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07 апреля 2018 Party 2018.1 - invitation and rules

<b> Party 2018.1</b> - invitation and rules
            Party 2018.1

We are extremely proud to invite everyone to the third edition
of the Party - the event for all followers and
admirers of ZX Spectrum, aiming to integrate ZX Spectrum users.
Of course, you do not need to own ZX Spectrum to visit
Party - just a bit of will, curiosity or idea for your own
creation working on one of the Spectrum models.

Date:14 April 2018 from 1OAM to 11PM
Venue:Klub Rivera Remont, ul. Warynskiego 12a, Warsaw, Poland
Entrance fee:20 PLN, tickets are available on

At the same time you can go to Pixel's Market!
The most important events and attractions, demoscene
Demoscene competitions will take part after the Pixel's Market.
Depending on the amount of presented works we are expecting the
following categories: Demo, Graphics, Music, Game, and Wild.

During the event, there will be the Polish premiere of Memories
of a Spectrum Addict movie. 

Rafal Wiosna will do presentation about how ZX81 generates

Faust, author of new versions of Bajtek and Komputer magazine
will talk about his reconstruction techniques for bringing to
digital old classic computer magazines.

There will also a stand with a computer designed in Poland -
Komputer Cobra 1. There will be an opportunity to meet and talk 
with the author of Cobra 1,Andrzej Sirko which will be present
on the Party!

For the first time, we will bring as many Sam Coupe computers as
we can into one place. Let's find out how many of them are in
Poland. There will be an opportunity to take a special photo of
the MGT family!

All versions of the Turbo Wieszcz will talk together - a program
for generating poetry, written byMonster / GDC written for many
platforms (including ZX Spectrum) will be running on different
machines in one place!

Tomasz Pauszka live - Tomasz is a composer, producer and
conductor, playing on many instruments and performing electronic
music, enthusiast of lo-fi sound, old computers, gramophones,
audio cassette, noises, cracks, clash, analogue synthesiser and
mellotrons. He will play tracks from his latest album LO-FI

All presentations will be in Polish.

There is no decent party without special shirts! The party and
t-shirt logo was designed by the renowned demoscene graphic
artistSlayer / Ghostown ^ You will not be at the
party but you want to have a T-shirt? It is very simple - choose
design and size that suits you and buy it! Especially for Party - you can buy them without any commission, only
at the cost of production.

              Terms and conditions of competition

Each piece of work should be authorial. It is permitted to use
other authors materials from different resources, but it should
be explicitly detailed in references.

It is not allowed to have any presented work to be published or
presented in the past.

Any work should not include any insulting, offending elements or
promote forbidden by law elements or activities.

Every single item registered for competition will be kept in
Archive files of

Archive of sent/delivered work should be named as follow:

All files should be send to:tygrys (at) speccy (dot) pl

Deadline for all competitors is1Зth April 2016 (Friday) by
23:59. It is also possible to bring your work to the party till
Зpm on 1Чth April 2018. We could not however guarantee that any
of work sent after deadline will take a part in competition.

TXT file should be attached to the sent/delivered work/works.
Please include the following:
Target Machine: 

If there is anything unclear in the Terms and Conditions of
Competition please get in touch with Organisers.

Organisers reserve the right to update these Terms and
Competitions are available on the following compo machines:

- ZX Spectrum 128K +2 (Grey) or Just Speccy 128 with the
original ULA128
- ZX Spectrum + interface AY
- Timex 2048 + interface AY

We are going to use the following readers: divIDE or divMMC.

              Rules for ZX Spectrum Demo category

Demo should work on any of the computers provided by Organisers.

            Rules for ZX Spectrum Intro ЧKB category

Minimal loader in BASIC opening production, like:

Max. total size of binary block:4096 bytes.

Intro should work on any of the computers provided by

              Rules for ZX Spectrum Music category

We accept the following music categories:
AY, Beeper, TurboSound / TSFM.

One piece of work from one musician in one category is allowed.

A track should be in executable file and working on ZX Spectrum.

In case of three works provided for one category, the Organisers
keep the rights to move them to the general competition.

Cover versions will be moved to the Wild category.

Your work will be presented anonymously.

            Rules for ZX Spectrum Graphics category

There is a limit of maximum two works from one author.

Allowed format:.scr (6912 bytes)

In is mandatory to provide two versions of graphic; one with
signature, one without signature. We will be presenting version
without the signature.

It is also mandatory to provide at least four phases describing
process of creation.

File conversions will be presented in the Wild category. In case
of minimum three works provided in this category, the Organisers
will open a separate competition category for them.

              Rules for ZX Spectrum Game category

It is permitted to have conversion from other platforms and
variations of different titles.

The game is presented by author. If the author is not able to
present the work, the Organisers will present it on his/her
behalf, but it is possible that not all features are shown.

Manual should be provided with basic information and game rules.

                    Rules for Wild category

In this category we accept the following:

Work in various formats (coded productions, video animations,
graphics not qualified to the Graphics category, music tracks
that are cover versions of existing tracks).

Production can be suitable for any hardware platform. Please get
in touch with organiser to check an availability of the required
hardware platform/player.

In case of receiving at least three works in any category it is
possible to create an additional dedicated Wild category.


We are extremely grateful to our sponsors!

From an anonymous sponsor we received below awards:
- Z80 8-bit UIDE - IDE controller for ZX Spectrum 128 +2A/B & +3
- ZX Taper - utool that allows you to feel the real tape

tooloudtoowide dedicated the following awards:
- IF2 Cart - Cart to Interface 2 with the content loaded by its
author, that includes, among other items, a diagnostic ROM.
- The Little Book of ZX Spectrum Games written by Chris Wilkins
- SJS1 Joy Tester (Sinclair Joystick for ZX Spectrum 128 +2
and+3) that is also and adapter for manipulators compatible with
the Atari standard.

Gal Anonim dedicated the following awards:
- Flash Card IF2 - Two units of Flash Card to Interface2, 
wherein you can load your soft, designed for this device ;-)

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