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History of ATM Turbo software - 1992-2014 years

<b>History of ATM Turbo software</b> - 1992-2014 years
                 History of ATM Turbo software
                        by Alone Coder

        1991(1992?)-1993 (listed in MicroArt's books):

A CP/M adaptation in ROM.
HAYES-compatible modem software. 
Honey Commander / НСВ (boot) - Norton Commander like shell with 
resident ability.
FED.COM - disk editor for СР/М. 
CONFIG - command file installer for СР/М with physical and 
logical disks detection.
MVP - GUI for СР/М programs. Also provides printer drivers. 
PTE - text editor. 
TETRIS game with DAC sound effects and smooth figure falling 
(now lost).
BOMB TETRIS - analog of Tetris from IBM PC with additional 
functions and two player mode.
ADC - oscilloscope utility, also provides recording and replay, 
DAC-ADC test and something else.
QE - fast text editor for textmode in (АТМ) TURBO 2 (+). 
АЦП-ЦАП (ADC-DAC) - measures up to 8 sygnals and records them in 
RAM with editing and processing ability.
COVOX - Scream Tracker song player. 
UNZIP - ZIP file depacker compatible with PC PKZIP up to v1.9. 
ZIP - ZIP file packer compatible with PC PKZIP up to v1.9. 
"BESTSELLER: PRINCE game - ported "one in one" from IBM PC, with
sound in Russian via DAC and music chip."
One more utility not mentioned inMicroArt's books: Interactive
Assign byXVR - Product (1993). 


A lot of games were released (some of them not byMicroArt but
ordered elsewhere):
Король под горой / King under the hill (1994). 
Gobliiins - one more 100% copy from IBM PC. 
Magi Squares. 
Color Fight. 
Color Logic. 
Color Lines. 
Green Peace. 
The Hunter. 
ATM Turbo version of Страна Мифов game is lost.
Few more CP/M utilities were released, including graphic editors
Other programs (found inMicroArt's archives): DBG_LAN (cross
debugger via LPT) and Speed (speed test).
ATM1 memory was supported in UKV emulator.
Several demos of the era (including megademos Resonance,
Sensation, and Russian Prestige), Megascreen 2.x graphic editor, 
Mystery of Ancient Castle game, and a release of Scorpions Die 
Machine game contain multicolors tuned for ATM Turbo. 


Mostly utilities were written and adapted for ATM these years
(including 8 commanders and ZX-ASM assembler). Sometimes ATM
Turbo timings were still used - for example, ZX-Guide ##1-3
supported it although I didn't know what timings they are.
There are rumors about MagOS adaptation (OS for Scorpion that
switches tasks with "Magic button"). There was also ATM Turbo
memory supported in Scenergy e-zine. And a universal memory
driver was freely distributed in source text.
These were years of Pentagon and Scorpion fame. While Pentagon
developed (new schematics were published everywhere, for memory,
graphics etc), there was a true hype around it, and ATM Turbo
looked as something old and obsolete. Marketing byKano and his
friends also played its role, and they also advertized Amiga.
Many of the readers can remember how they took part in that :)
Few people knew real possibilities of ATM Turbo then - they were
not weaker than those of most advanced Pentagons, the same with
compatibility. But there were emotions. However, ATM Turbo
documentation started to appear in Fido and e-zines by the end
of the era.


At the boundary of 2001-2002,Maksagor created ATM Turbo support
website. He took all the disks and schematics fromMicroArt, who
willed to release it all to public.
Gambler released 2 disks of his CP/M demos written around 1998
and unknown to wide audience.
Maksagor also wrote a programming manual for ATM Turbo 2(+) -
later appeared as a book "TURBO2+. Internal architecture and
external devices / Внутренняя архитектура и внешние устройства". 
SMT supported ATM1 in his Unreal Speccy emulator, andAlex 
Makeev in his ZXMAK emulator.
Alone Coder added ATM1 support in ZXUnRar.
Sergey Zhukov wrote the first ATM Turbo 2 emulator in Java.


