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31 марта 1999

Stories - Seven days - seven nights.

<b>Stories</b> - Seven days - seven nights.
    Seven Days - Seven Nights
          Fantastic story

[Continued. The previous chapters - in rooms 92.96]

(C) Andrew Satan

   Lisil went from Evdi with troubled hearts. Vague anxiety
possession of him. Come what may, he will stand any test yet
he's got it.

   Stseris was headlong into neyronike when Lisil came from him 
in the vehicle compartment. - How are you? - Appealed to him 

   Tired of intense mental work Stserisa eyes speak without 
words. - Dropping ... will have to go - finally all the same he 
said. - Cancel?

   Twitch corner of his mouth and slowly swell in the neck 
Commander Vienna - harbingers of impending outbursts. About 
This is well known to all crew members. - Vitsis, please, 
switch to the prima-interface on the brain Commander - der 
Stseris turned to his young assistant. - Just be sure to 
antipsihodestroerom, please. Excuse me, I feel very badly and, 
unfortunately, not I am one.

   After a few moments, looking at pupils mutneyuschie
Commander, Vitsis was forced to abort connection. Eyes Commander
barely alive, his brows frowned, his shoulders drooped. At 
exhaustion He collapsed in the antigravity chair.

- Vitsis rather clear the problem! You did kill Kiba!
- Yes, Lair.
- Cozovite crew ... at the emergency meeting.
- All?
- All ... men - said the commander is very quiet. - And please, 
for five minutes remission Kiba ... And a minute and a half 
after it - me.

- Yes, Lair!

   When remission after he came to himself, then immediately 
focused on variants of the solutions found Kibom. It looks like 
earthlings actually blocked them all the loopholes for beam 
landing. Somehow it was Jurisdictions and is not consistent 
with information received on Osvienne, the development of the 
Earth's basic science. 

   Suddenly there was a bass Krigsa.
- No, well, what restless inventor, eh? The mind boggles!
- I think about for this hand put our incomparable Evdi - the 
second it more high-pitched voice Dregs.

- Well, if something like that we can experience and
Earth, but is not virtual ...
- And do not dream, my friend, humans hate aliens!

   Finally all were assembled: Lisil, Stseris, Vitsis, Silvl, 
Dregs, Krigs and centurion biorobots Daurangs.

- What makes Evdi? - Asked Lisil have Vitsisa.
- Oh, Larry in an excellent mood, primp in front of
mirror and purrs himself something funny under his nose. I told 
her that you made a most boring meeting on the preparation of 
landing on Earth. - Well, Vitsis.

   After a pause, during which calls are present
subsided, Lisil, carefully enunciating each word, said:
- Friends! I asked you to come here because the decision
that I should take, to hurt all of us. Case
not that we will again risk our lives - to
that we do not get used! There is another problem: no matter 
what solution we nor have we inevitably will have to violate 
one of our Supreme law.

- What do you mean? - Exclaimed Silvl. - Who of us would dare?
It's ... means ...
- Yes, that means ... death sentence ...
- It's not a death sentence, but the duty of law-abiding 
palostryanina ... - Do not hide behind words Silvl - angrily 
threw Dregs - and in general, let's look for a way out together!

- Well. Maybe you're right, it is worth once again try to 
escape from this trap. Vitsis Please read the present with the 
problem and the solution obtained. - Yes, of course. I ask all 
to tune into contact with Kibom. 

   In the silence that followed focused person crew a little 
gloomy. At Rangers, they become purple, or from mental 
exertion, or from overfilling their indignation. 

   Until Bitsevsky Forest Park Peter was getting at velokare. 
Overpass to the station hire these high-speed, cost-effective 
means movement on the maglev is steps away from his home. 
Small, like a toy, avtomobilchik on two, with streamlined 
forms, has received the necessary electromagnetic pulse for ten 
kilometers after Peter called the voice of the destination. 
Necessary to maintain the motion energy is stored 
sverhvysokooborotnym handwheel with ultra-low friction 
bearings. In velokara, justifying its title, and had pedals. 
Muscular energy of passengers used mainly to compensate for 
friction losses, which were negligible. However, most of the 
passengers, especially young people who used it both as an 
exercise bike. To this end, in the administration had to be 
called only the desired additional load per kilometer. Millions 
velokarov maintained in the thirty millionth Moscow in the late 
XXI century, the level of environmental pollution from 
transport about half than ten millionth Moscow in the late XX 
century. All it took not more than ten minutes.

