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Part 3 - Instructions.

<b>Part 3</b> - Instructions.


  Each  month with the extended version of
Emulate,  a  games  pack  is included with
several  classic  Spectrum Games which are
quite  hard  to find. This issue, there is
something    for    everybody    in   this

PLATFORM  - Jet Set Willy 3
UTILITY - The JSW Editor /The CHAOS editor
STRATEGY  - War in Middle Earth
MAGAZINE  - 16/48 Tape magazine Issue 20
            (June 1985)
ARCADE  - Pyjamarama
PUZZLE  - Split Personalities

Public Domain Utilities
POKE-IT - To use the multiface pokes
                  included with this Issue
SPCONV - To convert between file formats



  You  need  instructions? Surely everyone
must  have  played  Jet  Set Willy at some
point  in their life? But just in case you
have just crawled out of a cave ;) heres a
brief run down of the instructions:
  Miner  Willy  has just struck it rich in
the  Manic  Mine  and has bought himself a
massive  mansion and a yacht. To celebrate
his  new  found  wealth he has invited all
his  friends  to a party at his new house.
But,   after   the  party  has  ended  and
everyone  has  left,  the  mansion is in a
total  mess with objects left all over the
place!! Willy's housekeeper Maria will not
let  him  into  bed until he has tidied up
all  the objects in the mansion (strange -
I  thought that was what housekeepers were
meant  to  do!)  Anyway,  Willy  sets  off
around  the  unknown  corners of his house
where strange creatures lurk, in search of
all the objects.
  In  this  third  Jet Set Willy game (Not
written  by  Matt  Smith  BTW)  Willy  has
decided to move underground, but the story
is  just the same. Find all the objects so
Maria will let him into bed.
  WARNING!!   This   game   is  incredibly
difficult. Only for JSW experts!


90% - Crash 35 (Dec 1986)

  In   this   adventure,   based  on  Dick
Francis'  thriller,  you  play the part of
Jonathan  Derry,  physics  teacher at East
Middlesex comprehensive. For reasons which
will  become  clear  as  you progress, you
become  the custodian of a set of cassette
tapes.  It  is  up to you to find out what
they  do.  However,  there  is  some other
characters whose concern for the health of
others  particularly Jonathan Derry is far
from paramount. Perhaps they know whats on
those tapes.

  In this game you play Jonathan Derry. To
control  his  actions  type  short English
sentences, such as GO NORTH or TAKE RIFLE.
To  save  typing, movement commands can be
shortened to just one letter, N, S, etc...
You  can  enter  several commands at once,
separated   by   THEN  and  AND.  You  can
communicate   with  characters  by  typing
their    name,   followed   by   a   valid
instruction in as set of commas.

  Make  a map of who and what is where and
how to get from one place to another.
Save your position regularly
  Enter  one  command  at a time to start,
the   use   multiple  entry  to  speed  up
familiar parts of the game.
  Interactions  with  characters relies on
their  attitude  towards  you at the time.
You  could  improve  relations by offering
advice or objects, or by simply talking to

  The  racing  simulation  can  be  played
either  independently,  or  as part of the
adventure and the aim is to make money! If
you  are betting as part of the adventure,
your   winnings   (up  to  ܲ50)  will  be
available  when you return. You are at the
course  for  a day, when six events are to
be  run.  In  each event you are shown the
horses,   together   with  the  odds.  The
current  conditions  are shown on the race
card.  You  can  place  money  on whatever
horses  you  want,  and  press  RETURN  to
finish  and  start  the race. To study the
horses  more  carefully  press F while the
card   is  shown.  A  separate  screen  is
displayed for you to study the runners. If
you run out of cash, you will just have to
sit  back and watch! At the end of the day
you can either:
1) Start again with a fresh lot of money
2) Start again with your current money
3) Return to the adventure(If you cam from
  Players who have come from the adventure
and  successfully  solved some of Jonathan
Derrys problems may bring an item which is
as useful as the Philosophers stone!




  Fancy  becoming  Matthew  Smith  for the
day?  Heres your chance! Make your own set
of  levels  for  that classic game Jet Set
Willy.  You've  already  seen  what can be
done  (with JSW 3) The commands are pretty
self  explanatory,  just  follow on screen
prompts,  and  it  would  help  if you had
access  to  a  real  tap  recorder, or TAP
capability  for the saving of the data you


  Secondly  an  editor for another classic
game   -   This   editor   allows  you  to
completely  alter  all  the  monsters  and
spells  in  the  game,  even  down  to the
actual  graphics and stats!! Simply follow
the  on screen commands to create your own
characters.  The  original  CHAOS data has
already been loaded in, so it is all ready
to  begin  hacking!  Once you have created
your  own  set  of characters, choose SAVE
under the Stats menu, and the program will
save  your creation as a data file. Again,
access to tapes, or TAP capability will be
helpful   here.   Then,  simply  load  the
original  chaos  header,  but  replace the
data section with your own data.

