Inferno #02
01 мая 2001

Gameland - последняя демоверсия спекрумовской версии знаминитой амижной игрушки WALKER.

<b>Gameland</b> - последняя демоверсия спекрумовской
версии знаминитой амижной игрушки
     Walker (Final Demo)

 Представляем вашему  вниманию очередную
и   последнюю  демоверсию  спекрумовской
версии    знаминитой   амижной   игрушки
WALKER. К сожалению на данный момент го-
тов  всего лишь один уровень, да и рабо-
тает  это  творение  только на клонах, у
которых имеется как минимум 256 Кб памя-
 Но, на   этом  плохие  новости  еще  не
закончились.  Самая глобальная новость в
этом  плане то, что работа над WALKER'ом
уже давно свернута. Но вы, спектрумисты,
все  еще  можете  поправить. Если придет
много    откликов   авторы   еще   могут
пошевелиться  и может быть нас еще пора-
дуют полной версией, а пока представляем
вам  авторское (амижное) описалово игру-


              AGM - Walker



           WALKER - THE STORY

 The  shape grew in the dark. A grinding
and  clashing  of  metal filled the dank
air  as  the  immense  hulk  rose to its
feet.  Soldiers  looked on, paralysed by
fear  at  the  shape that now stood tall
and  menacing  scant distance ahead. The
machine  settled itself, almost relaxing
on  its  haunches  like  a puma in wait,
muscles     flinching,     silent    and
purposeful.    A   powerful   hum   drew
attention  towards  the towering monster
as  gun turrets swung smoothly into view
and  began  to  scan  the scene. Shouted
orders  now issued back and forth across
the  lines  of  infantry men who spurred
into  action.  A  rumbling  heavy cannon
drew  up  behind  the  lines with a loud
hiss  as  airbrakes brought its colossal
weight  to  a  halt.  Yet  it  was still
dwarfed  by  the  Walker. And there they
lay,  face  to  face;  the  might of the
Endalion   Time   Force  -  a  specially
trained  unit  with  the  latest  mortar
technology and the best back-up hardware
money  can  buy  (Super  Wild  Card?!) -
against the Walker, the machine from the
future.  It  came  as  no  surprise,  of
course,  to  the  troops  on  the ground
facing  the  Walker; they'd been waiting
and preparing for weeks now, waiting for
the time vacuum to burst its deadly load
upon   their  doorsteps.  But  when  the
Walker  did arrive, its sheer size drove
dread  into  the  hearts  of  the troops
who's  task  it  was  to destroy it. The
history  of  The  Time  Wars was scarred
with  appearances  such as this. The war
broke out in the year 2370 following the
invasion  of  the Myarn terbium-mines by
the  great warring continent of Northern
Endalion. But it took over three decades
before  the  war entered its most deadly
phase...  With  the shifting polarity of
the  mother  planet,  vast new tracts of
space  time  opened  up  in  which these
deadly  war  games  could now be played.
But it was Northern Endalion who reacted
most   swiftly.  Suddenly  realising the
strategic  advantage  to  be gained they
sent  large  forces  of  highly  trained
commandos  back in time. There, the Time
Bandits,  as  they were to become known,
established  bases  in full knowledge of
future enemy manoeuvres. This meant that
the war being waged in the present could
be  irrevocably  altered  by  war in the
past  -  a  war  in  which the Endalions
would  have  a  huge  advantage  of both
surprise  and  technology.  It  was only
when entire units of the Myarn army were
thrown  out  of existence by the actions
of  the  Endalion  Time Bandits that the
Myarn  high command realised the immense
danger their essentially peaceful nation
was  in.  And  so it was that the AG-9 -
codename  Walker  -  was  born. A weapon
which  could  be taken back through time
and   challenge   the   Endalion   units
established    in   past   time   zones.
Engineering    criteria    required    a
selfcontained  and energy-efficient unit
-  thus  expansive armour and a powerful
yet  efficient  weapons' system would be
required.  Plus  the ability to traverse
any  terrain,  at  speed, necessitated a
bipedal   movement   system.   The  only
compromise  this design required was the
need for a large heatsink at the back of
the craft to dissipate the heat produced
by   the   Walker's  power  source. Thus
produced,  the Walkers were sent through
the  Myarnian  timegate  and into battle
leaving  the  High-command  waiting with
baiting breath to see how many returned.
History  now  relates the ensuing events
up  to  the  present  day;  of  how  the
Endalion   forces  attacked  the  Walker
installations, halting Walker production
for   any  foreseeable  future.  It also
tells of how only one Walker returned in
a  usable  state,  limping  through  the
timegate  to  report the sole successful
mission  of  Walker operations. No other
mission   results  were  reported.  With
hindsight,  it  was  rather  ironic that
these  events happened at about the time
that     Myarn     intelligence    units
communicated  the  presence  of four key
Endalion  positions within the timescape
which  it  appeared,  with  the  enigmas
thrown  up  through  time-travel,  could
prove decisive in the wars. It was noted
that   should   these   four   bases  be
destroyed,    Endalion   forces   in the
present  would  cease  to exist. And so,
armed  with  this  piece of information,
the  Myarnian  commanders  turned  their
attention  to the remaining Walker unit.
Conventional   attacks   could   not  be
successful  because  speed  was  of  the
essence  to prevent present-day Endalion
units mobilising quickly and reinforcing
the  remaining key installations. Only a
Walker  unit  would  be quick enough and
versatile enough to complete the mission
within  time  constraints.  But only one
Walker  remained operational. And it it,
only one chance for survival...

