07 января 1987


JOTTER is a simple program that you may like to use to write letters, articles or messages to OUTLET. 
If you are starting something new then select the DELETE option by pressing CAPS SHIFT + the '0' key or DELETE if you have a DELETE key on your keyboard. This will erase all the BASIC between line 1 and 6998 thus wiping out any old messages in the program (such as this!). 
Just enter your text as ordinary string DATA statements (between quotation marks!) in any of the BASIC line numbers between 1 and 6998. 
You do not need to worry about spacing out each line or leaving spaces at the end to start the next line correctly - JOTTER will do that automatically. 
Keep in mind that JOTTER will always start a new paragraph after each DATA statement. 
When you have done you can RUN the program to see how it looks then just select SAVE from the prompts shown to save the whole thing on a disc. You can re-LOAD it another time to continue adding to what you have written but if you do, make sure you select the WRITE option (not DELETE). Send off your completed masterpiece to Chezron with your next order! 
You will see that there are also options to print the text using the Disciple or Kempston E interfaces and an Epson-type printer, or a ZX-type printer such as the Alphacom so you can keep a convenient copy of what you have written. 
Of course, you are not tied to this program. You may prefer to use your own routine or just type in PRINT statements in BASIC. You can send in Tasword files or whatever. If you write a fancy program to display your text in a special or interesting way we will probably include it as it is but most of the text received will be compressed into a special form of code and displayed with a special decompressor so that we can cram more into each issue. We should be able to convert most forms of text but we suggest you stick to 32 characters on screen. (e.g. Set right hand margin to 32 in Tasword files). 
If you prefer a different background and ink colour in JOTTER then you can customise your own version by altering the commands at line 8000 then use the SAVE option. Let us know what you think of JOTTER. In fact, tell us what you think of anything and everything in OUTLET! If you can do something better, like a full-screen wordprocessor, then send it in! Share it with other OUTLET readers!

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