  If  you  manage to create CHAOS 2 or JSW
4,  be  sure  to send them to Emulate! and
the  best  ones will be included in future


8/10 - Your Sinclair 40 (April 1989)

  A  classic  strategy  game  based on The
Lord  of  the Rings. You may find it helps
to  have  read  the books, but it is by no
means  necessary.  Just  in case you don't
feel like wading through three volumes and
2000 pages of story, heres a brief rundown
of the plot:

  You  are  Frodo  Baggins, an exceptional
hobbit.  You  uncle  Bilbo Baggins went on
adventures,  something  no  normal  hobbit
would  do.  On the most famous of these he
acquired  a  ring that made him invisible.
Bilbo  has  left this ring to you and left
the  Shire  to  live  among the elves. You
friend  the  Wizard  Gandalf  the Grey has
identified  this  ring  as  being "The one
ring". This was forged by Sauron, the Dark
Lord,  it  is very powerful and very evil.
It  contains  much of Sauron's power, with
it  he  would  defeat  all his enemies and
subjugate  the whole of Middle Earth, were
it  to  be destroyed he would be defeated.
Though  it  would  be  possible  to use it
against  Sauron, it would then corrupt the
wielder  turning him into a new Dark Lord.
Because of the magical nature of the ring,
it  can  only be destroyed by being thrown
into  the  cracks  of  doom,  where it was
forged.  This  is the mouth of the volcano
Mt. Doom in the centre of Saurons kingdom,
Mordor, far to the South East. You are not
on  your  own,  accompanying  you are Sam,
Merry  and  Pippin,  three Hobbit friends,
Aragorn  the  ranger,  Boromir  of Gondor,
Legolas  the  elf,  Gimli  a  Dwarf and of
course,   Gandalf.   As   well  as  facing
Sauron's forces, you will also be assailed
by  those of the wizard Saruman. Though he
was  originally  leader  of the council of
Wizards   opposing  Sauron,  he  has  been
corrupted.  He has raised and army of Orcs
and  Dunlendings and he too is looking for
the ring, for he believes he can use it to
control  Middle  Earth.  You  will need to
mobilise  the nations of the West, the men
of  Dale,  Gondor  and Rohan, the Elves of
Lorien  and  Mirkwood  and  the Dwarves of
Erebor  and  the Iron Hills, or the forces
of  evil  will win by force of arms before
you can destroy the Ring. If the forces of
evil can find the Ring and take it back to
Barad-Dur or Isengard you will lose.


