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16 мая 1999

FAQ - книги по сатанизму.

<b>FAQ</b> - книги по сатанизму.
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     ,.iIYYXYYYIIIIIIIIIIIII.                      =RWWWWWWWWWWW

  █▀▀█ ███▄   █   ▄███ █  █ █ █▀▀█      █▀▀█ █▀▀█ █▀▀█ █  █ █▀▀█
  █    █  █   █   █  █ █▄ █ █ █         █  █ █  █ █  █ █ █▀ █
  ████ ████   █   ████ █ ▀█ █ █         ███▀ █  █ █  █ ██▀  ████
     █ █  █   █   █  █ █  █ █ █         █ ▀█ █  █ █  █ █▀█     █
     █ █  █   █   █  █ █  █ █ █         █  █ █  █ █  █ █ █     █
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          █   █   █     

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на английском языке).

(c) Lupo the Butcher

Рекомендуемая литературные источники:

1. _The  Satanic  Bible_,  by  Anton Szander LaVey, Avon Books,
1969. Presents  the  Satanic  views and doctrines of the Church
of Satan, along with an introduction to its rituals.

2. _The Compleat Witch_ (the new edition is called _The Satanic
Witch_), by Anton LaVey, Lancer Books, 1971.

3. _The Satanic Rituals_, by Anton LaVey, University Books,
1972. More books discussing LaVey's brand of Satanism.

4. _The Secret Life of a Satanist_ by Barton Blanche, Mondo
Press. The authorized biography of Anton LaVey, and a basic
guide to Satanic philosophy.

5. _The Second Coming_, by Arthur Lyons, 1970  [out of print]
A history of Satanism through the Middle Ages and the modern

6. _Satan Wants You_, by Arthur Lyons, Mysterious Press
(Warner), 1988. Presents an overview of Satanism and the history
of Satan, plus an in-depth look at popular misconceptions.

7. _The Black Arts_, by Richard Cavendish, Perigee Books
(Putnam), 1967. An objective introduction to magic, demonology,
and classical views of Satanism.

8. _Black Magic in Theory and Practice_, by Michael Aquino.

9. _The Necronomicon_ [by the Mad Arab], Avon Books, 1977.
Purported ritual book of great efficacy.  Generally regarded as
fiction interspersed with translations of Mesopotamian texts.
Mileage may vary, depending on how seriously you take babble.

10. _The Satan Seller_, Mike Warnke's imagination, Logos
International, 1972. A Christian presents his alleged
experiences in a Satanic cult before his conversion to

11. _Cornerstone_, Volume 21, number 98, "Selling Satan," Jon
Trott & Mike Hertenstein, 1992. This gets *highest*
recommendation.  From a Christian magazine which does a great
job of discrediting Mike Warnke's accounts mentioned in
_The Satan Seller_ and elsewhere

12. _Do What You Will_ by Geoffry Ashe. A history of
philosophers & groups who use this thelemic motto. Especially
nice history of the "Hellfire Clubs"

13. _Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth_, Bob Larson,
Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1989. The facts on the *conspiracy*
now coming to a lonely town near you!!! (You're reading the FAQ,
so it's already here!)

14. _Paradise Lost_ by John Milton. An epic poem telling the
tale of Lucifer from when he is thrown out of heaven, to the
Fall of Adam and Eve. It makes Lucifer into a heroic figure,
whilst God is made out to be a little vague and weak.

15. _The Divine Comedy_ by Dante. Another epic poem in three
parts (Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradisio) covering the author's
pilgrimage through them.

16. _The Prince of Darkness_ by Jeffrey Burton Russell, Cornell
University Press, 1988. Historian's work on the history of Satan
from earliest history through the twentieth century. A summary
of a four-book series (The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, and
Mephistopheles, by the same author) which may be too much
reading for casual interest.

17. _The Old Enemy_ by Neil Forsyth, Princeton University Press,
1987. Another history of Satan focusing on the Middle East and
early Christianity.

18. _La-Bas (Down There)_ by J. K. Huysmans (1891?) translated
by Keene Wallace. Fiction novel of the occult and the black mass
in late nineteenth century Paris.

19. H. P. Lovecraft, collected works. Classic horror fiction
that has served as inspiration for many Satanists.

20. Frederick Neitzsche, various works
   Neitzschean philosophies form the core of Satanism. Much of
the _Satanic Bible_ owes its  philosophical and literary roots
to works such as _Thus Spoke Zarastrutha_  and
_The Anti-Christ_ by  Neitzche.

21. Michel Foucault, works
   Though not a direct influence on Satanic  thought, Foucault's
work extended and modernized that of Neitzsche, making it more
applicable to the present day. He is also largely responsible
for the "post-modern" philosophical movement.

22. _The Occult_ by Colin Wilson
An excellent objective introduction to the subject.

23. _Cosmic Trigger_ by Robert A. Wilson
This book describes various initiations and occult phenomena
experienced by Mr. Wilson.

24. _Apocalypse Culture_ collected by Adam Parfey.
A shocking work, depicting the worldviews of various "fringe"
sects and individuals, ranging from necrophiliacs to ultra-right
wing Christians.

25. _Snapping; America's Epidemic of Sudden Personality Change_
by Flo Conway & Jim Siegelman. An interesting work utilizing
information theory in the study of sudden personality change as
occurs in religious cults, and the "Born-Again" phenomenon.

26. _Who Wrote the Bible?_, by Richard Elliott Friedman, Harper
& Row, 1987. A biblical scholar attempts to answer the question
of the title, and in the process comes up with some interesting
reasons for events in _The Bible_ (why does Moses have horns?
Why the scene with the golden calf?). An interesting read, and
possibly amusing for the cynic.

27. _The Satanism Scare_, ed. James T. Richardson, Joel Best,
and David G. Bromley (NY: Aldine, 1991): 145-172.

28. _Satan's Power: A Deviant Psychotherapy Cult_, by William
Simms Bainbridge, U of CA Press, 1978.

29. _Battle for the Mind_, by William Sargent, Harper & Row,

30. _In Pursuit Of Satan_, by Robert D. Hicks (Prometheus Books)

31. _Satanism In America_, issued by the Committee for the
Scientific Examination of Religion.

     "Occult Crime:  A Law Enforcement Primer"
          [To obtain a copy of this report, write to

               California Office of Criminal Justice Planning
               1130 K Street, Suite 300
               Sacramento, CA 95814

     И, конечно, Христианская БИБЛИЯ, катехизисы, и т.д.
     ... для сравнения.

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