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17 декабря 2015

News - DiHalt Lite 2016 ended. I tried to write music for it but failed, and couldn't come.

<b>News</b> - DiHalt Lite 2016 ended. I tried to write music for it but 
failed, and couldn't come.
                        by Alone Coder

My andLouisa's quest for documents for our daughter Dasha comes
to the end. There are registrations, vacations, kindergarten
application etc. There are astonishing number of different bonus
payments, benefits, and free services for babies - I'm not sure
anyone could apply to all of them :)

Arwald andMaria Lyubchak (pixel artist of Rusted Souls game) 
are lost in study. If I understand correctly, there are exams

DiHalt Lite 2016 ended. I tried to write music for it but 
failed, and couldn't come.

New partyplace in retro style :)LVD, Ansy, KOE, DimkaM came.
LVD brought an Amiga (or maybe two) from his big collection. By
the way, there is information that the smartphone was presented
to me not only byLVD, but also by KOE :) And there is an Amiga
emulator on this smartphone too in form of UAEЧdroid, sadly a
buggy one :) Kazan people pleased us with the resurrection of
BK-0010/0011. Greets to all DiHalt visitors and keep on! 
Unfortunately the organizers had troubles with unmoderated IRC
channel and wrong ZX Evo firmware (because of it they were
forced to type in the names of programs by hand, and then tried
to switch from 60 Hz to 50 Hz forPlacebo's demo, finally
forgetting to turn turbo mode on). I hope the next time
everything will be OK. But the live feed was nice this time.

John said he tries to write music in a sequencer but still
failed to generate clear AY timbres. VST plug-in is needed. So
he decided to digitize the sound.

A book is actively being written about our plant,АО "РКБ
"Глобус" (sic, with unpaired quotes). Veterans were asked that
worked for 50 years. In turn, with the help ofHippiman, I
collect the information about ZX Spectrum clones and circles.
Elders are harder to ask year after year. Everyone, please send
us everything you know about the late 80's and early 90's! About
authors, plants, dates, runs, circulation of models. I'd like to
contact the authors of Byte (Brest), Kvorum, ЦУКЕН keyboard,
ТЗЧВГ1 chip, Basic ROMs of 1987-1991, iS-DOS, ZX-Word, and 
C Warp. 

The following is interesting too:

- who translatedVickers' book in Russian that was distributed
in samizdat (1987), and who made samizdat books "Большие
возможности вашего Спектрума", "Ваш Спектрум: Бейсик и 
программирование в машинных кодах" (Москва, 1988) и 
- Before the 1989 elections,Kicia wrote an advertisement demo
forSolidarnosc party. It survived and looks as one screen with
a flag that was intended to show continuously. Was it the
position of all the traders?
- Who and when published the brochure "ZX Spectrum: наладка и
ремонт. 48K Пентагон" with phone 947-5678? (I own one.) 
- What early Leningrad schematics exist apart from "графика НПК
"Вариант" 1990 г." (owned bydeathsoft ) and "исправлено 05.90" 
(that I have)?
- Who is"AK" who drew the Pentagon 128 schematics? Is he the
same one who drew the cover for little yellow brochure about
machine codes, with the same initials?
- How and why the first Russian music demos were written in
October 1991 byVasilyev (Mega Sound) and Korpov with Makarevich
(Manhattan) ? 
- Why Didaktik Melodik has ACB stereo, while Profi and ATM have
ABC, and Scorpion has BAC?
- When the CDOS terminal program appeared? Is it linked to
Андрей Поскачеев? ("Диалог по телефону Sinclair - Sinclair" /
Компьютер 6 28 (1990)) 
- Where we can get the dump of original diskette for Beta 128?
Why this version of Betadisk is totally unknown outside xUSSR

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News - DiHalt Lite 2016 ended. I tried to write music for it but failed, and couldn't come.

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