ZX Ferrum #01
07 февраля 2004

Project - ZX PAD ("Russian handheld").

Аппаратное обеспечениеКомпьютерыОбзор и обсуждение существующих компьютеров

(C) 2003 Chuunin Roman.

                 ZX PAD ("Russian handheld)

  Many, many programmers who started in the distant
80-90's, remembers the brainchild of Clive Sinclair 
ZX-Spectrum. Tushinsky and now moved on Mitino market blossomed 
crafts "Leningrad" "Pentagon", "Professional". Bosons and the 
company produced, well the famous "Scorpion" ...

  This was the home of computer and romance
development, now ruthlessly evil against the platform Intel.
Imperceptibly the years passed and now no one left, just
emulators, and amazingly survived "Sprinter2000".

  This project, I want perelistnut, and maybe write a new
Page in Russian самоделокомпьютеростроении. Enlisting
support of several like-minded people, I open the project.

  Just want to say that I do not aim to achieve full
compatibility with the ZX-Spectrum, and it is not necessary, but
kakieto decisions will be taken from there (mostly for the 
better painless transfer software is written in many years). 
And in Overall, this will be a new and independent platform, 
and what You will decide - my edinomyshleniki and associates.

           So - here is a rough Hardwar content:

  Processor Zilog Z8L180 - low voltage processor (3.3V)
contains two timers, two UART, two controllers DMA,
internal controller prervyvany supports addressing
1mbayta memory, and almost completely compatible with the Z80.

  Chip-set Altera EP1K30 - Programmable matrix gives a 
tremendous flexibility and configuration changes "on the fly." 
And also improve the product without the possibility of 
replacing the components. 

  System Memory AM29LV0x0 (55ns) - low voltage flash
memory, will change the firmware.

  Memory SRAM (55ns) - low voltage, economical,
For example K6Txxxx (Samsung) or AS7C3xxxx (Alliance) or

  Video memory SRAM (10-12ns) - planned to use in
The display device, a passive matrix LCD
(320x240), which imposes requirements on performance
video memory.

  Memory drive (flash-drive) NAND Flash K9Fxxx (Samsung) or
TC58xxx (Toshiba) - 8 MB or more capacious disk for
Storage diverse. Also expected to make a connector
extension of the standard SmartMedia Card for flash cards.

  Interface device (combined UART Driver) MAX3130
to communicate with other computers over a RS232 channel and 
Irda (IR channel).

  Audio controller (stereo DAC c support for MP3) VS1001 -
Use of this chip will enable the firm VLSI
use the handheld as an MP3 player. Perhaps in
initially will be used ordinary audio DAC - for
cheaper devices.

  System clock / alarm clock PCF8593 (Philips) or similar - well
that the handheld without a clock.

  Display device, a passive matrix LCD display 320x240 -
originally planned to use eight-matrix
again to reduce the cost of the device. Perhaps in the future
the use of active matrix color with 65K colors.

  Input Device - eight buttons, perhaps in the future
touchpad surface matrix LCD.

  Controller discharge / charge batteries, the main stabilizer
voltage and voltage for LCD - even unselect may
need help versed in this part of the people.

  Please send your suggestions and feedback on my email,
indicated at the bottom of the page.

  Unfortunately, I almost did not get feedback. More precisely
received only one response (special thanks to Vyacheslav
Kalinina). Therefore, this project is delayed indefinitely
time and may not be reborn.

 Chuunin Roman mailto: chunin@infpres.com

From the Editor Author: very interesting project, I like, very
like that would be the Spectrum was always at hand in the 
literal sense words.

All this is good, but I'm now interested in some questions, yes
and probably not just me:
1. What about the cost of build out? (Already looked in to;), 
but this important issue) 2. Where to take the components?

3. I say nothing about the fees (the cost of making a pilot 
wiring scheme, ie, up to 20-30 copies, worth about $ 6 per 
square meter. decimeter, but more to pay value decreases 
accordingly) 4. What need of assistance in this project?

From the Editor to readers: please contact the author or with 
me, show at least moral support, as were the cases that the 
projects were dying from lack of attention (I'm certainly too 
lazy to understand my mother, but if one in ten will write a 
letter to the author would have sense to continue the project), 
and the project is worth attention, especially with 
zayavlennymy characteristics, this product has a chance to get 
to market (cheaper alternative GameBoy + MP3Player (comes Billy

will put his paws ;))).

  Well, okay talking about it has not yet ended ...

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Project - ZX PAD ("Russian handheld").

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