29 февраля 1996

Part 5 - Emulate letters.

<b>Part 5</b> - Emulate letters.



Do  you know of a Sinclair QL emulator for
the  PC?  I'd  really  like to get hold of
one.  If you do, perhaps you could give me
details of how I can get it. Thanks,

N Wittering 


There  is  not,  as  far  as  I know, a QL
emulator  for  the PC. However, there is a
large amount of resources for the Sinclair
QL on the web if you know where to look. I
have  expanded the Internet section of the
magazine,  adding  more QL sites for those
interested and also the location of the QL
FAQ.  If  there  is an emulator for the QL
out there (PC), please let me know!!


Just a quick note to congratulate you on a
great  magazine. I've just come across the
spectrum  emulator  stuff on the internet,
and  at the moment I'm having a great time
playing old classics like JetPac and Manic
Miner.  I  bought  my 16K spectrum back in
1983,  and  upgraded  to  a  mammoth 48K a
couple of years later. Now I have the best
parts  of this computer, without the dodgy
ariel  lead or the games that wouldnt load
until   my   volume/tone   settings   were
_exactly_ correct. Keep up the great work,

Rick Bishop 


Having  an  emulator does take some of the
pain  of  loading  games  away, as we know
they  are  virtually  all  going  to  load
properly. But...sniff...it also takes away
some of the magic of the Speccy...!


I've  just  been  reading  your  fantastic
'e-zine'.  What a "blast from the past" it
has  been.  To me, as I am sure to so many
people,  the Spectrum evokes feelings of a
time  when  computers  were  exciting  and
*cheap*  and  available  to  the masses. I
never  actually  owned  a Spectrum, but my
friend  had  one, and we spent many a long
hour  playing  the latest games, typing in
games from C&VG (Remember when they were a
"computer" mag ?), and just mucking about.
Reading  your  'e-zine'  brings  back many
happy  memories,  and  not  only about the
Spectrum. (I was a lot younger then ;) )

My  first  computer  was  the  Amiga  500,
bought  at  a  time  when they cost 500. I
then  went on to an Acorn A310M, A500, and
now the latest RiscPC. So what now!? Well,
I've  just  to  get  hold  of  a  Spectrum
emulator  so  that  I can relive a mispent
youth.  As  Boris Donko says, your'e-zine'
is part of the buzz.

Well  done  on an excellent magazine, keep
up the good work!

Paul Irvine


This   is  sort  of  a  followup  to  some
comments in Issue 4.
What   people  seem  to  want  is  a  sort
stand-alone (for their machine) executable
version  of  emulate  (or  failing  that a
common format that can be read by all)
Of  course  until  people  wanted embedded
pictures...  the  current format is ideal,
although  the  HTML  version  is  nice for
I  have  made a quick look through most of
the  relevant  sites  and  have found that
there is no common hypertext format...
So  it  looks  like  someone  should write
one...  Although  if you have the cash you
could  try  Adobe  PDF  although  that may
annoy those amiga owners...

Ben Baylis 


After  my  comments in a previous issue, I
have  has  quite  a  few suggestions as to
what to do with the magazine (some of them
unprintable....only  kidding!)  It is hard
to find a modern computer platform to use,
as  if  I  opt  for  a  PC  display, other
computer owners would be left out and vice
versa.  It  is  possible  that in the near
future  I  will  be producing a version of
Emulate in the form of a Spectrum file, as
all  the computers have an emulator and it
seems the only "universal" thing to use!


Hey!  Alright there? I'm a twenty two year
old    english    student   at   sheffield
university  with  too  much  time  on  his
hands.  A year ago, in the middle of a big
remeniscence  with my house mate about the
speccy,  she  admitted she still, actually
had  hers  in  the loft at her mums house.
Thats  how it began. I thought I'd left it
all  behind  me in 1988 but no. These days
myself  and  all my friends spend too much
of  our spare time playing bloody Arkanoid
and  Operation Wolf. Anyway, I wondered if
you  could  count  me  as  a subscriber to
emulate,  and if you might be able to tell
me  where  if  poss I could buy old speecy
games  in  their  original taped format. I
don't   have   an  emulator  or  anything,
neither   am   I   particularly   computer
literate,  I  just  get allowed to use the
pc's  for  writing  up essays for the most
part.  That's  very  much  for  your time,
anyway! Hope to hear from you, I guess!

Rob Barker


You can find games on tapes at second hand
shops  and  boot sales, where you can pick
up  cheap  lots  of  games quite cheap. It
might  also  be  worth checking classified
ads.  You  could also find someone with an
emulator and use the TAP2VOC utility which
transfers TAP files back onto tape.


More letters next issue...


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