UKMS[z] released a number of tools for ATM Turbo 2+ in CP/M:
BMP.COM viewer, sprite cutter CUT.COM, and players WAV16.COM and 
NedoPC group was founded (Maksagor, CHRV, Shaos and few 
others).CHRV created the website(


CHRV started to produce ATM Turbo 7.10 boards (Turbo 2+). He
also wrote a test ROM "ATM test" and a book (withMaksagor )
about the mounting and tuning the computer (updated compared to
MicroArt's ).
SMT supported ATM Turbo 2+ in his Unreal Speccy emulator (there
was only ATM1 memory before).
Unknown man namedTrident from Saint-Petersburg wrote a viewer
for an e-paper My Speccy Web Paper, supporting hardware
multicolor of ATM Turbo (hires).
Maksagor with friends released a CP/M boot disk, a book "CP/M
for users and programmers / для пользователей и программистов", 
IDE-INSTALLER toolset, and a brochure "How to install CP/M to 
HDD / Инструкция по установке ОС CP/M на винчестер".Dhau 
translated it in English at once.


Caro wrote a new firmware for keyboard/serial microcontroller in
ATM Turbo 7.10 and released for it a version of his "Ping"
Internet utility.
Vladimir Kladov supported ATM Turbo 1/2 in his EmuZWin emulator.
Maksagor wrote a toolset for viewing graphics in CP/M (320x200
screen in SCR format and 6912 screen in ZXS format) - GFX
UTILITIES, and also adapted NDRAW graphics editor for ATM Turbo 
2 (formerly worked on ATM1 only).
Maksagor andYuri Korsunin completely reworked iS-DOS Chic for 
ATM Turbo 2 (memory, textmode, HDD, CD-ROM) that resulted in OS
Commonly withUKMS[z] they released a new firmware eXtra BIOS
(xBIOS), that included a new version of TR-DOS - vTRDOS
(supporting virtual drives using drivers). It was bundled with a
book "xBIOS: Описание прошивки eXtra BIOS v1.32", a set of
for running different CP/M versions from upper RAM without
re-flashing the ROM.
Alone Coder added ATM Turbo 2+ memory driver in ALASM, adapted
Perfect Commander for ATM Turbo 2+ memory, and withShiru 
released a game Pang 16C (complete with sources).
He also tried to make a first demo for colour-per-pixel mode -
biver16C (first for 16C add-on at Pentagon, later patched for 
ATM Turbo 2).
Yuri Korsunin wrote "CD-Player" for TASiS (plays audio CDs),
utilities ldtrd & savtrd for vTRDOS, SCR_BMP converter (to 6912
screen), BMP.COM viewer (for 16-colour BMP), screensaver "Ball /
Мячик", and set_cl utility to set inner clock of АТМ Turbo. 
Sergey Bagan akaPrusak wrote "cmosdat" utility for TASiS that 
processes data in CMOS real-time clock (Mr. Gluk schematics).
Prusak also reworked his iS-DOS AY-PLAYER to work also under
TASiS, andMaksagor did the same with "isunzjp" ZIP depacker.