            WALKER - LOADING

 Insert  disk  1 into the internal drive
and  turn  on  your  Amiga. Witness cool
intro.   Follow   any  on-screen  prompt
messages asking you to insert disk 2 and
disk  3.  The  game  will  now load. One
external floppy disk drive is supported.
To   skip  the  intro,  click  the mouse
button and the game programme will load.

           WALKER - CONTROLS

              GUNSIGHT   /
                 UP  ___/
                 /\ /     LOCK-ON TARGET
MOUSE:           |/     /                    KEYBOARD:
        |    ___/  ___/   |             _____   _____
        |  _|  /|_|  /|_  |         <- |     | |     |->
        | | |   | |   | | |     WALKER |  Z  | |  X  |WALKER
        | | |___| |___| | |       LEFT |_____| |_____|RIGHT
      <-| |             | |->
GUNSIGHT| |             | |GUNSIGHT     _____   _____
    LEFT| |             | |RIGHT    <- |     | |     |>
        | |             | |     WALKER | <-- | | --> |WALKER
        | |             | |       LEFT |_____| |_____|RIGHT
        | |             | |
        | |_____________| |
        |                 |

  JOYSTICK:          /            /
             |  ___/         ___/ |
             | |  /|  ____  |  /| |
             | |___| |    | |___| |
             |       |_  _|       |
           <-|        |  |        |->
       WALKER|        |  |        |WALKER
         LEFT|      __|  |__      |RIGHT
             |     |  |__|  |     |
             |     |________|     |
             |                    |


 Walker  is  controlled by an innovative
mouse/cursor key combination. The cursor
keys  or  the  Z  and X keys control the
direction  of  Walker whilst mouse moves
the  target  cross-hair.  The left mouse
button  is used for firing Walker's twin
30mm  carbines and the right button will
allow  you  to  lock-on  to  a  target -
wherever it goes.

           SCORING '& CANNONS

 Top  left  of the game screen, you will
find  your  current  score. Below is the
gun  temperature indicator. When the gun
is  used,  the  indicator rises from red
through   orange  and  yellow  to  white
representing   the  heat  level  of  the
cannons.   At   white,   the  cannon  is
overheated  (an  alarm  will  sound) and
needs to be allowed a short time to cool
down. One tip for using the cannon is to
use  it  in  short  bursts - letting the
cannon  cool  down  during  use.  At the
bottom  left  of  the  screen, a written
display of gun temperature is available.

             LIVES '& SHIELD

 To  the  top  right  hand  side  of the
screen  you  can  see how many lives you
have  left.  Below  that  is  the shield
indicator. When your shield is complete,
the  box  is  entirely green. As you are
hit  by the enemy, the shield level will
drop.  When  the  level  becomes low, an
alarm  will  sound and a written display
to  the  bottom  right  hand side of the
screen  will  tell  you  of  the current
status  of your shields. When the shield
is   destroyed,   the   enemy   will  be
destroying  the  fabric  of your Walker.
The  shield  box  turns red and when the
box is empty, the Walker is destroyed.


 When  the  current  screen  is clear of
enemies,  the  message box in the centre
will  display 'AREA CLEAR'. When enemies
are about to appear, the message will be
'DANGER'. When the cannons are locked on
to  a  target, the message display below
the  area  status box will display 'LOCK

             TIME SCENARIOS

  Walker is initially placed in a Berlin
World  War  II scenario. Once the travel
is  cleared  of enemy troops, he travels
to  the next timezone. These progress as

i.   Los Angeles 2019 (The survivors
     call it Judgement Day...!)
ii.  Middle East, present day.
iii. The Great War 2420

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