  The  Middle Earth map displays the whole
of  Middle  Earth on the screen. Along the
left  hand  side  of the screen there is a
list of commands. In the middle of the map
there  is  a  gauntleted hand. This is the
cursor,   to   select  any  action  simply
position   the  finger  over  the  desired
point,   using   the   joystick  or  keys.
Friendly units are displayed on the map as
dots. There are 3 commands
FILE - To save/load
MEMO - Gives you further info on the state
of the game.
TIME - Sets game in motion. Campaig   time
is  shown  on  the  scroll  underneath the
command.   Once   time   is  started,  all
friendly   units  start  to  follow  their
orders.  Saurons  units will also start to
  To  examine  any  area in detail, simply
position  and  press fire. This stops time
and   takes   you  to  the  campaign  map.
Friendly  units  on  the  map are shown as
shields. A unit can be a single character,
eg  Frodo,  or  an army. Each shield shows
all  the units in a certain sector, and is
thus  called  a  stack. To examine a unit,
position  over  shield  and press fire. To
see  further  units, press fire repeatedly
to cycle through.
For each unit you are told:
  TITLE - Either their name or description
eg A Company of 002 Men
  WHO  IN  COMMAND  - "Man in command" etc
means no commander set
  DESTINATION - Where they are going
  ENERGY  - This is used up by walking and
being hit in combat
  DETERMINATION  - How long they will keep
  STEADFASTNESS - How fast their energy is
used up.
  VIRTUE - How long they can hold the ring
  BRAVERY  -  The braver you are, the more
often you will hit in combat
  STRENGTH  -  How much damage you will do
to an opponent
  ALLEGIANCE  - Fellowship , the good guys
Mordor,   Saurons   troops   or   Orthanc,
  To give units an order, press fire twice
while their details are displayed. Now you
can choose to :
RETURN - Do not give a new order
  SET  TO  DESTINATION  - Go to a specific
destination,  you are offered a second man
giving  you  the  choice  of  applying the
order  to the individual unit (Individual)
or all the stack (Everyone)
  SET  TO  JOIN  -  Orders  unit  to  join
another units company
  SET TO FOLLOW - Order one unit to follow
  When  selecting destinations, the cursor
becomes  a maltese cross which you can the
position and press fire.
  Frodo  starts  as  the  ring  bearer, as
indicated  by  the ring after his name. To
had  to another hero, simply press R while
their  details are displayed. They must be
in  the  same  stack  as  the  ring bearer
  COMBAT  -  When  combat  occurs, time is
stopped  and  a  pair of crossed swords is
shown  at  the place of battle. Push up to
view  your  forces  and  left and right to
view  the enemy. Press fire to move to the
battle  screen.  Each  character  in  both
armies  is  represented by a figure on the
screen.  Your  forces  will not move until
ordered,  although  will  fight  back when
attacked.  The  screen  can  be  scrolled,
using  the  normal  controls.  To  order a
character,  press  fire on him, then press
fire  on  selected  enemy  and the message
"New  destination  selected"  will appear.
The  character will then move. To directly
move  a  character, fire twice on him, and
then move him around.
  The Ring Bearer may wear the ring. To do
this press R and he will disappear and not
have  to  fight.  He  will  then leave the
battle  and  appear  on the next square on
the  map. This greatly decreases the level
of   virtue  in  the  bearer.  But  beware
Nazgul! They will seek out the ring bearer
if he attempts to wear the ring.

Good Luck!



  A   renewed   interest  in  these  early
tape-based  magazines,  means  that I have
included an issue with Emulate! This issue
is No.20 and comes from June 1985 You will
have  to  reset  the  TAP  file  after the
Ludoid  adventure  game, and then continue
loading   as   normal.  (This  is  because
Ludoids  was  at  the end of side 1 on the
original  tape.)  You  will  also  need to
reset after Bullion Raiders. If anyone has
problems  using TAP files, let me know and
I  will  make sure I make a normal version
This issue of 16/48 includes:
PUZZLE  and  loads  more...if  only it was
still going, eh? :)

  Anyone  who  is  interested in obtaining
more  issues  of 16/48 and another popular
Spectrum    Tape    Magazine,    "Spectrum
Computing", can find several issues at the
NVG   UNIT  ftp  site,  in  the  directory
available  are SC Issue 14 and 16/48 Issue
  Brian  Gaff,  uploader of these promises
more  in  the  next  few weeks and we will
include Spectrum Computing Issue 6 in No.2
of Emulate!


92% - Crash 10 (Nov 1984)

  One  of  the  classic  arcade  adventure
characters   on   the   Spectrum  was  the
unlikeliest  of heroes. Wally Week starred
in  five  games  altogether,  with  humble
beginnings  in  the  first,  Automania, he
went  on  to star in four classic Spectrum
Arcade  adventures.  Over  the  next  four
issues,  we  will include these games, and
the  complete  solution  to  the adventure
will  appear  in the following issue. This
is the story:

  Welcome  to the nightmare world of Wally
  Even Wallies have to sleep - the trouble
is,  being  a  wally,  nightmares are more
trouble than they seem.
  For  a  start  everything suddenly seems
larger than life, so even everyday objects
somehow  present difficulties. And being a
Wally,  you  may  find  it  even harder to
release  yourself  from  your predicament.
Parts   of   your   nightmare  may  repeat
themselves,   repeat   themselves,  repeat
  This  however  is nowhere near as simple
as  it  sounds,  because  many objects are
needed  to  achieve  different tasks which
will   become   apparent   as   the   game
  Only  two  objects may be carried at one
time.  To  change an object, pass over the
one  required  and  it  will  be exchanged
automatically (to avoid exchange jump over
the unwanted object)
  There  are many rooms in the house and a
wide    variety   of   "distractions"   to
overcome.  Keys  will  be required to open
some  doors.  To open others, just jump at
the handle.
  Even  though  you  are asleep, energy is
also  a factor in this game. At the top of
the  screen  you  will see a glass of milk
with  "Snooze Energy". A short while after
the  start of the game, this will start to
decrease. It will also decrease if you are
hit  by an object or you hit an object. To
replenish  this  lost  energy,  there  are
items  of  food  in  the house, which will
appear  singly and in different locations.
Once  it  has  been consumed the next will
appear  elsewhere,  but always in the same
location.  When your snooze energy has run
out 3 times, losing 3 lives, you will have
to start the game again.