   The park was just wonderful. Spring vengeance comes into its 
own. Young leaves are sticky and fun discordant birds - these 
the eternal symbol of renewal of nature, and certainly all 
living things rejoice life. Everywhere were smiling faces. 
Ctayki children frolicking in the dries out from the winter 
snows melted the ground. Beautiful young girls and young cocky 
guys reveled in their own, such an infinite youth, and the 
whole ancient world, it seemed born again and begin their new 
life together with them. He was full of mysteries and secrets, 
it was laced with alluring, the magical, unearthly grace of 
love that is dissolved in the spring air. - God Shall this 
spring, the last of humanity? - Flashed Peter's head. People 
watched in amazement after him. He understood that his face 
must be the only discord among all These carefree, happy faces. 
And here is his favorite krasavtsyduby. Wise my trees, How much 
you've seen in my lifetime. How many children, gathers under 
your acorns in the fall, joy his "priceless treasure" with 
shining with happiness persons fled show them to their least 
happy parents. To the wise trees were wise birds: c height 
mighty branches, watching his black, contemptuous mocking eyes, 
croaked ominously crows.

- Do not klichte Down and Out, black raven soul! We still argue 
with destiny ... 

   Klim and Vsevolod already waiting for him at the appointed 
place. On faces they had written bewilderment. Tall, broad-

dark Klim, shifting from foot to foot, with his hands in his 
baggy pockets roomy jacket. Vsevolod crushed in fingers lump 
tender green leaves. - Well, finally! We were thinking, you 
have to look for! - Klim was outraged.

- What happened? Why the fever? - Vsevolod knit beautiful
eyebrows, holding Peter's hand.
- Guys! As it is simply impossible to believe, but ... - Peter 
and haltingly told them that he was known at that time. - 
Sci-Fi kind of! Cheap and, moreover, not funny. You 
accidentally not confused ... Today is not April 1.

- Yes, come on, Klim, if indeed everything is just so
although in such cases all that is known ... absolutely nothing
means ...
- Let's not lose precious time! Immediately pelenguem 
whereabouts of Paul and, I believe, without delay, should go 
towards Silver Express - Peter interrupted them. - Well, it's 
something ... Why? - View Klim became prickly and suspicious. - 
And then. Imagine that the train is generally not come to 
Moscow. - This is why he should not reach?

- I do not know why. However, this possibility can not be 
excluded. Why else would Paul asked as to accurately track his 
movements? - Yes, indeed ... Of this I somehow never thought of.

   Friends rushed to zaparkovanoy near luxury car.
- Wow! Whose beauty? - Peter said, admiringly.
- My! - Proudly said Vsevolod.
- You are what this son of a snake ... milliarderstvuesh?
- Oh, say, too, - the smile never left the face of Vsevolod -
Remember that story, child abduction president 
Gallaksi-kompyuterz? - Well, of course. Of course I remember. 
Then all you had to do networking din, which swallowed subchiki 
those that were taken out of school children ... - Uh-huh! And 
then, three weeks ago, their dad become generous ... - And he 
bought you a gorgeous car ... - No, its given me, and myself 
bought a cooler somewhere on special order, the ocean. How can 
he afford to have someone else in Moscow, the car was better 
than him? Well, as well as Security Service of the movement 
slows down, I was escorted everywhere instead "royal honors: 
give way, and all that. However, I'm not too abused, I leave to 
her only in extraordinary cases. And so ... good old Mercedes 
still my loyal, loyal friend to all road debacles. 

   Vsevolod "suffered". He once seemed to have forgotten 
everything. - Okay, Seva, stop. Come on, backwaters its eighth 
wonder of the world and chased! By the way, a direction finder 
do you have? - Offend ... Here, brother taakoe have - Vsevolod 
said, smiling mysteriously. 