Alone Coder andShiru made the first CD game for Speccy - "Time 
Gal" (a port of full motion video arcade, supporting ATM Turbo 2 
and Pentagon + 16C) and a universal CD autorunner.Alone Coder
also made a separate video player (SOULEDGE) and video converter
(VideConv) - all in sources.Maksagor made his own player for 
this format, adding a menu (NedoVIDEO Player), and showed a Wild
compo work at Chaos Constructions 2006: "User Support"/"Будни
техподдержки". At CAFe'2003, there already was a CD video by 
Hedgehog, but it was black and white. The new player was in
colour, and the viewers initially didn't know that the video was
shown from a Spectrum!
Alone Coder andShiru released at Chaos Constructions 2006 a 
game Ball Quest, with sources and level editor - came 2nd after
a PC game.
Maksagor also wrote a screensaver for TASiS, named "Electronic
watch / Часы электронные", and GRFview viewer for GRF pictures 
(hardware multicolor of ATM Turbo and Profi).
Yuri Korsunin wrote BMS viewer for TASiS (colour-per-pixel mode)
and a convertor for it named BMPCONV. He also wrote CD-BOOT - CD
boot loader.
A demo version of 3D quest named Big L was shown in narrow
circles, it could support 128K (in black and white), ATM Turbo 2
(memory and EGA screen), and Pentagon 1024 (memory and 16C
screen).Surfin' Bird was the author of the project, and Alone
Coder wrote the code. Later the project was closed, because the
intentions didn't fit in 128K, and the gfx was drawn for 6912
hardly using extra colour possibilities. Most of gfx was later
released in New Wave 48K demo.
Alone Coder also adapted HDDoctor for ATM Turbo 2 and released a
demo CATDEMO that used previously unknown hardware scroll
capability in ATM Turbo 2.
Dmitry Terentiev akaDemon/Pi-Soft wrote a CD-ROM copier CD-COPY 
for TASiS.
Prusak wrote PROTECT utility for TASiS that write-protected


ZET9 added ATM Turbo 2 drivers (memory and IDE) in his
open-source system DNA OS.
Budder supported ATM Turbo 2 IDE controller in Wild Disk Copier.
Transman released a colour-per-pixel version of the game Season
of the Sakura (in English, for ATM2/16C). 
Shiru andAlone Coder translated the book "TURBO2+. Внутренняя 
архитектура и внешние устройства" in English (as "ATM Turbo 2 
Programming Manual" ). 
Sam Style added colour-per-pixel screen support (ATM2/16C) in
his Little Viewer.
Maksagor wrote scl2img converter for TASiS, an iS-DOS/TASiS
utility TESTSYS (detects the OS), and TFPLAYER utility for
playing TurboSoundFM music (not yet released).
Sergey Bagan akaPrusak fixed his iS-Packer package (ispack and 
unispack) to work in TASiS. 
Yuri Korsunin released real_cl resident for TASiS that counts
system time.


Breeze made demos Borntro 2008, vD16F, and ASCiI 2008 inV!tation
dentrO for colour-per-pixel (16C, later patched for ATM2). 
Alone Coder andShiru released NedoDemo for Pentagon 1024, with 
sources again (party version had unfinished ATM2 support in
sources, it was made later) - first place at DiHalt 2008.
Screw/OHG released Personal Nightmare demo for ATM Turbo 1/2,
also with sources - second place at Chaos Constructions 2008. To
show the work, he brought his ATM to the party.
Aprisobal added ATM memory support in SjASMPlus assembler.
Prusak released RTC utility for TASiS that works with CMOS
real-time clock (Mr. Gluk schematics).


At DiHalt 2009,King of Evil (KOE) showed two versions of
Pentagon 2.666.CHRV with LVD and DDp started to produce 
ZX Evolution. Both computers initially emulated Pentagon 1024, 
ATM Turbo was added later.
Alone Coder withShiru released The Link demo for Pentagon 1024 
(later fixed for ATM Turbo 2+) - 1st at Chaos Constructions
Transman released two interactive novels for ATM2/16C: "Книга
мёртвых: потерянные души" and "Three Sisters' Story" (both in 
LCD added ATM Turbo modes in his converter-editor Retro-X.
Prusak made kdi2flp and kformat utilities for TASiS. One
prepares images of CP/M floppies in different formats, and
another formats floppies to write them.


Alone Coder finally fixed Mr Gluk Reset Service for ATM Turbo 2+
- it worked before in emulator only because it didn't initialize
the disk controller.
Thanks toLord Vader, ZX Evolution obtained ATM Turbo 2+
Budder supported ATM Turbo 2+ memory in Universal MEMORY tester
DDp supported ATM Turbo 2+ in another universal memory tester.
He also wrote tests for ATM Turbo 2 video modes.
Savelij13 wrote and still updates Evo Reset Service ROM.
Sergey Bagan akaPrusak created ATM Turbo and TASiS support page 
at his site
He also wrote several utilities for TASiS: romdisk (copies ROM
disk from ПК ОРИОН ), ima2flp (works with MS-DOS disk images),
ROMKIT (concatenates ROM file from 16 KB parts), and fixed 
iS-Edit text editor to work in textmode for TASiS. 