90% - Crash 30 (July 1986)

  An   excellent  puzzle  game,  still  as
playable now as it was when first released
nearly ten years ago, although some of the
famous faces may appear a bit out of date!
Originally titled Splitting Images, the TV
program  of similar name took offence, and
so the name was altered.

  The  idea  is  simple - build up a split
picture  of the character by arranging the
squares in the right order.
  The  spinning  cursor is controlled with
the  direction keys/joystick. At the start
of  the  game  you'll  find  it in the top
lefthand  corner  under the arrow. You can
make  pieces of the picture or bonus items
appear  by  pressing fire while the cursor
is  in the box. You'll have noticed by now
that  the  little screen on the right hand
side  is lighting up as you pass over each
piece  of  the  picture.  This  shows  the
correct  position  for  the piece that the
cursor  is  spinning  over. If you want to
move a piece or item then put the spinning
cursor on that particular piece, hold down
fire  and  press  down whichever direction
you  wish  to move it. Notice you can only
push a piece until it either hits the wall
or another square, watch out for the black
cracks  in  the  border or you're in for a
surprise.  Have you noticed that there are
several  little  doors opening and closing
automatically?  If  they  are closed, they
act  like  the  normal wall of the playing
area,  however,  if they are open then the
moving  piece  will  disappear through the
hole. If it is a piece of the picture then
this  is  put to the end of the "queue" of
pieces  waiting  to  be  brought on to the
playing  area. If it is a bonus item, then
it  disappears forever. (TIP:Youll find it
helpful to get rid of pieces which are not
useful by throwing them through the little
doors) When you have completed a level the
computer  waits  until  the fire button is
pressed  before  continuing  onto the next
stage. If you're in doubt try it out.

  Each  level has several items associated
with  the person you are trying to create.
If  these  are  pushed  together they will
give you bonus points. However is you push
the wrong items together they will both be
destroyed   with  no  bonus  points  being

1)  The  bomb:  Explodes  after 5 seconds.
Destroy it by pushing it through doors.
2)  Water  Tap:  Push  it  against bomb to
destroy it and earn 5000 points.
3)   Diamond:   Push  it  against  another
diamond and your time limit's increased.
4) Fuel: Don't throw it against the match,
its explosive.
5) Match: Don't throw it against the fuel,
its explosive.
6)  Pistol:  Throw it against a bullet and
your bonus will be doubled.
7)  Bullet:  Throw it against a pistol and
your bonus will be doubled.
8)  Hammer/Ice  Cream/Cup Coffee : Mystery

  You  have 3 lives during the game, these
are  shown  in  the  black  squares in the
bottom righthand corner. However: After an
explosion  of an item or if your time runs
out  (shown by marker at bottom of screen)
your  lives  will  be decreased by one. If
you  reach  a  score  of  100,000  you are
awarded  one extra life. If you complete a
level within the limit, you will get bonus
points.  Otherwise,  they  will be awarded
for throwing items together.



  A  few  pictures have been included with
the  main  package  as  GIF files. Most of
these  are  loading screens from the above
games  (for  completeness) There is also a
seperate     archive    included    called
SPOILERS.ZIP.  This  contains  a  few  end
screens  from some games. Only look if you
want to see how a game ends!!



  I have included two popular PD utilities
for  Spectrum  Emulator  with  this issue.
They  are both freely distributable (which
is  why  I have put them in this magazine)
and are both very useful.

POKE-IT by Francisco Cotrina
  This  program  will  insert  a multiface
poke into a snapshot (use the massive list
in  the tips section) To use this program,
the  game  you  are  POKEING (sounds a bit
funny!)  has  to be in original SNA format
(ie 49190 bytes long)

SPCONV by Henk De Groot
  Ever  popular  conversion  program  will
convert   snapshots   of   Spectrum  games
between   all   major  formats.  This  new
version  has  been extended to include the
new version 3 format used by Z80.

  Neither  us,  nor  the  authors take any
responsibility  for  the  usage  of  these
programs. They are freely distributable as
long  as  you  do  not make any money from
them  and  included  the authors name with
each.  Each  file  contains  the  original


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