   Suddenly there was a nice girl's voice.
- Hello, gentlemen!
- Who's that? - A look around on the sides of Peter's face 
became awfully stupid, like all shy young people in the sudden 
appearance of a girl. But there was no girl! - My name is 
Masha, sir, could and guess. 

   Peter was sitting with her mouth open. Car with Vsevolod
was an artificial intelligence.

   Suddenly the computer in Paul rang the bell, and a white 
pigeon zaporhal rectangles on the screen with the envelope in 
its beak. - Strangely, no matter where is it?

   "Pavel Andreyevich Desnitsky. Urgent. Confidential." -
Sender? - Your faithful friend. "

   Paul frowned. Usually, he destroyed the anonymous letter,
reading, but now it strongly raised over the Delete key
finger froze. An inner voice tells us that should not be without
read it, destroy this letter.

"Do not be surprised, sir!
Write to you I made a terrible threat hanging over your
home planet and personally over you. These insidious obsessed 
humanoids delusions. They declared a zone of vital interest to 
our entire galaxy, they destroyed my home planet. I the only 
one who managed to escape by accident. For your safety, 
immediately leave the train. Over the next hour, try and leave 
the area bounded by ... (... More specify the exact 
coordinates). " 

   Paul consulted on kibernavigatoru Geosystems. "Silver 
Express" will appear in a given area at any minute. Brain, As 
always in danger, frantically scrolling options for action. 
From a nearby chair came a groan. Neighbor in the compartment 
as a whole immediately went limp and began to crawl out of the 
chair at floor. The indicator on the hoop dreams, aberrant from 
his head to ear, the eyes of the astonished Paul of Orange 
suddenly become garnet color. - Oh my god ... "It never rains 
but it pours!" 

   One flick of the wrist he knocked his head with hoop 
neighbor, but he did not came to himself. Pulse he had a weak, 
rapid, breathing - surface.

- Doctor! - That is urine cried Paul, throwing wide open
door coupe - the person dies!

   On his desperate appeal through the crowds of onlookers 
formed instantly made its way pretty young woman. Paul raised 
his eyes and could not take them - so it was good.

- We will erase in a powder of nothingness, imagines himself to 
people! - The voice of war elephants trumpeted Raja Krigs. - 
Now, now, a colleague, do not forget! Open, force landing 
within the alien star systems, not in the hands of galactic 
terrorists ... "- tried to reason with his quote of the supreme 
law Silvl. - Ah, I do not care ... "Opposition to inspection by 
the overlap of field corridors of hyperspace ..." - Parried 
Krigs quote from the same place. - How did you get that from? 
Perhaps this is an absurd coincidence! - Tried fend Silvl.

- Coincidence? Ridiculous?! Such ... matches ... does not 
happen! - through the air ferocious voice fearless strategist 
Galactic Wars. - But, my brave Krigs. After the combat 
readiness of military space forces of the Earth is extremely 
high. We simply would not let even their natural satellites, k. 
.. - Hesitated, trying to remember Dregs.

- To the Moon - has prompted Vitsis.
- That's right, the moon. Incinerating lasers or anigilliruyut 
- and the whole game!

- If I may be permitted to intervene ... - Daurangs said.
- Well, of course, speak! "..
- I think we need to return to Osviennu. A couple of months
we shall again here, but with hundreds of starships, armed to 
the teeth. Then, Earthlings will have nothing to oppose us, 
even in open combat in space.

- My friends, - interrupted the disputants Lisil - all, of 
course, terribly bad, but still among the possible solutions 
presented to us Kibom, there is one, I think, quite reasonable 
... - But you can not use it, Lisil - voice Gnarka

sounded like a bolt from the blue.
- Oss? - Lisil closely examined the crowd.

   Averted his gaze from his trieth his opinion one Silvl.
- I forbid you it! Moreover, the command is immediately ready 
to maneuver a spaceship. Gaining Osviennu! - Father! I was 
silent. Resign themselves to your will, bowing in front of your 
wisdom ... 