ZX Evolution became the compo machine at DiHalt (instead of 
Pentagon 1024 ).Alone Coder and Shiru with TmK released there a 
demo named The Board (for ATM Turbo 2+ screen, memory, and
sound) - 2nd place.
Alone Coder also adapted ALASM for textmode and wrote a
preliminary version of PC sprite converter (bmp to code) for
future ATM Turbo 2 graphics library.
zorel started to produce ATM Turbo 7.10 boards.
Black Cat/Era CG wrote ATM CP/M Explorer to work with ATM Turbo
CP/M disks at PC.
Prusak wrote more TASiS utilities: sv_trd (reads floppies
creating TRD images), uns_trd (the reverse), CUTTER (cuts files
in parts), iS-DOS floppy image format convertors ( img2fdi and
fdi2img ), a package of drivers and utilities for LBA 
addressing at HDD, and utilities for extended partition support.
Savelij13 wrote EVO ProfROM ("Magic button" service) and RST 8
Service - BIOS service to access screen, printer, HDD, and SD 
card via RST 8.
DimkaM wrote a commander named DMC supporting FAT at HDD and SD


Shiru with some help byAlone Coder created Evo SDK - graphics 
library with development suite in C. As an example, the
package includes XNX game byShiru that became a hit at YouTube
(82367 views before deletion).
Previously unknown authorHippiman immediately released two
original games for the library: Innsmouth quest, and rogue-like
Project Robo. 
DimkaM wrote CP/M laucher for ZX Evo, and adapted Prince of
Persia and Gobliiins for HDD/SD card. 
Maksagor adapted 20000-entry "English-Russian dictionary" for
Savelij13 added FAT commands in EVO-DOS, then made his own
adaptation of Gobliiins for HDD - without CP/M.
Maksagor also published ZX-Video CD #1, androbat_e released 
converted video ATTR Agression for Profi/ATM1/ATM2 memory.
Sam Style supported ATM Turbo 2+ in his Xpeccy emulator, and
Alex Makeev in his ZXMAK2 emulator.
Lord Vader adapted ALASM and ACEdit for 80 characters in
Prusak wrote other TASiS utilities: sv_image (creates
sector-by-sector images of devices), makefdi (reads floppy in
FDI format), fdi2dsk (does the reverse).


Alone Coder andLord Vader (with music by Yerzmyey ) wrote ATM 
Turbo 2+ demo The Board II for ZX AAA demo party 2013 (2nd
place), and (with music byn1k-o ) - Chaos Zoomer 1K intro for
DiHalt 2013 (1st place).Shaos released there Krazy Shaos 1K 
intro for ATM Turbo 2 (Зrd place).
Alone Coder also added ATM Turbo 2+ support in ZXUnRar, RarView
and Dyaview, MCX viewer, 8col editor, JPEG viewer, CacheVox,
view102, ZXZXEmul, his games Hexagonal Filler and Rubik's Cube 
simulator, sound players Shim 3 and ADPCM, wrote RetroX to GRF 
converter, released SjAsm coding sample for gfx handling at ATM 
Turbo 2, SDK "Unreal Project" with new tile-sprite engine, and
an example of converting 3D pictures named Anaglyph. And ACNews
electronic paper was reintroduced in new format for textmode.
Uwol, Quest for Money game was ported from Sega Megadrive, 
including TurboFM music (optionally AY).
DDp write JPEG over COVOX viewer.
Foxweb created ZX Evolution support website
Crash Nicker released HB SerkaFox gift.
Hard/WCG wrote Fdisk with ATM Turbo 2 textmode support.
DimkaM wrote a ZXNetUsb test, IRC-client dmirc, and FTP-server
ftpd (work under АТМЗ textmode with ZXNetUSB board). 
Maksagor removed ROM protection at ATM1 BIOS v1.OЗRS and
released it as BIOS v1.041R.Savelij13 removed protection from
MSX-DOS for ATM2 and released it with documentation. 
King of Evil added ATM Turbo 2+/3 support in Pentagon 2.6ббLE.
SfS released a toolchain for Linux and sources for ZX Evo
keyboard driver.

