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тема: Tir Na Nog - Solution (English) #3

от: Anton Popov
кому: All
дата: 20 Nov 1999

Здраствуй, All!

Notes taken from the Sealltuinn, which means Observations, be-
ing the diary of Edar Mac Eochaid, a Bard of the Sidhe.

The life of a bard is far from an easy one, as I know to my
eternal discomfort, but harsh were the fortunes Of Ruad, the
Red Bard, who wrote part of the Leabhar Glaodhach and published
the shame of the Sidhe. Driven from the Land, it is said he re-
turned to dwell in the Plain of Lies, and became a Iore-master
of hidden paths and secret doors.

The Badbha or Battle Ravens of Badhelm are the bane of King
Dhomnuil and all who dwell in the Castle of the Sidhe. Perhaps
the Badbha are correct in their claims that Dhomnuil stole Bad-
rig's Feather, shortly after it was removed from the dying war-
lord and cast in iron...

It is my opinion, for what its worth, that, if the 4 Talismans
were spirited from the Land, the Sidhe Lords would feel nothing
but relief, since we are forbidden to ever use their Power so
they remain mute symbols of the Failure of the Sidhe.

I hear many stories from our folk who live in the central
lands, but none are more intriguing than the tales of the Suil
Labhairt, the Speaking Eye, which dwells in Cnoc Suil, and is
said to give good advice in return for gifts - I have personal-
ly never encountered any Oracle whose advice was in the sligh-
test bit helpful...

The great Henges and Standing Stones in Tir Clachan cast myste-
rious shadows on the history of the Sidhe though they must be
home for much that is strange and magical - I would shrink from
passing them without all the Words of Power that our Druids co-
uld offer.

I was today given a piece of the carapace from a Tuath da Nat-
hair, one of the Children of Nathair the Fire Serpent - it is
said to possess great power but I dislike its fiery touch.

Far beneath the black peak of Dubh Sgorr, lie the catacombs
called An Lin, the Net. I know little of this dire region ex-
cept that the Net was wrought to protect the Heart of Dubh

The deserted village in the Northern foothills was once inhabi-
ted by Sidhe so arrogant that they termed themselves the Glica
na Bhard, meaning Wiser than the Bards! Their paintings and po-
etry were quite incomprehensible and, while some obscure works
of theirs survived the Great Pestilence, I am glad to say that
they themselves did not.

The beautiful, but grim Cern Forest that covers the west of Tir
Na Nog is home to a curious branch of our people. I have heard
that they clean the forest-floor, or perform any other menial
task, for the Great Hunter who dwells in the deep wood, in re-
turn for the music played upon his enchanted harp. I have also
heard that they know a great secret, which is hidden even from
the Hunter.

That dreary bane of our Land, Olcweed, is spreading daily and
causing much inconvenience to the poor traveller - and even po-
orer Bard!

When I was young, Engos, my tutor, told of a wondrous neckband
or Torc that, when carried by a person of honour; would allow
him to evade the greatest dangers. Alas, it was broken and
lost, and though I searched all morning, I never found it.

I have noticed of late that a particularly noxious breed of ca-
ve-wight seems to have crept unnoticed into the Land. Of cour-
se, it is easy enough to ward them off, but anyone who has been
trapped by one of these wights knows how irritating they are to
decent folk...


The cover illustration was drawn by S.B. Graphics Limited of
Birmingham. It shows a Celtic deity, probably Cernunnos, and is
taken from the Gundestrup Cauldron, held in the National Muse-
um, Copenhagen.

The map of Tir Na Nog was specially commissioned and was pain-
ted by Charlie Roberts.

Tir Na Nog is manufactured and marketed by Gargoyle Games, 74,
King Street, Dudley, West Midlands.

Tir Na Nog (c) 1984 Carter Follis Software Associates. All
rights reserved world-wide.

The game and name Tir Na Nog and all the associated software,
code, listings, sound effects, visual displays, graphics, il-
lustrations and text are the exclusive property and copyright
of Carter Follis Software Associates and may not be copied,
transmitted, transferred, reproduced, hired, lent, distributed,
stored or modified in any form, in part or full, without the
express written permission of Carter Follis Software Associa-



Find the four parts of the Great Seal - Nuada's Sword, Dagda's
Cauldron, the Stone of Fal and Lugh's Spear - and reunite them.

Nuada's Sword

1. Find some Bones. (These are in most caves).
2. Get the Feather from Stormcave and go to Badhelm.
3. Find the hedge with an entrance in it and go through to Dun
4. Get the Honeycomb and return to Badhelm.
5. Find the door marked with a Band enter it to go to Baldrig's
6. Drop the Feather at the Shrine to receive an Oak Leaf in re-
7. Return to Dun Dhomnuil with the Bones and enter the door
marked X.
8. Drop the Oak Leaf in front of King Dhomnuil to get Nuada's

Dagda's Cauldron

1. Get the Daisy (near the waterfall in Glasmarsh).
2. Go to the Slige Warrens and find the invisible entrance to
Caerdach Calum. It is on the side of the building near the por-
3. Pick up the Cauldron - with the Daisy, Nathair will not harm

The Stone of Fal

1. Get the Book from the water cave in Glasmarsh.
2. Get the Ice from the Ice Cave in Tir Clachan.
3. With the Ice, go to the Slige Warrens and enter the door
marked with a snowflake to get to An Lin.
4. Go West and take the second turning to the North, then the
first turning to the West, then North, then East, then North.
You should now be in a dead end.
5. Pick up the Halbard and go to Sgorr Brag.
6. Once there, drop the Halbard to receive the Stone of Fal in

Lugh's Spear

1. Pick up the Ring in the Lava Flats and go to the cave marked
with a Ring symbol.
2. Enter this cave and take the Antlers.
3. Go to the Forest of Cern and get the Pin.
4. Enter Cern's cave and drop the Antlers to obtain the Harp.
This enables you to walk through the Sidhe in the forest witho-
ut being harmed.
5. Follow the Sidhe until he goes through an invisible door.
Make sure you have the Pin and go through this door.
6. Go to the end of the tunnel and get Lugh's Spear.

To finish the game

1. Take all the parts of the Seal to the altar at the start of
the game.
2. Go and find a Spade (look in Stormbase).
3. Face the cross in Stormbase and walk North nine paces.
4. Drop the Spade here to receive Calum's Hammer.
5. Return to the altar. If you have dropped all the parts of
the Seal here, you should get the message OGAM appearing on the
altar (this is the language which you use to translate the
scrolls in the Library).
6. Drop Calum's Hammer on top of the parts of the Seal to comp-
lete the game.

Со всеми....
Anton Popov

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