   Suddenly, a siren wailed drawl. Panic! "Unauthorized access 
to the zone of the modulator genesis-stream". - Evdi-ul ... - 
Jumping up from their seats, like a cheetah for an antelope, 
Lisil rapidly disappeared in the corridor leading to the 
modulator. Behind him, on old habit, without hesitation, rushed 
Krigs and Dregs. - Vitsis - whispered in his ear to his 
assistant Stseris - immediately open the channel modulation. 
Provide them a safe transkarirovanie. The goal for the "ray of 
life" - the Earth. Fixed sector - part of the railway 
"Santiburg - Mosca, the one where now is this ...

- Train!
- Yes. Number transkariruemyh genotypes - four!
- Do not you dare! As the newly appointed commander, I will not 
tolerate ... - cried Silvl.

- Nerds! You do not know what it means emergency mode 
modulator? - Cried the furious der Stseris. - After the cloning 
of the hereditary palostryan was against the law? - They are 
... it ... deserve - stammering and purple, said Silvl.

- And I will do my utmost so that you can repeat
these words to them, alive and not in the void of the universe 
for their souls, a scoundrel. 

   Seeing that Silvl going to pounce on him, der Stseris
filed a secret command to control device antigravity chair 
Silvla. - Sit still! " - Stseris coolly turned his blaster on 
the chest Silvla. - Vitsis accept at the newfound commander of 
his personal weapon. Until the return of Commander Lisila 
starship command I will. 

- Please free up space, allow more air. You know how
doing chest compressions? - Beautiful stranger turned to Paul.
- Yes, of course, had to ... Unfortunately.
- Well, what do you stand as a post? Get down! - She vigorously 
shook a vial, and with lovely hair shaken all of her breathing 
and healthy body. 

   After several kicks to the chest and fat injections have 
begun to faint signs of life. 

   Paul sighed.
- Let me kiss your hand! - He turned to the woman.
- Allow me to kiss the hand of a stranger? - A bottomless 
slough of her eyes flashed and disappeared naughty little 
devils. - Oh, sorry, in this turmoil forgot to introduce 
myself. Paul. - Very nice. My name is Marina - she gave him her 
tiny little white pen with elegant fingers. 

   Looking at her eyes, he warmly pressed his finger to those 
lips. Shiver ran through his mighty body from head to toe.

- Look, we need to quickly get on the air and deliver
patient in the hospital. At any moment an attack could again be 
repeated. - Yes, of course, one minute.

   Through the computer, he requested a connection with the 
engineer and reported happened. Based on the information, the 
nearest hospital is a ten-minute flight from their trains. 
Machinist agreed to an emergency stop for two minutes. 
Passengers of a male from a neighboring coupe helped Paul put 
to coat the patient and things on a small stop, where at any 
moment should arrive helicopter from the district hospital. 
Marina went with him. - How now? - Looking after the departing 
train, thought Paul, but the thought of his delicious companion 
there and then she gave up her away all other problems.

   Jumping for the outer ring highway of Moscow, the car flew 
easily and freely as a bird. The speedometer was almost one 
hundred and ninety miles an hour, but the speed did not feel. 
Vsevolod threw the steering wheel and turned to his friends. 
You can chat with Masha feels great road, and molest her with 
his taxiing on the motorway "Moscow-Helsinki" absolutely no

to anything.
- Where was the last time received signal radiomarkera Paul? - 
Vsevolod said in Clim. - Twenty kilometers from the Highest 
Volochek ... Five minutes ago. - After that, his movement has 
ceased. What is it? Masha, Silver Express has continued to move 
to Moscow? - Certainly, sir. Vydropuzhsk followed a minute ago. 
Through thirty-eight minutes will be in Moscow. The reason for 
delay of seven minutes not yet known, rather the engineer said 
about some unknown dead man off the train. 

