:    -/5

Table   29317:  how  does  character  type
(table 13) affect tiredness (table 15)


Luxor:      1/2
Morkin:     2/4
Rorthron:   0/1
Fey:        2/3
Barbarians: 2/4
Icelords:   1/2
Tarithel:   1/0
Giants:     -/2
Shareth:    0/-
Dwarves:    -/3

Table  29009: Four incident types for each
possible terrain

(only  on  empty  squares; repeated values
increase probability)

Plains:   0,3,1,4    Fortress:  0,1,6,6
Mountains:0,0,2,1    Hall:      2,6,6,10
Forest:   0,3,1,1    Hut:       3,1,6,6
Hills:    0,2,1,1    Tower:     5,5,5,5
Gate:     0,7,8,10   City:      0,6,6,12
Temple:   8,9,10,11  Fountain:  3,12,12,12
Pit:      2,1,9,12   Stones:    0,8,8,11
Palace:   0,4,7,10   Fr. Wastes:0,3,3,2

Incident types:

 0  Dragons
 1  Wolves
 2  Trolls
 3  Skulkrin
 4  Horses
 5  Guidance
 6  Shelter
 7  Claws of Night     (time left =  0)
 8  Flames of Dawn     (time left = 31)
 9  Thorns of Despair  (despondent = 0)
10  Blood of Courage   (despondent = 255)
11  Languor of Death   (tired = 0)
12  Springs of Life    (tired = 255)


All  names  (except  the first five, which
are  hardcoded) contain three parts, which
are  fetched  more  or less randomly (with
the  map  as a seed) by the name generator
from three tables. These are:

Prefixes (25):

Img  Dol Lor Ush Mor Tal Car Ulf As Tor Ob
F  Gl  S Th Gan Mal Im Var Hag Zar Anv Ber
Kah Ash

Midwords (16):

ar or ir en orth angr igr ash el in ul atr
orm udr is ildr

Suffixes (16):

orn  il iel im uk ium ia eon ay ak arg and
ane esh ad un

The  name  generator  has  a fixed seed at
position  (0,0)  of the map. This position
holds  the fortress of Imgarorn the Giant.
As  you  can  see Img-ar-orn is (0,0,0) in
the  tables  above.  Any other position is
recursively    traced   down   to   (0,0),
generating  a  pseudorandom  seed  for the
three  tables. The algorithm takes care of
any contiguous squares of the same terrain
type having the same name.

Note  that  the  map  has  6144 positions.
6144=24*16*16,  so  there is more possible
names  than  squares  in  the  map. So the
algorithm  also guarantees that there will
be no different places with the same name,

That's all for now! Enjoy!

Ruben Martinez
Email: Ruben.Martinez@rediris.es


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