29 февраля 1996

Part 3 - Games instructions.

<b>Part 3</b> - Games instructions.



The Devils Hand

Drakon,   helped   by  the  Devil  escaped
Morrack  by disappearing into the lands of
Gorgon.  They mystic lands where the great
Wizard  Zorron crafted the Falcon staff of
power.  Morrack  using  all  of  his magic
powers  has  followed him, unable to bring
his   companions   he  must  explore  this
strange  new land and find new friends and
Drakon sits upon the Devils right hand and
hopes to rule the universe. He has amassed
great  armies of Orcs ready to assault the
Wizards tower and thus destroy Zorron.

In  this battle against the dark hordes of
evil   you   play  the  part  of  Morrack.
Although  powerless  now  in  the  acts of
magic  you  must  use  your  strength  and
wisdom  to  track  down Drakon and destroy
his  black soul, before he can destroy the
great Wizard Zorron.



Alchemist  News is an excellent disk based
magazine   for   the   Spectrum  which  is
regularly  produced by Alchemist Research.
Aimed mainly at "Real" Spectrum users (see
Part 5), This magazine contains details of
the  current  happenings  in  the world of
Speccy PD and new Spectrum Games.
It  is an excellent read, and if you enjoy
this  issue,  how  about  getting  it on a
regular basis? (See Part 5 for details)



All  good  things must come to an end they
say,  and in keeping with that quote, here
is  the  final  game in the new JSW series

It  is  a  great game to finish on though.
After battling through the mansion in Join
the  Jet  set (Issue 2), the Manic Mine in
JSW  - The Continuing Adventures (Issue 3)
and  through  Space  in  JSW  - The Deadly
Mission   (Issue  4),  Willy  has  finally
decided  to  take a well earned break from
mad  vacuum  cleaners  and collecting beer
BUT,  poor  Willys  life  is  strewn  with
Choas,  and  on booking into the hotel, he
finds  that  it  is in a complete mess and
has  been  invaded  with  even more insane
household appliances!
Take  Willy and explore the hotel, tidying
it  all  up so that Willy can finally have
the rest he deserves!!

A  Final  thanks  to  Richard  Hallas  for
contibuting  all  four new Willy games for
inclusion  in  Emulate - The magazine will
not be the same without them! ;)



The  time: World War I is over. As yet, no
date fixed for a rematch.
The place: Darkest Surrey, England.
The setting: Britain rules a mighty empire
over  which the sun - like bad jelly never
sets.  How  could  such  a  small  island,
permanently  shrouded  in  fog,  become  a
great  power,  and  George  V  the world's
largest  private landlord? The answer lies
in cricket.
For  countless  years British schools have
conducted a gruelling regime : cold baths,
corporal    punishment   and   over-cooked
cabbage. It is a regime the British do not
escape,  even in adulthood, except through
cricket;  a game which can lead to as much
as  5  days  absence  from home or school.
Even  if  played  at  home,  it  acts as a
powerful anaesthetic.
Whenever  possible the British leave their
soggy   island   for   good,  hence  their
pre-eminence  as  a  seafaring nation. far
from  home  they  yearn  for  the sound of
willow against leather. But their contempt
for foreign languages (on the grounds that
they  are "foreign") and the difficulty of
translating terms like "silly mid-off" has
forced them to colonise other countries as
the only way of persuading them to take up
the game.
Now  disaster  looms  for  the  bowler and
brolly  brigade.  The  contemptable  COUNT
CHAMELEON,  Master  of  Disguise and sworn
enemy  of the establishment, is determined
to  succed  in  his  latest  and  greatest
dastardly  plot.  His sale of rubber goods
through  mail-order ads in a civil service
magazine,  has  led  him  to  develop  the
RUBBERTRONIC RAY. With it, he threatens to
neutralize  the  starch  in  wing-collars,
loosen  stiff  upper  lips  and  generally
relax  moral  standards  -  leading to the
collapse  of  The  Empire. Worse still, it
will radically and unpredictably alter the
bounce  of  a  cricket  ball. This bounder
must be stopped!



Over  the  next  few  issues,  we  will be
including   a   series  of  those  amusing
space-fillers  -  the "Teletext" programs.
The  idea  is very simple - just type in a
number to go that page!
Please - no complaints about the dusty old
jokes  and  the  CVG coverage, it's not my
fault, honest!!



This  strange  arcade  adventure game sees
you  in  the  role  of  a  streaker who is
roaming  around  the place with no clothes
on  for  some reason. I am afraid I do not
have  access  to the original instructions
for  this one, although I am sure there is
some  plausbale  reason why he should wish
to  walk around "au naturel". Anyway, this
is  a  game  very  similar  to the popular
Wally  series of games where you must roam
around  the  area,  picking up objects and
using them in the appropriate places.



This  excellent  three part adventure game
sees  you  in  the role of Robin Hood. You
have   the   opportunity  to  roam  around
Sherwood  forest,  as  the title suggests,
and hopefully find your band of merry men,
while  at  the  same time dealing with the
awful  kidnapping  of Dorothy's dog, Toto.
As  the unusual plotline suggests, this is
the   work   of   the   excellent   Fergus



Settling down for a good nights sleep, our
hero  Gregory  finds his alarm clock, pops
it  on  top  of  the chest of drawers, and
clambers  into  bed for a restoring regime
of  kip.  The  first  few Zeds have hardly
escaped  our  Gregs  sleeping  lips when a
naughty  ghost intervenes, stealing Greg's
timepiece.  And  this  ghostie  is  really
wicked  -  it  breaks  the clock into five
pieces and scatters them around four weird
dreamscape  locations.  However  will  our
hero  manage  to  wake  up in the morning?
Greg's  got an important day at work ahead
of  him.  Thanks  to  that bad spook, Greg
will never, ever wake up to reality unless
he can retrieve the parts of his clock and
get them to the nice old horologist (clock
mender  to  the likes of ordinary folk) As
you might imagine, time is of the essence.
Greg has only three game hours in which to
complete  each  section  of  the quest and
restore  order  to his world. So this game
is played against the clock as well as for

Don't  expect too much help here - this is
meant  to  be  a  challenging  experience,
after all!!!

Here are a few hints to get you going:
Wheels  turn  off  water  and  open doors,
providing you put them in the right place.
Sometimes  you  have  to  leave  something
youve  already  collected  behind you when
you   go   looking   for  another  bit  of
Birds have more than wings.
Markers help in mazes.
A good eye for picture matching makes life
Don't shoot too many things.
The  best  place  to wake up in morning is
alone in bed.

Don't  ring us - just get the five bits of
clock  to  the  menders and wake up to the
ringing of the alarm bell.



Your    quest...to   destroy   the   enemy
battlestar  that threatens all other known
life forms! Blinky, your onboard computer,
will  guide  you  through  the  quest with
messages  on  the screen. Each alien has a
shield  of certain strength which you must
break  through  to  kill  it. But the more
often  you  fire,  the  weaker  your laser
bolts get....so you must target your shots
carefully  without  exhausting  your laser
reserves.  If  an  alien  comes close, use
your  shield  to  protect your ship...they
will bounce off, sustaining damage.

Select  your  destination  from the BATTLE
CHARTS (hint:Belmar)
Destroy  all  enemy  craft to clear a safe
escape      launch      window...automatic
acceleration    to    light   speed   will
commence...upon     destination    arrival
automatic  deceleration  from  light speed
will commence...now you must dock with the
tiny  distant  mothership  by holding your
sights  on her; this activates her tractor
beams which draw you ever closer.

After   docking,   Blinky  will  give  you
information  about  your  next destination
the next step towards your objective.


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