   Oppressive silence hung in the air. Finally Peter said.
- What a man have ideas on this?
- Is it really ... what? - Tsoknuv expressive language, said 
Klim. - Do not croaked ... - Frowned Vsevolod. - In this case 
... Ten to twenty minutes work sensor body temperature. How 
soon we'll be there, Masha? - If you would meteodorozhnye 
conditions - after forty seven minutes. - Okay. Let's discuss 
all possible options for our further action. - What other such 
actions? - Flared Clim. - Information and so there was 
virtually none, and now that's ... Okay, I will not, I will 
not. Yes, you do not look at me as the enemy, by golly. 

   The car windows were blacked out, but at the request of the 
passengers or the driver can be projected on their inner 
surfaces the surrounding area with an arbitrary height, or 
anything of Earth Kiberspeysa.

- Masha, please show us the latest worldwide news,
which refer to any communications: space, aliens,
UFO ... - Asked Vsevolod.
- ... Space security - added Peter.
- Well, after two minutes Quick review of interest to you
topics will be ready, but still look new video Zai Dvinson.
- Oh, anything, anything but that - protested Clim. - Give
we are still the best area Vydropuzhska bird's-eye view.
- For God's sake, here you are you your Vydyrpyr!

   Little stop with two slightly rickety little houses
was a reserve the past century. As if it never happened in the 
world no progress, there still remained exactly the same as

hundred years ago.

   The well was full of young woman with buckets. Hiding behind
hand from the bright spring sun shining, it is curiously
looked around strangers. Hiding behind her wide skirt shyly 
peeping children. The woman said something to the boy and 
gently pushed his hand. The boy ran in all haste to Paul and

Marina. Dirt flew in all directions from his old times
rubber boots. The girl was accompanied by his long envious 
eyes, but to run after him did not dare, srobela. - Health - 
smiled the boy all his freckles and Paul Marina.

- Hello, scamp - greeted him with Paul.

   Marina, too, smiled and nodded kindly woman.
Face of a woman from welcoming smiles make beautiful, all over
it was evident that she is glad they.
- What's your name? - Marina turned to the boy.
- Vasyatka they call.
- A priest on the way dignify? - Asked now Paul.
- Vassil Vassilich.
- So tell us, Vasil Vassilich the name of a place where
we have got, and how many people live here?
- Drevlevo, but living here just us and no one else. Let's go 
there soon, mother calling you to tea. - Yes, you see, John, 
Joe, trouble is we have befallen - showed Paul eyes on the 
patient. - And this is me ... right now, instantly, - shouted 
Vasyatka already on the move, and Forest former splashing mud, 
rushed with all his might for the house. A few minutes later 
he, along with mincing gray-haired old man and Truck returned 
back. - Hello, good people, - mumbled the old man.

- Hello, Grandpa! - Paul greeted him with Marina.
- Well-man then you live, as Ali?
- Why, in the train attack happened. Do not worry, soon 
followed him fly the helicopter from the district center, 
ambulance. - From Vydropuzhska, are you?

- Yes, from Vydropuzhska - posted by Paul.
- So the sun that we are his torment, serdeshnogo? And in the 
legs no truth. A samovar is on my desk, and the owner of what 
God sent dear guests poberezhet ...

   It was evident that a novelty here newcomers. Yes, and human
old: wait for the helicopter because it is possible and under 
the roof. - Well, now I'm just raising the poor, - clasping 
armpit fat, said Paul. 

   Joint efforts of the patient was finally loaded into the 
cart, at the hay, covered with a jacket on top. Trying not to 
shake the bulky body, Pavel Vasyatka carefully brought the cart 
under a shed. The old man brought home another coat and boots. 
At home the patient decided not to bring to once again not to 
disturb him. He still never regained consciousness. Marina 
wanted to stay near him, but came up with buckets full of young 
mistress had ordered his own way. - Annie, Vasyatka, keep an 
eye on Uncle! If you wake up or it would be worse - a flash in 
the house, tell us. - Well, Mom, - answered her shrill, 
sonorous voice, a girl, cautiously approached the truck. - Come 
into the house, dear guests - neat little old lady kindly 
opened the door. From the house came the amazing smell of 
freshly baked cakes. Never visited the village of Marina and 
Paul for the first time crossed the threshold of this country 