Finally Your Game 5 competition was started with joint efforts.


NedoDemo 2 byAlone Coder & Lord Vader (with music by Yerzmyey ) 
for DiHalt Lite, using ATM Turbo 2+ and TurboSound - 1st place.
HNY2014 byFutureShock for DiHalt Lite (ATM Turbo 2+) - Зrd 
SUCK IT! The Tunnel demo byCrash Nicker. 
Retro Kombat game demo version byTmK. 
Palchanger - palette setup utility byAlone Coder. There is also 
an example of re-coloured game "AMC1 color", and a PC screen
converter Con18pal with palette support.
2048 small game byAlone Coder. 
ASCII Invaders game (ATMЗ version byDimkaM ). 
Zooming Secretary game ported from NES (original byShiru and 
PinWizz, converted byAlone Coder and nq ). 
A demo version of 3D game Space Mercenary byHippiman (with
music bySplinter ).
Ninjajar! game byThe Mojon Twins coloured for ATM2 by Blade - 
1st at Your Game 5.
Edge Grinder game ported from Amstrad CPC (ATMЗ version by 
Blade ) - 2nd at Your Game 5.
There was two more ATM games claimed for Your Game compo, but
they were far from being complete and were not released.
JacqueFresco_ScienceAndWarOЗ slideshow bynitrofurano - shown at 
Chaos Constructions. 
Andywarhol slideshow bynitrofurano. 
PC converter ConvEGA byAlone Coder for batch processing of
colour-per-pixel images.
Good Old DiHalt demo byDiHalt Visitors - Зrd at DiHalt. 
ZX Evolution gfx compo at International Vodka Party resulted in 
IVP 2014 slideshow bynitrofurano and IVP 2014 slideshow by 
Alone Coder.
Fractus animation bydeMarche (ATMЗ) - 2nd at Zapilyator Compo 
in self-written players genre.
FUZIX OS was adapted for ATMЗ bySfS. 
Lord Vader wrote NGS flashing utility ngs_pgmflash.Savelij13 
wrote Flash PE flashing utility.


Demo version of Rusted Souls game byConscience was shown at
DiHalt Lite (first level only, now there are three). 
Hippiman released Space Mercenary prologue game.
Demo version of Manyofus game byAlone Coder was shown at DiHalt
Lite (shows possibilities of "Unreal project" SDK). 
DiHalt Gagarin Tunneltro byDiHalt Visitors - 2nd at DiHalt 
Zexall test was adapted bydeathsoft. 
Another game Spacemerc: Liberation byHippiman.
Billiard small game byAlone Coder. 
Savelij13 showed MSX-DOS 2 port for ATMЗ at Cosmonaut Day.
Palchanger12 (an analog of Palchanger for 4096-colour palette - 
DDp's add-on circuit).
test+run utility byAlone Coder for running software that exists 
in ATM and non-ATM versions.
Alone 34 gift (ATMЗ) byLord Vader & nq. 
New View 48K demo byConscience (supports ATM Turbo timings 
among others).
A demo version of SpaceMerc: Overseers byHippiman.
Maksagor adapted iS-Assembler and tap2hob utility for TASiS.
Zorel started to produce new ATM-turbo 2+ v7.18.


Alone Coder made ACNews uniloader for ACNews electronic paper.
Hippiman made Nomad scrollshooter - shown at DiHalt.
DimkaM made a video player for ATMЗ.
Maksagor adapted "Matrix" screensaver for TASiS (originally from
Siberian Group, 2005, adding HDD sleep and exit).Savelij13 
remade Song in Lines into such a screensaver.
FlashZX made a demo version of DinoRun game - full version was
released in 2017.

                      To be continued...

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