   The sun had already begun his way to the horizon, and marsh 
mosquitoes, tirelessly roamed in search of warm-blooded 
creatures in the early morning, resting in the shade, after the 
midday break readily smoothed the young, still immature wings, 
preparing for the evening fun. Old lone moose lazily 
substituted for the whole day of the warm spring sun their 
tattered, faded hips, slowly shifting his feet majestically 
withdrew deep into the marsh, away from people for the night. 
Huge, three girth, birch and aspen rustled their mighty verdant 
canopy, muttering something in a playful spring breeze, whether 
on the incessant birds. Suddenly the wind died down, the birds 
were silent, everything stood still in expectation. Not far 
from the sun suddenly broke out a dazzling light. On all sides 
of him curled arc unimaginable number of rainbows. The white 
bark of birch trees shimmering all bizarrely colors flashed 
light spot. A few moments later the blue spring sky suddenly 
became pale yellow. Unimaginable roar shook all around. Hummed, 
moaned forest side. Furious whirlwind broke like matches, 
marine pine, spruce root tore the mighty. Not had time to cling 
to the ground birds were torn ferocious hurricane. A few 
minutes later all was quiet again, the sky became blue again. 

   Poor fellow, elk madly looking around on the sides, standing 
near the edge element devastated marsh. From somewhere far away 
came pungent, suffocating smell of burning. No matter how 
disgusted people were to him, but Today they are perhaps 
surpassed themselves: create something stunningly awful - he 
felt that his whole skin. Elk returned to shore marshes. Under 
the birch tree with a torn top, among the piles of branches 
oblomanyh he came across a gel-like, air, milky-white. It is 
fascinating and contentment. Instinct failed him for the first 
time in my life. Muzzle stretched He came to this wonderful, 
unusual treat. Awesome power an electric shock into the 
nostrils once it outright. Los dropped by the front legs, spasm 
ran through his whole body, a bloody froth came from his mouth, 
out of his ears started to bleed. After a moment the poor 
fellow fell heavily on his side and gave up the ghost. 

   For spacious rustic table covered with antique white
linen cloth, fit and guests, and hosts. From somewhere
stove jumped gray fluffy cat arched his back, stretched over
body, sat up, licking his paw and wiping her funny little face.
- Look, halyugan, guests namyvait - laughed my grandfather - 
and the guests something expensive - mulberries. Hey, old, pour 
us a c. .. - Paul A. - Paul introduced himself.

- ... Paul Andreyitch ... one hundred grams.
- Ischo not drunk at all zhist? -Old woman, grumbling, yet took
from some of the buffet-liter bottle of vodka. Put
on the table, pickles, mushrooms, sauerkraut, potatoes
and pan spray angrily out of the loosely veiled
Cover the fat from the greaves. Grandfather busily poured in 
thick glasses precious liquid, a satisfied grunt and first 
raised the his glass.

- Well, with an introduction, for the health of our dear guests!

   Tipping a glass in one gulp, grunted again, put your
huge, potatoes and the nose piece of porous rustic bread and a 
mildly matyuknulsya: - Edrit your, uhh nice! Good for Grisha, 
learned to drive! - What is used well to learn, and then ... - 
Filed voice of an old woman, bustling at the stove. - Tsyts, I 
say. Ischo teach me to like. Spravno guy, I say, grown up: all 
it had to argue. A good wine each ... Duc, where do without 
him? With ustatku, Ali trouble some, and then - Here ... with 
joy. Am I right? - He turned to Paul. - You, Dad, give people 
something to eat. So tired go and the road, and adventure with 
them ... not a pleasant one - began a young daughter. 
Grandfather razulybalsya. - I love you, Nastasia, a light on 
your head, but for your kindness. I go and right, have a look, 
as our patient there, I bet kids something began to play, not 
doglyadyat. Yes, and Grisha something to be seen. It's time to 
b him to return.

- No tights, you old. Kuzia does he go? Already seen on the 
road who raised him. Razi do you refuse? - Fine him an old 
woman accusingly shaking his gray head.

            - - - -
               To be continued

Illustration - (c) Eugene Golyakov / Spencer Winset / Diamond 


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